Benefits of Marijuana – 10 Beneficial Effects

Benefits of Marijuana - 10 Beneficial Effects

This blog post is about the benefits of Marijuana, a topic that we have already discussed on different occasions, we talk about the beneficial effects that cannabinoids have at therapeutic level. Starting from the basis that it is a subject in full development in which more research is needed to obtain conclusive data in the different areas investigated, then we leave 10 scientifically proven therapeutic benefits.

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1. Antiemetic:

Numerous studies indicate that cannabis has a powerful antiemetic effect, which reduces nausea and vomiting associated with side effects of treatments such as chemotherapy or drugs to treat diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis and even nausea associated with pregnancy.

2. Orexigen:

On the other hand, its orexygen effect implies an increase in appetite, an effect with indications in patients suffering from anorexia or cachexia caused by diseases such as cancer or AIDS. In addition to increasing appetite, it helps increase body weight.

3. Anti-plastic:

It has beneficial effects on spastic disorders involving muscle stiffness since it has effects on activity and muscle tone, as well as motor coordination. Some of the diseases for which this beneficial effect may be indicated are multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s disease or spinal cord injuries.

4. Diseases of the movement:

Increased motor coordination helps treat the side effects of Parkinson’s medications that cause involuntary movements as well as hyperkinesia of diseases such as Huntington’s.

5. Analgesic:

It has been contrasted that Marijuana has analgesic effect so it is a good alternative to treat post-operative pain, migraines, dysmenorrhea and pain associated with diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, avulsion of the branchial plexus, cancer, HIV or diseases inflammatory bowel Where conventional drugs have shown little effectiveness, cannabis can become a good alternative to alleviate pain, as is the case of pain of neuropathic and chronic origin.

6. Bronchodilator:

Although it may seem ironic, marijuana acts as a bronchodilator, so it could become an alternative to treat diseases such as asthma. Obviously, due to the irritation it causes in the mucous membranes, the inhaled route should be discarded to treat this type of ailments.

7. Decrease in intraocular pressure:

Marijuana reduces intraocular pressure so it can help in the treatment of diseases such as Glaucoma.

8. Anti-inflammatory:

It has been observed in numerous studies benefits related to functional recovery in patients affected by Multiple Sclerosis due to the anti-inflammatory effect that cannabinoids cause in the body as well as the decrease by patients of the consumption of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs).

9. Antiproliferative:

Although still under study, there are encouraging results from some studies that talk about the potential of cannabinoids to inhibit the growth of tumor cells without significantly affecting normal cells. Although this field is still under development, it is expected that in the next trials some issues may be clarified and cannabinoids may form the basis of some strategies to treat patients affected by cancer.

10. Neuroprotector:

Cannabinoids act as neuroprotectors, antioxidants and immunomodulators, preventing and reducing brain damage in some diseases such as Hypoxia-Ischemia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease or Alzheimer’s.