Can We Really Lose Weight… Using Green Coffee

Can We Really Lose Weight... Using Green Coffee

This is a subject light years away from my roaster concerns but is worth talking about since I receive more and more requests about it. 

I can tell you about the aromas of a coffee, the roasting … even the culture. But when you touch the health sector, I prefer to abstain and give the floor to professionals, doctors and shamans of all kinds.

Still, lately our sales of green coffee have increased. We are really happy with this increase because we really choose our coffees carefully.

Regain of interest for green coffee, for its slimming properties?

The section of the website that offers green coffee was first thought for commercial and residential roasters. Well, those who were destined for these products are not the biggest buyers.

So I learned about this phenomenon by doing a very thorough research, I googled “green coffee to lose weight”. Well what were my surprises to see that the subject seems serious, as well as research around the phenomenon?

You can googling the subject, I suggest you some articles:

Use green coffee to slim down: here’s what I found

Here is a summary of the results of my research on the internet.

  • Eating green coffee seems to lose weight
  • There would be no side effect
  • Experts explain that during roasting, coffee would lose a majority of the chlorogenic acid component, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Drinking an infusion of ground green coffee is disgusting
  • Nutritionists recommend taking it in capsule as a dietary supplement.
  • Green coffee reduces the intestinal absorption of sugars and accelerates the elimination of fat.
  • There has not yet been any study on the impact that this phenomenon can cause in the digestive metabolism
  • A daily dose is necessary for the desired effect to be visible after two to three months.
  • People who use green coffee to lose weight do not have to move
  • The studies that have been presented are still preliminary and randomly conclusive

I recommend this recipe for losing weight using green coffee

Unroasted green coffee:

  • Put 10 green coffee beans in a glass of water at night.
  • Let macerate at night.
  • Drink the water in the morning.
  • You slim down without changing diets, very effective also against cholesterol…

I remain a supporter of caloric accounting, debiting caloric credit. Simplistic perhaps but I tend to be wary of miracle weight loss techniques.

Do you know how to boil old grapefruit peels and drink broth? Yum…

If the calorie intake is greater than what is spent, it grows. If it’s the opposite, you lose weight.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Less sugar, more fruit
  • Less meat, more vegetables
  • Less soda, more water
  • Less worry, more sleep
  • Less words, more actions
  • Less TV, more gym

And above all, you have to sweat. Have your forehead wet at least once a day. 30 minutes of exercise.

All that to say that if you want to buy green coffee, it will be our pleasure to send you your order, whether for roasting, losing weight or even making centerpieces.

Also be careful not to spoil your mill. Green coffee is very dense and difficult to mash.

We see each other at the gym, the dojo or the football field!