Abdominoplasty and its Medical Benefits – Abdominoplasty Cost Guide

Abdominoplasty and its Medical Benefits - Abdominoplasty Cost Guide

Abdominoplasty is the process that helps to bind muscles and eliminate excess fat and skin. After a tummy tuck you will see a more slender body and a flat abdomen. There are many women who undergo tummy tucks after a pregnancy or after a heavy weight loss. The number of women who undergo abdominoplasty in recent years is very considerable.

It is interesting to know that the abdominoplasty, in addition to having aesthetic benefits -which are obvious-, also has numerous medical benefits.

How Much Does A Tummy Tuck Cost? – 123.clinic
Tummy tuck costs can range from $3,000 to $12,000, depending on factors such as your geographic location, the surgeon and the scope of the treatment involved in the surgery. For more details on Tummy tuck pricing visit this link: tummy tuck price guide

Reduction of stress and urinary incontinence

After giving birth, some women suffer from urinary incontinence due to the effort made during childbirth. This problem of bladder control is linked to leakage of urine – when sneezing, coughing, and performing exercises or in some cases more extreme, even when laughing.

Improvement of the posture and abdominal tone

Those women who have lost a lot of weight or who have had multiple pregnancies, despite having performed diets and exercises, do not manage to make the extra volume that their muscles have lost disappear. Diet and exercise are often not enough to correct the abdomen. The tummy tuck helps to improve the posture of the abdomen and also to relieve back pain that can be suffered.

Hernia correction

After a heavy weight loss the abdominal muscle can weaken and cause hernias in the lower back. Abdominoplasty corrects this weakness, in addition to aesthetically fighting the excess skin excess.

It is important to remember that abdominoplasty is an operation, and that it requires an operation in the operating room lasting several hours. The tummy tuck, in addition to removing excess skin, also eliminates areas of fat and helps tense muscles. The recovery of the tummy tuck can take some weeks, and involves the risks and typical complications associated with any operation of cosmetic surgery. Despite this, the aesthetic and medical benefits are greater.

Patients who are thinking about having a tummy tuck should contact a specialized surgeon and discuss the details, expectations and expected results, and confirm with a specialist if tummy tuck is the most appropriate procedure.