5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses!

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses!

I love sunny days. But, I am a girl who has very sensitive eyes to the sun. So, winter as summer, I always keep with me a pair of sunglasses.


I bought a lot of sunglasses in my life. But, not always those made for me. Sometimes I did not even try them. I said to myself, “Bah! It’s going to go! “

So how to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you? Here are the 5 basic tips to find the bespoke pair!

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1. Choose the right protection according to the usage

Glasses to get beautiful at the beach? A new pair to go hiking? Sunglasses to drive the convertible?

The degree of protection of your glasses is influenced by their usefulness.

Eyewear for aesthetics blocks up to 60% of visible light and UVA rays and filters between 87.5% and 95% of UVB rays. These glasses are not recommended for driving because the reflections can play tricks and be dangerous.

The glasses for long exposure (during the winter, day at the beach, fishing, in the mountains …) block 97% of visible light and almost 99% of UVA rays. They filter 99% of UVB rays. Often very dark, they are not suitable for driving.

Goggles for other uses (such as driving) block between 60 and 92% of UVA rays and reduce UVB radiation by up to 99%. Their lenses are often plastic.

2. Choose the frame according to the shape of your face

Round or oval face ➛ Lucky! You have no restriction. All shapes of frames are suitable for you.

Square Face ➛ Choose a thinner frame with round or oval lenses.

Triangular Face ➛ Butterfly or cat eyes mounts will fit you perfectly.

3. Choosing the right shade of glass

Gray glasses: They do not modify the perceived colors. Recommended for driving. Perfect for farsightedness!

Brown glasses: They warm up and improve the contrasts (preferable for short-sighted people). They offer good protection for all types of uses.

Green glasses: Perfect for stopping glare.

Blue / purple glasses: Made for moderate sunlight.

Red or pink glasses: Are cool for the look, but will hardly protect you.

4. Choose the right frame size

The glasses should be proportional to your face. If the mount is too big, your head will look disproportionate. Then, if the mount is too small, you may hurt your nose and ears. Aouch!

5. Never trust the price and the brand

The amount is not always a sign of quality and protection, when it comes time to buy sunglasses. If you keep in mind the 4 other points mentioned above, you will find good quality glasses, which will protect your eyes. Also, it is not because your favorite glasses are Prada that they will necessarily offer better protection. Think about it!

Comfort, protection and style!

In short, with these 5 good tips, you will find THE pair for you.