5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses!

I love sunny days. But, I am a girl who has very sensitive eyes to the sun. So, winter as summer, I always keep with me a pair of sunglasses. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! I bought a lot of sunglasses in my life. But, not always those made for me. Sometimes I did not … Read more

Prosthetic Eyes and its Benefits for a Fuller Life

Prosthetic eyes or ocular prosthesis is a process which replaces an absent natural eye. Practices like Esthetic Eyes use highly advanced computer technology which allows an artificial eye to be made, replicating the exact color and natural eye structure. Operating in Southern California for more than fifty years, and with an experienced ocularist like Carole … Read more

Mistakes to be avoided when taking care of eyes

Without proper eyesight and healthy eyes, life will be a lot harder and complicated. It is with the help of good eyesight that a person gets through the day. If you have a weak eyesight, you might be quite familiar with how all the simple tasks such as reading, writing, etc. becomes so much complicated. … Read more

Smartphones and Eye Health

Using your smartphone constantly can be damaging to your eyes, however it is even more damaging at night time. Smartphones let out a sharp blue light which is stark compared to your dark bedroom. Using your smartphone at night can really impact on your eyes. Here are a few reasons you should limit your smartphone … Read more