Are You Mental? The Mind Game Behind Fat Loss

Are You Mental? The Mind Game behind Fat Loss
People are greedy.
Especially when it comes to weight loss.
Even though very few people follow the correct rules of eating, if you are someone who cannot accept your new weight and still think that you are obese or overweight in your mind, then even if you REALLY lose weight, you will return to your old self.
The reason or that is – in your mind, you have a mental set point for various things. That set point is like a mental thermostat that stays in equilibrium with what you define as normal or average.
This set point applies to many things, not to just weight.
It applies to how much money you have, how happy you are, how many things you own, how much you learn, and in this particular case, how much you weigh. We will focus on the weight mental set point in this blog post.
The mental set point or MSP for short defines the equilibrium of your weight. If your MSP is set to 145 lbs and you want to lose 25 lbs to weigh 125 lbs, then you will need to shift your MSP to 125 lbs if you wish to keep your weight there permanently.
Your mental set point is your mental point of equilibrium. It is what you consider to be the point at which you’re supposed to be naturally. The reason you need to shift it according to how much you want to weigh is because if you don’t, you’ll gain the weight back.
You gain the weight back if your set point does not shift because you will want to reach equilibrium with your MSP. If your mental set point is above your actual goal, your mind will interpret anything lower than your MSP as unbalanced and will try to retain equilibrium by shifting your weight back up.
The mind tries to keep the thermostat at a stable temperature and if you don’t shift the base temperature, you will always return to your old temperature. It is simple to change your MSP. All you need to do is see your new self as slim and more fit.
Even if you aren’t there yet, you need to envision it. You need to tell yourself that that’s the new you. The fit, muscular, strong and attractive person…that’s you! That’s your new equilibrium. Right now you are out of balance and you need to reach equilibrium back to your new MSP which is at your new envisioned self.
Once you do this, you will lose weight faster than you ever had before. Your current weight is now seen as too high and out of balance, so your body needs to slide you down the equilibrium hill, correct your metabolism and bring you back to the bottom where it’s stable.
I didn’t lose weight at first as much as I would’ve preferred because I realized that my mental set-point wasn’t where I wanted to end up.
It was actually where I was stuck on. That explained everything. I wasn’t doing anything wrong, I was just trying to fight my MSP. It’s like trying to climb a hill with a tricycle at slow speeds.
You’re just going to slide down the hill if you even make it up slightly.
Once I changed my MSP to where I wanted to end up, I was able to see results more easily. I looked at myself in the mirror and no longer saw who I currently was, rather, I saw who I was supposed to be. And because I was supposed to be that person, I became that person. 99% of the weight loss battle is psychological; the other 1% is the actual physical work.
So the takeaway from this blog post is DO NOT fret if you do not reach your target weight. The thing is, you might never, and that’s O-K. The number on the scale is actually stuck in your mind, you HAVE lost a ton of weight, it’s just your mind that’s bothering you.


Be cool. Tell your noggin’ to take a chill pill.

How A Cockroach Infestation Can Endanger Your Health

How A Cockroach Infestation Can Endanger Your Health

Cockroaches are unsightly and dirty. The bottom line is you don’t want them in your home. But the sight of a cockroach may not be your only problem if you have a cockroach infestation. Cockroaches also can have a negative impact on your health as well as your home.
Why Are Cockroaches Dangerous?
Cockroaches can make you ill in any number of ways. If you are more prone to having allergies or illnesses, you could have a very serious reaction to the presence of cockroaches in your home. Remember that cockroaches live in some of the dirtiest places imaginable (like sewers). So any bacteria they pick up from hanging around these germ infested areas will be quickly and easily passed on to you.
People who have allergies to pests may also suffer reactions to their presence in the home. Those of us who suffer from asthma can have their symptoms worsen, and a cockroach can also trigger asthma attacks. This is because cockroaches emit a dust that when breathed in, enflames the airways.
How To Prevent And Manage A Cockroach Infestation
There are some steps you can take to stopping a cockroach infestation from happening in your home. If you spill any drinks or food dropped on the floor, make sure to clean it up as soon as possible to stop cockroaches from finding something to eat. Keeping your home as tidy and clutter free as possible also reduces the risk of cockroaches and many other pests too. The de-cluttering also applies to your food cupboards. All gone off food should be thrown out, and leftovers need to be stored properly in airtight containers.

