A letter from Sarah: What we’re doing to help.

Hello, I hope you and your family and friends are staying well and coping with the enormous challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has created for everyone in the UK and around the world. I wanted to reach out to provide reassurance that we have changed our business to look after our team and customers the best … Read more

Understanding the Fair Deal Nursing Homes Scheme

The Nursing Homes Support Scheme, also known as the Fair Deal, is a scheme that provides financial help to elderly people who need long-term nursing care. The programme is run by the Health Service Executives (HSE). Under this scheme, applicants make contributions toward the cost of their care in the nursing home, while the state … Read more

10 Tips For Healthy Living

10 rules for a healthy and fun life according to CEO Of LIAAC! CEO Of LIAAC PhD was 40 when he decided to change her lifestyle. In her book ” Healthy is funky “, he reveals all the tricks found during her quest for perfect food hygiene. “Yes, I had a good job, but the … Read more

5 Simple Steps to Better Health that You Can Start Today

Life is precious and even precious are the years remaining, you never know what’s ahead! Good health is the key to a happy life. Believe me, neither money nor carelessness does the trick. And the good news is that you can start improving your health right now. Living for over 80 years doesn’t mean anything … Read more

Bottle Warmers

It is not always easy to know at what approximate time your baby will starve. The best way to keep your food always ready and in perfect condition is using a bottle warmer. Bottle warmers not only allow you to heat formula milk or continuation milk for your baby, but can also be used to … Read more

Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment of Chronic Pain and Reorganization of the Posture through the Mobilization of the Connective and Muscular Deep Tissue. The fascia is the semi-flexible fibrous membrane of connective tissue that unites the different components of the human body. Pockets are formed within the fascia that contain the organs of the body. Mio means muscle. The … Read more

Warm Up, Mobilize and Stretch Properly: Most People Do It Wrong!

Many myths and methods are concerned with the question of what our bodies need help with before and after sport to be fit. We are talking about the right warm-up, stretching and mobilizing . But one thing can be said with certainty: most people do it wrong! Christoph Lamprecht Pull a bit, stretch a bit … Read more

A Discussion about Craniosomatic Therapy and Active Isolated Stretching and Their Roles in Daily Life Improvement

Our joints and muscles are very important to keep us healthy and living. In most of the cases, common stresses and pressures put a negative impact on the muscle and joint condition. It has been observed that numerous therapies and procedures have been introduced to cover these issues. Permanent strokes and paralysis are expected if … Read more

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, or Both?

Well, you’ve been injured and you need treatment. Or perhaps you have a chronic health condition. You’ve already been to your medical Doctor who gave you a prescription to moderate the pain and to deal with the lack of flexibility you’re experiencing. And… You Did the Right Thing! However, you also feel that you need … Read more