25 Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Sometimes we do not know what we dislike more, whether overweight or having to diet. As we go hungry and deprive ourselves of what we like, it does not attract us even a little and we leave it for later. Also, in cases where we try and it does not seem to work, some mistakes can be made.

With these tips you do not have to wait any more because you only have to introduce a few small changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle to recover the ideal shape and weight without much sacrifice.

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To help you in the process, start by following these tips:

1. Add foods that help you achieve your goal

Add to your dinner today the two vegetables that you like the most. Since these contain fiber you will feel more satisfied (or) with fewer calories.

2. Dilute juices

Fruits have sugars, which although natural, do not stop having calories. If instead of taking a glass of natural juice, you do it in half and you pour water, you can subtract about 85 calories in each glass. It is good advice to reduce caloric intake.

3. Serve a portion and do not repeat

Especially if it is a high-calorie dish, try not to repeat. You do not have to give up, for example, to that delicious dessert that your grandmother prepares, but make do with a couple of teaspoons.

4. Substitute some ingredients for something lighter

If you learn to substitute the ingredients intelligently, you can continue eating the usual dishes, but lighter and you will not feel that you are sacrificing.

5. Do not skip meals

If you spend hours without eating, the only thing you will achieve is to slow down the metabolism, exactly the opposite of what suits you, which is to “burn” the reserve fat deposits.

6. While you watch your favorite series

Do something else: wash clothes burns 68 calories; set the table, 85; water the plants, 102.

7. You can chew gum

In recent times it has been discovered that chewing gum without sugar for a day or all day, gets the metabolism to rise above normal by almost 20%.

8. Before walking or doing any exercise

Take a cup of green tea, as it will get you to release fatty acids. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine. Both products together, get to burn fat faster.

9. Avoid the products of the type of shake or shakes

With them you only manage to save calories momentarily, since it will later give you more hunger and surely you will eat more. You will add the calories that the shake has and what you eat.

10. Eat, as much as possible, at home

This advice should not be among the tricks to lose weight. The meals and dinners in the restaurant contain elements that we cannot see and the raw materials are of dubious quality: refried oils, flour to thicken sauces, bread crumbs, etc. In addition, we always end up eating desserts and / or coffee with sugar, we drink carbonated sodas or beer. If we eat several days a week in bars or restaurants, we will get fat and our health will be affected.

11. Get used to using flaxseed powder

Flaxseed is satiating and very high in fiber content. In addition, it provides high quality nutrients and helps eliminate calories.

12. Use low calorie dressings

You get an excellent dressing with a tablespoon of balsamic vinegar, a quarter of a spoon (of coffee) of olive oil and a spoonful (of coffee) of mustard.

13. Do not use butter or margarine

Use only olive oil and if possible, extra virgin. A toast with olive oil and a few granites of salt is delicious for breakfast. It is much healthier; it provides quality nutrients and takes away your hunger.

14. Drink a lot of water

The more water you drink, the better you will be able to mobilize the leftover elements of the metabolism that are spinning around the body, hindering the release of energy. In addition, water removes hunger and makes your body burn energy by digesting it. In addition, water is essential to maintain good health.

15. Your taste buds can be tricked with a strong peppermint pill, or eucalyptus.

Sucking these pills can calm your hunger.

16. Chew a lot of snacks

When you chew many times, you favor a well-made digestion and, therefore, a good digestion of the nutrients. In addition, you will cheat the stomach and end up eating less.

17. Ask for a blood test

Many people have metabolic problems, because their thyroid does not work properly (hypothyroidism). It is something that may not cause symptoms and the person loses weight very slowly and sometimes it is impossible to get it. It can be corrected with some active ingredients, which the doctor will say.

18. Fill your stomach before eating

If twenty minutes before eating you drink something like a glass of milk, or a piece of fruit, you will get your body from an order to the brain that you have already eaten and arrive at the most unattractive food, or at least without voracious hunger. The appetite process lasts 20 minutes, after which your mind has already received the order that you have finished eating. If it were not like that, we would eat until burst. This is also one of the best tricks to medical weight loss. It is used very little and gives excellent results, especially to people who have anxiety.

19. A good salad as a first course

If during the first twenty minutes you start with a large salad and also chew a lot of bites, when the main course comes, you will settle for half the food and have added high quality nutrients to your body.

20. The salad cut into large pieces

Following with the delay of intake, lettuce, tomato and other elements of the salad, if cut into large pieces, are a good element to cheat the stomach. It will cost you more work to chew them and as a consequence, it will take longer and you will eat less. It’s a good trick!

21. Use spicy when seasoning

Spicy causes you to drink more between meals and fill yourself before. Also, if it is very spicy, it will make you abandon your plate before.

22. Take note of what you eat during the day

This gesture can make you better control what you eat and what time you do it.

23. Try to move your body

Do some sports such as walking or going to work walking. The walks if you do them with two or three “mini accelerators” to raise the cardio, you will take advantage of them much more. Climb stairs instead of climbing in the elevator. All these tricks will make you burn calories and therefore, achieve your goal of losing weight. Exercising is free and you will burn the surplus of accumulated energy.

24. Put little food on the plate

Put small portions of each meal and if you’re hungry, eat salad.

25. When you jog, speed increases at the end

When you’re jogging, speed increases on the last lap. That gesture will cause you to burn many more calories and keep burning when you stop. This helps to strengthen the muscles of the body, which when they are more developed, also help the body to burn more in each day.