At the very first signs of a cockroach infestation, you need to call in a professional pest controller like Pest Exterminators in London. Addressing any sort of pest problem as soon as it happens makes sure that illnesses and long-term infestations don’t happen. The only way to keep you and your family safe is to stop cockroaches from infesting your home, or exterminating them immediately if they do find their way in. 

How To Reduce Your Exposure To UK Pesticides

How To Reduce Your Exposure To UK Pesticides

The use of pesticides here in the UK is on the increase. The long-term health implications of exposure to these pesticides are currently being studied, but it’s believed that they may be harmful.
Pesticides affect people in different ways. It’s believed that children are more sensitive to pesticides because they are smaller, which increases their exposure when eating or breathing in pesticides. People with asthma and other chronic diseases are also more likely to be affected by pesticides.
No matter what you’re sensitivity to pesticides is, you’ll be in the greatest danger if you are exposed to pesticides on a regular basis. Those who use pesticides in their home may become overexposed, and fall ill. This is especially true for those who use DIY pest control products without following the instructions carefully. This is why you should always call in a professional pest control company, like Empire Pest Control, if you have a pest infestation.
Here are 6 ways you can limit your exposure to potentially harmful pesticides. 
  1. Buy organic and locally grown produce – Most local and organic farmers don’t use any type of pesticides. Fruit and veg from farmers markets also has been proven to contain less pesticides than normal supermarket produce.
  2. Wash your produce before you eat it – Make sure to wash all fruit and veg you have before eating it. You can even wash it in a small amount of dish detergent, and use a soft brush to scrub away any dirt.
  3. Know which fruits and vegetables might have pesticide residue – Pesticide residue is usually concentrated in a small number of fruits and vegetables. By knowing which fruits and vegetables pose the highest risk of pesticide contamination, you can make sure you wash them more thoroughly.
  4. Grow your own – The best way to avoid pesticides on your fruit and veg is to grow it yourself. You can grow a whole variety of produce in your own back garden.
  5. Opt for green pest control – Using chemicals to control pest problems around your home can pose a threat to your health. Many professional pest control companies use green, non-toxic methods that won’t affect your family’s health.
  6. Have a no shoes policy – When visitors enter your home, ask them to remove their shoes. They can track in residue from the chemicals that could have been used outside on lawns and weeds into your home. 

5 Common House Pests That Will Affect Your Health

common house pests

Having pests in your house is not only bad for your home furnishings, it can also be really bad for your and your family’s health. Rodents can also chew through your wiring, causing the serious risk of having a fire in your home.

Here are the 5 most common house pests that could have a negative affect on your health.

1. Rats – A carrier of some of the most deadly diseases, the rat is a pest you definitely don’t want in your home. They can gnaw through pretty much anything they can sink their teeth into. Not only do rat bites spread disease, their faeces does too. Plus they carry fleas which carry their own deadly diseases that we can catch. You don’t have to consume something that has been infected by a rat. Inhaling their waste is enough to make you incredibly ill. If you live in a large city like London and need expert pest control, get in touch with Catch-it, who have always served us well in our pest control needs.

2. Fleas – Rats are a carrier of fleas, and so are your family pets. A flea bite can cause an allergic reaction, and if you accidentally ingest a flea it could lead to tapeworm. This is especially dangerous for your pets, and most flea transmitted diseases can kill a cat or small dog.

3. Bed Bugs – You don’t ever want the bed bugs to bite. Bed bugs don’t actually carry any diseases, but they can affect your mental health. Many people who have suffered a bed bug infestation have also had anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and depression.

4. Cockroaches –The risks a cockroach can have to your health are terrible. Remember that cockroaches like to live in the dirtiest environments possible. So whenever they’re scuttling around your home, their also leaving behind a whole host of bacteria as well. Cockroaches are also a serious risk to anyone who has asthma, often worsening the symptoms and triggering asthma attacks.

5. Mice – In rural areas, mice are very common. Much like rats, mice carry diseases that can be transmitted through their bites or faeces. Their urine is also a carrier of diseases like meningitis.

To keep your household health and pest free, call in professional pest controllers or put a solid pest prevention routine in place.

