Break the Taboo That There is No Tasty Food for Diabetics

Break the Taboo That There is No Tasty Food for Diabetics

Diabetes is a disastrous condition for foodies. This is the perception of the mainstream world. But by a keen observation into organic foods and pure-quality diets, with all the best taste available in the world, you can lead your diabetic life with utmost pleasure. To suggest a perfect food for diabetics is so simple if we go through the general discussion of nutrition and natural foods.

This is not a display of diabetic meal plan, but we try to pull you off from the taboo of “being unpleasant” about the so called restricted foods and fruits for diabetics.

What are the good foods for diabetics?

To search for healthy foods for diabetics, it wouldn’t be a hectic task as there are numerous suggestions even within the restrictions of sugar control, insulin production, fatless content, etc. But a healthy diet of natural, unprocessed foods like oats, legumes, finger millets will curb your hunger cravings and introduce you to an authentic taste which can give immense pleasure once you start loving them. However, let us not ruin the scene by delaying this anymore.

Diabetic Food List:

There are many ingredients that control diabetes in some or the other way. Starting from turmeric, there are too many similar herbs and spices that enrich your diabetic diet plan.   As it could be briefer and clearer, we tried to represent the enormous advantages of these healthy foods for diabetics in a tabular manner.

Diabetic Food ListNutritional BenefitsSignificant Benefits for Diabetes Control
TurmericRich in antioxidants, minerals, vitaminsFat burner, antibiotic, Good for Metabolism
CinnamonZero cholesterol, high fat and high calciumInsulin generation, enables hormone balancing, inflammation reduction
NutsAdequate vitamins, fibers, and useful fatsMetabolic rate is improved, and fat content is reduced
Egg whiteHigh protein contentWeight control, heart protection
OatsLow-fat content, High mineral ContentHealthy Digestion, Improved Insulin Secretion
BeansHigh protein, fiber, vitamins, and least fatsBlood sugar control
Dark ChocolateRich flavonoids, antioxidantsDetox, sugar control, food satiety is achieved
Broccoli and leafy veggiesLow fat & carb content, High protein, and mineralsSugar control, healthy metabolism
FlaxseedsUseful fatty acids, fibers, and antioxidantsImproved digestion strength, blood pressure control
Herbal TeasPowerful antioxidants and mineralsDetox, weight control, faster metabolism
Sweet PotatoAdequate carotenoids, vitamins, and minerals; least calories and sugarEnhanced digestion, sugar control
Dairy ProductsProtein and mineral rich contentOther damages due to diabetes like bone and tooth weakness
Salads and SoupsRich in minerals and vitaminsInsulin generation, faster digestion
FishHigh Protein and healthy fats; least LDL cholesterolBlood pressure regulation, blood regeneration.

Have these foods in your diabetic diet, it is quite assured that you are going to find a healthy cure for diabetes without any side effects.

Berries and Cherries

The nutritional advantages of berry fruits are more helpful to recommend them in the diabetic food list. Cherries too have the numerous antioxidants which similarly makes them a prominent though the both kinds have excess sugars in them. Cranberries, blueberries are more recommended out of all berries.


Grapes have adequate amounts of fiber which is a basic step to control diabetes. As much we have the dietary fibers in the diet, so will be the best scenario created for digestion. This, in turn, creates room for healthy insulin generation.


Apples have the best ingredients to enrich your skin, body’s tissues in the first place. It is due to the rejuvenation of cells happening all over the body due to its consumption. As a part of diabetic diet plan, apples do a tremendous job to reduce the useless fats in the body.  

Lemons and Citrus fruits

Lemons are excellent fighting foods for diabetic control. The anti-inflammatory properties, citrus content, vitamin strength of the lemon fruit make it highly recommended food for diabetics. Squeeze a whole lemon into your everyday meal without fail; it will take care of your trans fats and indigestion. The same advantages for diabetes and weight control can be achieved by other citrus fruits. But be on the line of limitation of how much you are eating the sweet citrus fruits.


Kiwifruit is known for its strong flavor, and that’s what is so special in the fruit. Vitamins C, B, A; strong mineral contents of potassium, calcium, magnesium; dietary fibers are highly abundant in the fruit which rescues us out from the severity of diabetes.


Guavas are known for creating food satiety, which is a peculiar characteristic, most needed by a diabetic person. Fibers and vitamins are also in good amounts in guava.

Melon fruits

Cantaloupe, watermelon, and few Cucurbitaceae family vegetables give sufficient minerals and enormous water that is needed for detoxification and occasional weight reduction. Consume them frequently so that water content and digestive abilities of your body will be enhanced. They protect kidneys from the threat of severe diabetes.


Papaya is a superfruit that is usually not considered as such. But we gain huge vitamins with papaya more than any other fruit. As a suggested food for diabetics, papaya can control blood sugar, cure the adverse effects caused by advanced stages of diabetes.


Pineapple is highly healthful for our body to protect from bacteria and viruses. This has an advantage of combating inflammations due to them.


Pomegranate can control blood sugar levels within limits. The mineral strength of pomegranate is also useful for diabetic control. Juice of pomegranate does an outstanding job for diabetic people.  


Apricot is a fiber-rich fruit which also has abundant amounts of vitamin A. The sugars and carbs in apricots are in very limited amounts which are another advantage. These reasons collectively make it the best-suggested fruit for diabetics.   With such a long list, it seems we have covered every food that is eaten routinely and also a few of rare foods. Most superfoods are also in the list which clearly states you that diabetic diet isn’t just an empty plate of a couple of foods, but they also have the leisure to make choices.