5 Common House Pests That Will Affect Your Health

5 Common House Pests That Will Affect Your Health

Having pests in your house is not only bad for your home furnishings, it can also be really bad for your and your family’s health. Rodents can also chew through your wiring, causing the serious risk of having a fire in your home.

Here are the 5 most common house pests that could have a negative affect on your health.

1. Rats – A carrier of some of the most deadly diseases, the rat is a pest you definitely don’t want in your home. They can gnaw through pretty much anything they can sink their teeth into. Not only do rat bites spread disease, their faeces does too. Plus they carry fleas which carry their own deadly diseases that we can catch. You don’t have to consume something that has been infected by a rat. Inhaling their waste is enough to make you incredibly ill. If you live in a large city like London and need expert pest control, get in touch with Catch-it, who have always served us well in our pest control needs.

2. Fleas – Rats are a carrier of fleas, and so are your family pets. A flea bite can cause an allergic reaction, and if you accidentally ingest a flea it could lead to tapeworm. This is especially dangerous for your pets, and most flea transmitted diseases can kill a cat or small dog.
3. Bed Bugs – You don’t ever want the bed bugs to bite. Bed bugs don’t actually carry any diseases, but they can affect your mental health. Many people who have suffered a bed bug infestation have also had anxiety, stress, sleep deprivation and depression.

4. Cockroaches –The risks a cockroach can have to your health are terrible. Remember that cockroaches like to live in the dirtiest environments possible. So whenever they’re scuttling around your home, their also leaving behind a whole host of bacteria as well. Cockroaches are also a serious risk to anyone who has asthma, often worsening the symptoms and triggering asthma attacks.

5. Mice – In rural areas, mice are very common. Much like rats, mice carry diseases that can be transmitted through their bites or faeces. Their urine is also a carrier of diseases like meningitis.

To keep your household health and pest free, call in professional pest controllers or put a solid pest prevention routine in place.