The Truth About Termites And Pest Control – My Home And Global Warming

The Truth about Termites and Pest Control - My Home and Global Warming
Today, it has become a big challenge for the humans to control and prevent pests that are killing their lives. Usually, negative effects and risks of termites seem pretty casual and common, but these may lead very chronic and dangerous health disorders, especially allergies, skin damage, breathing, mouth, throat and digestion complications. That is why; it is the most integral thing to handle pests very carefully and strictly to kill them. Generally, the most people rely on fast reaction pesticides that are available in liquids and sprays. These work faster and help you in getting rid of insects that can influence your health negatively and seriously.
Needs to Kill Termites:
If you identify the pests in your working or living area, then you need to take prompt decisions for getting rid of these species. Usually, these insects can damage your stocks, influence the health seriously and cause many health disorders and many other problems. So, it will be the first priority to kill and prevent them growing.
Termite Control by Pesticides:
Of course, the strong pesticides are excellent remedies against the pests and their growth. These products are generally the toxic solutions in liquid and powder forms that will help you in killing termites. The professional termite control companies can do this job very nicely. However, you should ask for the TreebarkTermite and Pest Control Inspection Service before to start killing these insects in homes or workstations.
Toxic Gases and Liquid Sprays:
This is clear that pesticides and all other products for killing pests contain chronic toxins and chemicals. These things can cause breathing problems and if you or anyone in your family is suffering from asthma, then you should avoid using pesticides in concentrate form. Anyhow, the toxic gases and liquids can leave their odor, effects, and ingredients in an application area for next few days or a couple of weeks. This may cause some health issues and contamination of the climate.
Termite Control & Global Warming:
There are many International Environment Management Conferences in the USA and Europe. These meetings were just to identify and convey the direct as well as indirect effects of pest controlling methods on the global climate. It is a bit true statement that termite controlling products and techniques are contributing to global warming. You can experience big differences in the climate freshness, temperature and air in an area where the pesticides are used and the other place. It means the pesticides and other pest-controlling commodities are causing global warming regardless a bit or more.
Pesticides & Pollution:
Pesticides are big factors of pollution. When you use the potent pesticides with stronger odor and concentrate toxic chemicals, then these will cause air, water, and other pollutions. Some of the pesticides in gas form can also react with natural gases and elements in the air as well as in surrounding and it will cause more contamination.
How Do Pesticides Contribute to Global Warming?


When the pesticides and their remaining join the water under the ground and air, then the temperature of the area goes on rising. Usually, the pesticides contain toxic elements, highly reactive chemicals, and gas that workout chemically with other elements and carbon dioxide is produced that is an anti-climate factor. In this way; the increase in temperature happens and natural things air and water get contaminated that will cause global warming.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases : Knowledge = Prevention

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Mention sexually transmitted disease (STD) and the first thing that comes to mind is the dreaded HIV/AIDS. However, STD is not limited to HIV alone. There are quite a number of them that cause problems for sexually active individuals. You would be surprised to know that the US tops the industrialized world in sexually transmitted disease statistics with an estimated 15.3 million new cases being reported each year (1)!

STD defined

Simply stated, STD is an infection or disease passed from person to person through sexual contact (1). This sexual contact is not limited to sex organs alone; you can get it through anal or oral sex too. You can also get some, like trichomoniasis, through genital contact with damp or moist items, like wet clothing, towels or toilet seat (1).

Causes of STD

STDs are caused by bacteria, viruses and fungus and are usually transmitted by sexual activity with an infected person. With the exception of viral infections, like genital herpes, genital warts, hepatitis and HIV infection (AIDS), most STDs can be cured (2). However, you have to get the treatment immediately on occurrence. Any delay can go on to cause serious medical problems.

Symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases

Wondering how to know if you have STD? Your physician is competent enough to do a sexually transmitted disease testing . Men and women display different symptoms. Men may experience discharge from the penis, burning sensation while urinating, and sores on or around the penis, or in the anus (2). Women may experience unusual vaginal discharge and intense itching, stomach cramps not related to menstrual cycle and sores on or inside the vagina or anus (2). However, some can be infected without even knowing it!

Types of sexually transmitted diseases

The various sexually transmitted diseases are listed below, click on each for details for symptoms and their treatment:

a. Candidiasis: Healthy women normally carry a small amount of yeast fungus in the vagina. When this fungus grows and increases in number, it may cause vaginal itching, burning, discharge and pain while having sex. Candidasis is not usually dangerous.

b. Chlamydia: This bacterial disease, acquired by direct sexual contact with an infected person, can cause a serious infection of the womb and tubes called pelvis inflammatory disease in women that can lead to sterility and tubal pregnancy. In men, it can infect the urinary tract.

c. Genital herpes: Genital herpes, a viral infection, is usually acquired through direct sexual contact with an infected person. It causes blister-like sores that may be accompanied by fever, joint pain, flu-like signs, and the like. You can stay infected for life and suffer repeated attacks.

