Common Tips of Pain Management in Covid 19

Introduction: Pain is very common in covid patients. The common types of pain in covid are musculoskeletal pain (14.9%), and headache (13.6%). Other common pains are chest pain and abdominal pain. Many of these pain symptoms continue long even after recovery from acute covid and the condition is called Long Covid. The most common types … Read more

Federal workers: Traumatic injury at work?

As a federal worker, your workplace may present different dangers to your health. Depending on the work that you do, the list of injuries that you are most at risk for varies. Regardless of the injury that you’ve suffered, it is important for you to know that you may be eligible for federal workers compensation. … Read more

Physiotherapy and Breast Cancer: A Valuable Help after Surgery

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. On this occasion, we invite you to discover the role played by physiotherapy professionals in women with this disease. Recommended: Newmarket physio Physiotherapy and breast cancer: why? When talking about breast cancer, the link with physiotherapy is not always obvious. We also note that many people do not know … Read more

Social Anxiety Disorder in Adults

Summary: It is normal for a person to be shy on certain occasions, but when their shyness prevents them from speaking at school, at work or elsewhere, the person may suffer from a social anxiety disorder. Fortunately, many strategies can be used to overcome social anxiety. Introduction It can be an adult who never has … Read more

Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Chiropractor in Brandon FL care is a way to diagnose and treat health problems that affect the nerves, muscles, bones and joints of the body. A health care provider that offers this type of care is called a chiropractor. Manual adjustments of the spine, called manipulation of the spine, are the basis of chiropractic care. … Read more

Traffic Accidents, Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Can chiropractic help us when we suffer traffic accidents or other types of traumas? The answer is yes. First of course you have to treat emergencies (hemorrhages, fractures, burns …) the treatment of this type of trauma depends on the medicine. The role of the doctor is to stop the bleeding, close the wound, or … Read more

What is the Alexander Technique? Can it improve my posture and reduce my pain? Find out!

The Alexander Technique is a system that has been devised to reduce and prevent problems associated with unhelpful posture habits. Think of it as “proactive spine and joint care” where you learn, via a series of lessons, how to improve poor posture and how to move more efficiently, thereby preventing tension in the body. Those … Read more

So You’re Pregnant. Is It Time to Visit Your Chiropractor?

Although this article deals primarily with pediatric chiropractic treatment, the very best time to begin chiropractic treatment for baby is while the mother is still in the early stages of pregnancy. This can help the mother feel more comfortable as the pregnancy progresses and future spinal health issues in both mother and child can be … Read more