10 Omens about Money That We All Have

10 Omens about Money That We All Have

“Do not marry or embark.” How many times have we heard this phrase? After this saying and the combination of Tuesday or Friday with the number thirteen, there are countless myths with a lot of history behind, but without foundation.

For Latin America and certain parts of Europe, this date is bad luck -very similar to Friday the 13th in the Anglo-Saxon culture – and dozens of omens revolve around this day.

And to celebrate it as it should, today we will talk about some beliefs that Mexicans have about money (be it Tuesday or Friday the 13th or not).

What do you have?

Plants that attract fortune

Various ornamental plants are considered with “powers” to attract money. The “dollar” or the “telephone” is common. Some, like the aquatic pachira, are recognized for their fame. But where does this come from? Apparently from a Taiwanese myth, in which a man encountered an unusual tree and, thinking that it would bring good luck, he started planting it and selling its seeds. Over time, man prospered, which helped to popularize the myth.

Save a dollar in your wallet

Why would a dollar bring you good luck? Does that mean, then, that all Americans and those travelers and tourists who carry dollars with them will have it? No. It seems that this currency has been related to good fortune due to its power over other currencies in the world and because it is a reference to know how much appreciated or depreciated a currency is. Or is it, rather, a good memory of your last vacation that makes you feel lucky?

Find a coin in the street and make a cross

For what? So that you “rain” money and you never miss. It turns out that a long time ago it was believed that metals, including those with which coins are made, were gifts from the god. However, today cannot be ignored the fact that it always feels good to find some pesos (even bills) lying on the street and, apparently, do not belong to anyone. This, without doubt, increases the feeling of feeling “lucky”.

Money attracts money

Therefore it would be in bad taste, in addition, to give a portfolio without a ticket inside. In the same way, leaving your wallet empty at some point in life will definitely not take the money to you. For this reason, many people bless a few pesos or cents in the New Year and form a small “package” that you must always carry so that nothing is missing. Apparently, this myth is of Greek origin.

To bless

Almost everything: As we explored in the previous point, money is blessed, but also some seeds, such as lentils or beans, which will then spread throughout the house, to attract good fortune and food in the home. Especially in Catholic countries this idea is popular in the New Year.

Do not let your bag or backpack touch the ground

Or if not, the money will not yield. Apparently this superstition comes from the Chinese culture and indicates that in the future you might have difficulty managing your finances.

Throw coins in a fountain

Who has not done it? Who has not asked for a wish by throwing a coin at a fountain? Apparently, this belief was a way of thanking the gods for clean water and for health. Eventually it became what we do today.

Itching in the palm of the hand

If you feel it, do not scratch yourself because you scare the money away. The idea behind this superstition is that you “feel” the money that you will soon have in your hands. But if you itch on the palm of your left hand, you will have to pay or “lose” money.

Throw the salt

According to your mom and various myths, throwing salt is bad luck. But why? In other times, salt was considered a currency, common in barter, so throwing it would be the same as throwing into the street what you bring in your wallet today. If we consider that “money attracts money”, wasting it would condemn us to lose it.

Persign with the first sale of the day

If you usually buy from street vendors – especially in the mornings – you’ve probably noticed that they cross themselves with the first sale of the day. Why? Apparently God plays an important role here by introducing the cross into the game. Extra points if the sale was very good. The same happens on a large scale. Sales staff and businessmen are looking every day to make the best sale to start with the right foot.

How are you? Nine omens for today, but surely there are many more. Meanwhile, we cannot say that these are true. The truth is that, in many cases, coincidences or predisposition, do play a crucial role for the supposed good fortune.

But what we do know is that there are more effective ways to care for and attract money than to leave everything to chance or the “good of God” . Why do not you check them out?

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