d. Genital warts: Genital warts are caused by human papillomavirus through sexual contact with an infected person. These common skin wart look-alikes appear on the genital area and around the anus. Certain types of warts are linked to an increased risk of cancer of the cervix (3).

e. Gonorrhea: This serious bacterial infection is acquired by direct contact with sexual fluids of an infected person. Men may experience discharge from penis or burning sensation and women, vaginal discharge and irritation or pain, while passing urine.

f. Hepatitis B:  This viral infection of the liver is common and causes tiredness, loss of appetite, stomach discomfort and yellow skin. The virus is found in blood, semen, vaginal fluids and saliva. It is the only disease that has a safe and effective vaccine.

g. HIV/AIDS: One STD that many people are in constant fear of is HIV/AIDS. It is a fatal disease, although new ways of treatment can significantly prolong an infected person’s life. Unlike other STDs, this disease generally shows no symptoms for the first few years. So, HIV testing is the only certain way to know if you are infected.

h. Syphilis:  Syphilis is spread by genital, anal or oral sex with an infected person. The first sign is a painless sore that soon turns into a body rash. If left untreated, the symptoms go away within six months , but the germs continue to spread. After years, syphilis can become serious enough to cause heart disease, brain damage or death.

i. Trichomoniasis: This is a very common vaginal infection acquired by direct sexual contact with an infected person. Many women and men show no symptoms, but some women may experience increased vaginal discharge with foul odor and changed color. This disease is not dangerous, but very uncomfortable.

Prevention of sexually transmitted disease

The only certain way of preventing STDs is by not having sex! Well, if this is asking for too much, you can lower this risk by limiting your sex partners. If you do indulge in love play with a casual acquaintance be sure he or she is not suffering or being treated for an STD.

In any case, always use safe sex methods like washing genitals with soap and water before sex and urinating soon after to clean away the germs, before they have a chance to infect. Use of condoms for sex just cannot be ignored. Use them even for oral and anal sex.

