Most Frequent Skin Condition And How we Can Deal With Them Effectively

The most frequent skin condition and how they can be treated are discussed below :
1- Eczema (dermatitis): it is a skin condition which is no respecter of age and sex. It can be uncomfortable as its make the skin hot and itching.
 Causes of eczema include irritation, allergic reaction, and hereditary condition.
Treatment of eczema
  •  It can be treated with steroids to reduce inflammation and cream to reduce itching and dryness.
  •  Consulting physicians is the best option to correctly diagnose and treat cases of eczema efficiently.


2- Acne: acne is the collective term used to describe whitehead, pimples, minor blackhead, minor lumps etc. Majorly, acne problems occur during adolescence, it occur in both males and females but severe in males than females and may cause scars. It usually occurs in females during hormonal shifts (menstrual circle).
Treatment of acne
1.    Changes in eating habit can reduce acne.
2.    Treating acne inflammatory at the onset will prevent or decrease scaring.
4.    Consulting a physician can be prescribed as the most effective treatment.
3- Rosacea: this is a chronic skin and eyes condition. People with this condition experience redness of skin and pimples in the advanced stages. People with this condition experience facial flushing and swelling or burning. Outbreak of rosacea occurs around the facial areas.

Causes of Rosacea

  • Heat exposure
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Stress
  • Alcohol consumption and spicy food 

Treatment of Rosacea

  • Antibiotics are generally used to regulate the condition.
  • Laser surgery options are available for more severe cases.
4. Skin cancer
There are three forms of skin cancer which are basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma. Anyone can be diagnosed with any of these as it has no respect for age or sex.
Skin cancer
Causes of Skin Cancer
·       Over exposure to the sun
·       Tanning booths can increase the risk
Symptom of skin cancer
·       Changes in shape and sizes of spot on skin
·       Changes in colour of your skin
·       Sensitivity and discomfort of your body.
Treatment of skin cancer
Early detection of skin cancer can be treated.
Basal cell carcinoma is the most prevalent form of skin cancer. The failure to treat it early can cause serious damage to the tissue and bone.
Squamous cell carcinoma often appears on the face and surrounding areas it appears in form of white or red lumps on the skin. At a time it appears as waxy or shiny patches. It can also be life threatening as it can spread to the internal organs.

Malignant melanoma is by far the deadliest form of skin cancer treatment.

  • The doctor can surgically excise cancerous flesh and then reconstruct the area.
  • But if the cancer is larger or has spread to other part of the body, radiation therapy and surgery may be recommended.
  • Chemotherapy has been successful in eradicating cancerous cell.
  • Consult your physicians for effective treatment.
5. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic skin disorder that creates itching, red marks on the body. Psoriasis is not contagious though but has hereditary connection. It is not a life threatening condition. It is usually caused by cuts, dry skin infection, scratches, lack of sun exposure and certain medication. Psoriasis affects the same areas repeatedly and these areas are usually elbows, arms, knees and legs. One needs to consult the physician for diagnosis and treatment which is best for you. Some of the treatments include steroids, oils, and medications, light therapy and so on.

Spinal Stenosis – What You Should Know

Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis, is a condition of the spine, whereby the spinal canal begins to narrow at some regions, putting pressure on the spinal cord and its nerve roots. Thus, the canal becomes restricted, leading to neurological issues which includes blackouts, pain, weakness and problems with movement.

It is of several types, depending on the part of the spine affected. The most common types are cervical stenosis and lumbar stenosis; that is, when the cervical vertebrae or lumbar vertebrae becomes narrow.

Cervical stenosis is more dangerous than lumbar stenosis, because while the latter compresses a bundle of spinal nerves known as cauda equina, the former; cervical stenosis compresses the spinal cord itself.

This condition is usually seen in people above fifty years, because from this age, several people begin to develop arthritis where joints begin to degenerate and this is the most common cause.

Other causes include;

Spinal Tumors

In this case, excess body tissues begin to form and press against the nerves or spinal cord; or soft tissues increase in size, causing inflammation of the spine.


An accident or trauma can cause a fracture to the spine or cause it to get inflamed leading to compression.

Worse still, fragments of bones from serious accidents can find their way into the spinal canal.


In this case, the individual inherits the condition. Either they are born with a small spinal canal or their canal is narrow as a result of some abnormal structuring of the vertebrae.


Also known as bone spurs, this is a condition where there is formation of bony projections along the margins of joints. This can cause the narrowing of the spine if these projections occur on the vertebral bones.

Herniation of Intervertebral Discs

The discs in between the vertebrae bulge out and get into the spinal canal.


When the bones are fragile, the spine can become compressed, narrowing the canal.

Thickening of the Ligaments 

Due to a condition known as ligamentum flavum, the ligaments that keep the spine in place become thickened and bulge into the spinal canal.

There are symptoms of this condition which are more specific. They include;

  • Foot Drop

The leg becomes so weak that the individual cannot help but let the foot go limp, hitting the ground.

  • Inability to Control the Bladder/Bowel

When this condition becomes extreme, the nerves of the bowel or bladder become weak, making it impossible to hold in excretory waste with the anal or urinary sphincters.

  • Sciatica

The sciatic nerve becomes affected, causing pains which radiate from the buttocks or back, down to the leg.

  • Pain While Standing or Walking 

The vertebrae compresses the most while upright or walking, leading to sharp pains. However, research carried out on patients with lumbar stenosis shows that, leaning forward eases the pain by creating spaces between the vertebrae for the spinal nerves.

