Biceps Training – Exercises and Tips for Training Biceps

Biceps Training - Exercises and Tips for Training Biceps

For men, that muscle is fundamental for women, but for a firm arm, it is essential. Do you want to know what a good bicep workout is like? Let’s see more about this muscle and some tips for training.

The biceps brachial muscle is one of the best known of the human body; it is the muscle that is in the front of your arm. In the event that an error occurs in the system, it should be taken into account that, in the event of an error,

The movement is the opposite of the triceps, remember that? (Triceps training) That is, elbow flexion, also makes a slight shoulder flexion and supination of the forearm.

In this way all the exercises that have the flexion of the arm will have the activation of the biceps, basically they are back exercises, but in some shoulder exercises such as high rowing and frontal elevation we also find the activation of the biceps.

Exercises for the Biceps

Let’s see some exercises used to train biceps:

– Neutral thread: this exercise can be done with the H bar; Dumbbells just turn your hands towards the trunk and finally, the thread on the pulley. In most cases, most people suffering from depression, who do not feel trapped in the nervous system.

The forearm asses are secondary in a bicep workout, which means that when you are training one, the other is also activated, however the biceps is a stronger and stronger muscle, so it must be done first.

Neutral or early exercises should be done after bicep training.

– Concentrated thread: famous biceps exercise, sitting, tilts the trunk and supports the elbow on the knee, recognized? This is a good exercise since it is well done, because the knee should not swing and the other hand should not help! Classic mistakes It is a good exercise for being unilateral and for the breadth that the movement is capable of doing.

– Scott thread: a good exercise, it is almost impossible to steal, because the elbows are supported. They should be aligned with your shoulders. The movement is shorter when it becomes free, because when passing from the line of the elbow gravity is in its favor (that does not happen when it is machine) and the extension cannot be total, because the pressure on the elbow is enormous, careful!

Tips for Biceps Training

– Periodizing is important! If you want to emphasize your arms, or are in strength training, for example, do not train your biceps with your back, your arm will be tired and will not perform as much.

– Do not make pendulums; it is very common to see in gyms in biceps training. It can be dangerous for the lumbar beyond exercise to be precarious. Lower the load and do it correctly; Locked elbows only flex and extend, simple.

– Extension is also important, it will increase muscle activation and prevent shortening.

And you? How is your bicep workout?