Break The Taboo That There is No Tasty Food For Diabetics

Food for Diabetics
Diabetes is a disastrous condition for foodies. This is the perception of the mainstream world. But by a keen observation into organic foods and pure-quality diets, with all the best taste available in the world, you can lead your diabetic life with utmost pleasure. To suggest a perfect food for diabetics is so simple if we go through the general discussion of nutrition and natural foods.
This is not a display of diabetic meal plan, but we try to pull you off from the taboo of “being unpleasant” about the so called restricted foods and fruits for diabetics.
What are the good foods for diabetics?
To search for healthy foods for diabetics, it wouldn’t be a hectic task as there are numerous suggestions even within the restrictions of sugar control, insulin production, fatless content, etc. But a healthy diet of natural, unprocessed foods like oats, legumes, finger millets will curb your hunger cravings and introduce you to an authentic taste which can give immense pleasure once you start loving them. However, let us not ruin the scene by delaying this anymore.
Diabetic Food List:
There are many ingredients that control diabetes in some or the other way. Starting from turmeric, there are too many similar herbs and spices that enrich your diabetic diet plan.
As it could be briefer and clearer, we tried to represent the enormous advantages of these healthy foods for diabetics in a tabular manner.
Diabetic Food List
Nutritional Benefits
Significant Benefits for Diabetes Control
Rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins
Fat burner, antibiotic, Good for Metabolism
Zero cholesterol, high fat and high calcium
Insulin generation, enables hormone balancing, inflammation reduction
Adequate vitamins, fibers, and useful fats
Metabolic rate is improved, and fat content is reduced
Egg white
High protein content
Weight control, heart protection
Low-fat content, High mineral Content
Healthy Digestion, Improved Insulin Secretion
High protein, fiber, vitamins, and least fats
Blood sugar control
Dark Chocolate
Rich flavonoids, antioxidants
Detox, sugar control, food satiety is achieved
Broccoli and leafy veggies
Low fat & carb content, High protein, and minerals
Sugar control, healthy metabolism
Useful fatty acids, fibers, and antioxidants
Improved digestion strength, blood pressure control
Herbal Teas
Powerful antioxidants and minerals
Detox, weight control, faster metabolism
Sweet Potato
Adequate carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals; least calories and sugar
Enhanced digestion, sugar control
Dairy Products
Protein and mineral rich content
Other damages due to diabetes like bone and tooth weakness
Salads and Soups
Rich in minerals and vitamins
Insulin generation, faster digestion
High Protein and healthy fats; least LDL cholesterol
Blood pressure regulation, blood regeneration.
Have these foods in your diabetic diet, it is quite assured that you are going to find a healthy cure for diabetes without any side effects.
Berries and Cherries
The nutritional advantages of berry fruits are more helpful to recommend them in the diabetic food list. Cherries too have the numerous antioxidants which similarly makes them a prominent though the both kinds have excess sugars in them. Cranberries, blueberries are more recommended out of all berries.
Grapes have adequate amounts of fiber which is a basic step to control diabetes. As much we have the dietary fibers in the diet, so will be the best scenario created for digestion. This, in turn, creates room for healthy insulin generation.
Apples have the best ingredients to enrich your skin, body’s tissues in the first place. It is due to the rejuvenation of cells happening all over the body due to its consumption. As a part of diabetic diet plan, apples do a tremendous job to reduce the useless fats in the body.
Lemons and Citrus fruits
Lemons are excellent fighting foods for diabetic control. The anti-inflammatory properties, citrus content, vitamin strength of the lemon fruit make it highly recommended food for diabetics. Squeeze a whole lemon into your everyday meal without fail; it will take care of your trans fats and indigestion. The same advantages for diabetes and weight control can be achieved by other citrus fruits. But be on the line of limitation of how much you are eating the sweet citrus fruits.
Kiwifruit is known for its strong flavor, and that’s what is so special in the fruit. Vitamins C, B, A; strong mineral contents of potassium, calcium, magnesium; dietary fibers are highly abundant in the fruit which rescues us out from the severity of diabetes. 
Guavas are known for creating food satiety, which is a peculiar characteristic, most needed by a diabetic person. Fibers and vitamins are also in good amounts in guava.
Melon fruits
Cantaloupe, watermelon, and few Cucurbitaceae family vegetables give sufficient minerals and enormous water that is needed for detoxification and occasional weight reduction. Consume them frequently so that water content and digestive abilities of your body will be enhanced. They protect kidneys from the threat of severe diabetes.
Papaya is a superfruit that is usually not considered as such. But we gain huge vitamins with papaya more than any other fruit. As a suggested food for diabetics, papaya can control blood sugar, cure the adverse effects caused by advanced stages of diabetes.
Pineapple is highly healthful for our body to protect from bacteria and viruses. This has an advantage of combating inflammations due to them. 
Pomegranate can control blood sugar levels within limits. The mineral strength of pomegranate is also useful for diabetic control. Juice of pomegranate does an outstanding job for diabetic people.
Apricot is a fiber-rich fruit which also has abundant amounts of vitamin A. The sugars and carbs in apricots are in very limited amounts which are another advantage. These reasons collectively make it the best-suggested fruit for diabetics.
With such a long list, it seems we have covered every food that is eaten routinely and also a few of rare foods. Most superfoods are also in the list which clearly states you that diabetic diet isn’t just an empty plate of a couple of foods, but they also have the leisure to make choices.

Common Nervous System Disorders And Cure [Advanced Orthogonal]

Nervous system is multi-faceted, extremely specialized network that organizes, explains as well as directs interaction between you as well as the world that surrounds you. Nervous system controls:

  • Hearing, sight, smell, taste as well as sensation
  • Involuntary and voluntary functions like movement, coordination and balance. This system also controls the actions of some other body system like blood pressure and blood flow.
  • The capability to reason and think, your nervous system permits you to become conscious and have thought, language and memories.
Nervous system is separates into the spinal cord and brain and the nerve cells which controls involuntary and voluntary movements. The signs of nervous systemissue rely on which part of your nervous system is involved as well as what’s cause the issue. Nervous system issues might happen gradually and a steady loss of function. Or they might happen instantly and lead to life-threatening issues. Signs might be severe or mild. Some common conditions, injuries and disease which can cause nervous system issues are:
Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Scrlerosis is a long term illness that could affect your spinal cord, brains as well as optic nerves. It could cause issues with balance, vision, muscle control as well as other basic functions of the body. While no one knows precisely what causes MS, study has shown that a lot of factors in a person’s life might add to the likelihood which they will contract the illness. MS is an autoimmune illness that affects the myelin sheath in the spinal cord and the brain reducing the flow of information all through the nervous system.
There are varieties of treatments for MS which include prescription drugs which have recently been made. Though these treatments cannot totally cure MS, they do assist to lessen the annoying signs which MS cause. Amongst the popular of these MS drugs are Betaseron and Avonex. However current research shows that chiropractic help a lot in treating this condition.
This is a major depressive condition and a serious and common medical illness which negatively affects how person’s feel, think and act. However this is treatable. Depression causes sadness, loss of interest in doing various kinds of activities. Natural cured for depression worth through increasing relaxation, and relaxation assist ease a person of depression symptoms. And also assist a person cope with the causes like grief, roles, anxiety, changing and also body pain. There are many types of alternative therapies from diet to exercise to mental conditioning and lifestyle changes.  There are also prescription drugs that can help ease this issue.
Tinnitusis a psychosomatic sign of an underlying physical illness which normally involves stress. Stress could be manifested in so many ways, and some time there is a physical ailment accompanying the emotional and mental stress.