Companies like Orbbo, work to develop medical devices that can assist surgeons in repairing damage and relieving the pain from these issues.

A Highlight on Cancer

Cancer Treatments

Cancer which is also known as malignancy is simply abnormal cell growths .There are different types of malignancy pending on the part of the body where the abnormal cell growth occurs. Some of the popular types include:

  • Colon cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Lymphoma cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • And lots more.

Symptoms of this abnormal cell growth differ depending on the particular type. Some of the cancer symptoms can be minute while others can be fatal and deadly requiring urgent medical attention through surgery and others

Some Cancer Treatments You Need To Know

There are various ways to treat malignant condition. Some of the most effective Cancer treatment methods includes: Radiation, Chemotherapy as well as surgery.

Birth Control And What You Need To Know

Birth Control

For many centuries people have used different forms and types of birth control to prevent pregnancy and also set up plan for timing their pregnancy. There are various methods used to control births today and those that need it always desire to find more effective and safe method. Some of the methods for birth control include:

  • Abstinence from sexual intercourse
  • Nextplanon and implanon and other control implants
  • Pills
  • Patch
  • Vagina ring use to control birth
  • Cervical cap
  • Condom
  • Exclusive breastfeeding
  • Morning-After pill
  • Spermicides
  • Outercourse

Tubal sterilization and lots more.

The Cornerstone of Children’s Health

Children’s health

The cornerstone of Children’s health is fitness and nutrition. For that reason, you need to consider children’s sports in order to give your children a head start on fitness. Remember that the health of your children comprises of lots of things including mental, physical as well as social well-being. You must know the basic things you need to keep your children healthy all the time.

Some Basic in Keeping Children Healthy

To ensure your children enjoy overall health some of the basic things you need are:

  • Healthy foods
  • Enough sound sleeps in the day and night
  • Proper children exercises
  • Regular checkup
  • And making sure they are safe all the time.

Facts About Men’s Health

Men’s Health Conditions

When it comes to Men’s Health there are lots of areas men need to pay more attention to improve their health. Comparing men and women it is observed that men are more probably to do some things that can have adverse effect to their health. These include: Drinking alcohol, smoking making risky or unhealthy choices, letting go of regular medical care and checkups.

 Men’s Health and Some Men’s Health Conditions

There are some health conditions that only affect men due to their lifestyle, morphological structure and others. Some of these health conditions include: Prostate cancer as well as low testosterone. Also, diseases like heart diseases and colon cancer which men suffer can easily be treated with early diagnosis.

Women’s Health And What You Must Know

Women's Health

Women are known to have exclusive health issues. More so, majority of health related issues that can affect men and women alike are known to always have different effects on women than men. There are some unique issues associated with women according to their biological make up.

 Some Unique Issues Associated With Women

There are exclusive conditions related to women alone. Some of the issues and conditions include:

  • Menopause
  • Pregnancy
  • Female organ’s condition

How to Ensure Women’s Health during Pregnancy

In order to increase chance of a woman having healthy and safe pregnancy and birth there is need for regular prenatal care. Also, to avoid some female common health issues there should be regular breast examination against breast cancer, recommended cervical cancer screening and screening of bone density.

Best Beauty & Skin Care You Need to Know

Beauty & Skin Care

Have you been searching for best Beauty & Skin Care advice which made you to start searching for best dermatologist? You are not to bother as you will find out how to keep your skin young, fresh as well as glowing through the content of this post. There are many beauty and skin care products in the market but most of them will not be effective for you except you know about this secret.

Some Best Beauty & Skin Care Method

  • Make sure you eat some breakfast with skin-saving ingredients like essential fatty-acid
  • Keep it moisturized with  thermal skin water
  • Take some time out of your work to apply face mask and relax
  • Select good beauty and skin care products with dermatologist approval
  • And others.

Diet & Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

For you to ensure overall health and moderate your body weight, you must learn to eat clean and healthy. To eat clean here simply means eating foods that are all natural. It will not only help you to lose weight but also to lose most stubborn fats in your body. But before you will be able to get the result you want you want learn what work for you from sleep, diet to workout. Bellow is healthy Diet & Weight Loss tips you need to know.

  • Eat foods reach in healthy fats: Some foods like nuts, fish, avocado and beans are great for your health and weight loss.
  • Eat whole eggs
  • Go for leafy greens
  • Consider adding salmon in your meal
  • Go for cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and others for Diet & Weight Loss.

Everyone wants to be in shape these days. Fitting into that slimming outfit or building those biceps to look good is everybody’s desire. One needs to work out every day to stay in shape. However going to the gym regularly can be a problem since it is costly and time-consuming. A home gym is a perfect solution to make a healthy change.

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Food & Nutrition Tips You Need To Know

Food & Nutrition

If you are searching for tips on healthy eating, food safety standard, food allergies, labels and others you are in the right place. With lots of confusions regarding the meals that should be considered to be healthy, most people find it difficult making their foods choices. So, this site is about to intimate you more on Food & Nutrition which encompasses the entire areas mentioned above. Below is necessary advice about healthy eating.

  • Avoid drinking sugar calories: The sugary drinks can be linked to causes of obesity, heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and other health issues. Instead stick to whole fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat enough nuts as they are both healthy and nutritious.
  • Stay away from processed junk foods and stick just on real foods
  • Drink enough coffee
  • Eat fatty fish
  • Enjoy sound and enough sleep
  • Always drink water before meal Avoid overcooking your meat.
  • If you do not get enough sun always stake vitamin D3 supplement