5 Tips for Choosing a Hair Straightener

5 Tips for Choosing a Hair Straightener

A straightener is a versatile styler that can be used as a curling iron and even as a volumizer in a pinch.

A good straightener is an investment, not a disposable item that you should replace every few months. The right device quickly caps your hair without thermal damage, breakage or uneven textures.

So, how do you choose the right straightener for your needs? Follow these five steps to the rectifier paradise.

1. Choose the right form

You might think that a flat iron is just plain flat. Yet the edges of these tools can affect their versatility. If the plates and outer edges of the iron are slightly rounded, it will be easier to put your straightener in a curling iron. A flat iron with sharp edges is less adaptable but can give you slightly more straight hair.

2. Consider the width of the plate

The larger the plates, the faster you can smooth your hair. Of course, if you plan to travel with your flat iron, you will need slightly narrower plates that can easily fit in your bag. Women with fine hair may also find that wide plates apply too much heat, damaging the hair shaft.

3. Select the correct plates

Smoothing plates are made of a variety of metals and other substances. There is no “good” choice of plate material. Instead, consider the needs of your hair:

Titanium irons heat up quickly, applying higher temperatures more evenly. These irons tend to be more expensive, and you do not need a titanium iron unless you have very curly and coarse hair.

Ceramic irons merge value and efficiency, even offering warmth for most hair textures. Some straighteners, however, are only coated with ceramic. Over time, the ceramic wears out, leaving you with an iron that distributes heat unevenly or does not work at all.

Tourmaline plates are perfect for damaged hair. Sometimes called “ionic plate” these plates produce more negative than positive ions, which reduces frizz and seals the hair shaft.

4. Think about the temperature

High heat means faster and more efficient training, but not all hair types need the hottest wholesale flat irons. To reduce the damage to your hair, consider an iron that offers adjustable heat settings, and then use the lowest heat setting to achieve the desired results.

Cheap irons sometimes heat unevenly, resulting in uneven texture and even burning parts of your hair. Professional ghd Platinum hairdresser has smart sensors in every plate, making sure the iron is hot enough to style your hair without overheating.

5. Know the difference between price and value

It’s easy to rush to the store and buy the first cheap straightener you see. If you do, you will probably end up doing the same thing a few months later. But your hair may look worse than the last purchase.

The problem with cheap hair straighteners is that they tend to break faster. They can also damage your hair, because cheap hair straighteners can unevenly apply heat, catch your hair, and even overheat.

Pricier irons offer greater value your straightener will last for years, and you will not have to spend money on expensive hair treatments to remedy the damage caused by a cheap straightener. Over time, you can even save money, since you will not have to constantly replace broken irons.