A Useful Guide to Fermented Drinks

A Useful Guide to Fermented Drinks

While some fermented drinks have long since invaded our organic stores, the preparation of these was a mystery. However, the word has passed: fermented drinks promise wonders and for good reason, fermented foods are alive and have amazing virtues.


Kombucha is made from black tea and a mushroom that triggers fermentation. It is a thirst-quenching drink, tart, sparkling and very sweet. It can be flavored with ginger, elderflower or lemon. The basic ingredients are easy to find. You will need black tea, sugar and this famous mushroom available online.

Virtues: difficult to be exact because scientific studies are rare. However, kombucha would strengthen the immune system and would be very beneficial for intestinal flora. Without pasteurization, the drink develops probiotics that are very beneficial for health. Be careful, this drink is not recommended for diabetics.


Like yoghurt, kefir is made from fermented milk. Except that it has virtues that yogurts do not like yeasts and more vitamin B. The taste is rather pleasant. Kefir is like liquid yoghurt that can be flavored to infinity with fruit purées, syrups or spices. It’s your turn to create your competition Yop.

Virtues: once again, they are innumerable but lack scientific support. This drink promotes digestion and strengthens the immune system (it would also be beneficial against bronchitis, asthma or eczema, in any case it does not cost much to try). You should also know that this milk drink may even be suitable for people with lactose intolerance (ask your doctor if you are concerned).


The kvass is prepared from black bread and sometimes beet (a beneficial version for the liver). It is a refreshing drink very popular in Russia. It is consumed almost everywhere in Slavic countries where lacto-fermentation has been used since time immemorial to preserve food during the winter. In its most common version, we use rye bread, yeast, sugar, raisins and water.

Virtue: If it’s good for Tolstoi and Dostoievski (who each mention the kvass in their works), it’s good for us. Moreover, if the Russians survive the harsh winters, it is thanks to the kvass. If they win 56 medals at the Olympics, it is also thanks to kvass (which passes cheerfully anti-doping tests). Be careful, this drink contains gluten.

Ginger beer

Let’s finish in style with a drink that should please you. The latter is already available in the form of soda. Obviously, these are only aromas, sugar and obscure preservatives. You can then flavor the ginger beer (or not) to drink it naturally or using it in a cocktail recipe! To make your ginger beer, you will need a ginger bug to make at home. The method will not take you more than 5 minutes a day for a week. Then just add sugar, water and lemon.

Virtues: Ginger is obviously excellent for health, even outside the bedroom. It is used to relieve nausea, headaches, colds and the root is also rich in antioxidants.