Tinnitus cure varies depending on the kind and severity of the condition. When you have too much wax in your ears, like for instance them just getting rid of the earwax must stop the sounds. Prescription treatments are being utilized as possible relief agents for this condition such as anti-convulsants, antidepressants, anti-histamines as well as anesthetics like lidocaine.
Other common nervous system issues are Parkinson’s disease, ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, Peripheral neuropathies and many more.
Author Bio

Aria Jordan began his schooling at Florida College in Temple Terrace, FL, where he obtained his undergraduate prerequisites for his Chiropractic education. He then completed his B.S. in Biology and his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA in 2002. Quality and Credibility are the Key factors of his performance.

High Protein Diet Plan: Benefits And Tips

High Protein Diet Plan

A high protein diet plan is a plan that details the food you must eat or the menu you must follow to maintain high protein diet. It usually includes high protein diet menus for several days.

Benefits of Preparing a High Protein Diet Plan

Upon adoption of a high protein diet, you must consider your diet plan right away. One benefit of doing so is that you can follow this diet more easily since you have a guide that tells you what food you must consume for every meal of the day. Also, you can buy all the high protein food you need from the grocery at one time and stock up to avoid shortage later on.

A high protein diet plan also serves as your guide to the right serving sizes for each kind of food. This minimizes the risk of consuming too much protein, which can be detrimental to your health. As the days go by, your diet plan will help you to monitor how well you are able to stick to your diet.

High Protein Diet Plan Tips

* Make sure to consult your health provider before making your own high protein diet plan. There are various sources on the market like feature articles and commercial companies, but your health provider can guide you best as to which food and menus are ideal for your body.

* If you want to use a high protein diet plan to reach your target weight, inform your health provider about it so that they can adjust your diet. They can also advise you of the approximate weight that is ideal for your condition.

* It is better to develop a high protein diet plan that consists of several small snacks than one made up of a few large meals. Fat accumulates more if you follow a plan with few large meals every day. Also, you minimize the chance of getting hungry often if you snack every now and then.

* Designing a high protein diet plan should not mean forcing yourself to eat bland food every day. A high protein diet can be rich in flavor if you just use your creativity when preparing your food. In fact, you are more likely to follow your plan if you include your favorite high protein food. Make sure, though, to consult your health provider before doing this.

High Protein Diet Recipes

High Protein Diet Recipes

A high protein diet recipe is a recipe for a meal or snack that mostly consists of ingredients that are high in protein. There are several sources for high protein diet recipes. Most of these sources can be found online.

Common Ingredients

While the combinations of food vary from one high protein diet recipe to another, you may notice that a number of them share common ingredients. They usually include meat such as fish, turkey, lamb, beef and chicken.

Dairy products and animal products are often incorporated in a high protein diet recipe. Examples of these are butter, milk, yogurt, eggs and cheese. Processed meat is also often recommended with ham, bacon and sausages topping the list.

A high protein diet recipe also typically includes beans, peas and whole grains. These are ideal sources of protein for vegetarians.

A High Protein Recipe

One example of a delectable high protein diet recipe is deviled ham and cheese. The main ingredients of this recipe are 2 cups of cheddar cheese and 4 ½ ounces of deviled ham. You may also make use of other kinds of cheese like mozzarella and parmesan. Other ingredients of this high protein diet recipe are two teaspoons of Dijon mustard, 1 teaspoon of horseradish and some rye or pumpernickel bread.

Start preparing this dish by preparing the ham spread. Do this by combining the cheddar cheese, deviled ham, mustard and horseradish in a bowl. Then, place the mixture in small jar or bowl. If you want a cool ham spread, then refrigerate if for about three hours. If you choose to serve a hot ham spread, then you just have to spread it on the slices of bread and broil for 5 to 8 minutes or until the spread bubbles.