Common Tips of Pain Management in Covid 19

Introduction: Pain is very common in covid patients. The common types of pain in covid are musculoskeletal pain (14.9%), and headache (13.6%). Other common pains are chest pain and abdominal pain. Many of these pain symptoms continue long even after recovery from acute covid and the condition is called Long Covid. The most common types … Read more

10 Tips For Healthy Living

10 rules for a healthy and fun life according to CEO Of LIAAC! CEO Of LIAAC PhD was 40 when he decided to change her lifestyle. In her book ” Healthy is funky “, he reveals all the tricks found during her quest for perfect food hygiene. “Yes, I had a good job, but the … Read more

5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sunglasses!

I love sunny days. But, I am a girl who has very sensitive eyes to the sun. So, winter as summer, I always keep with me a pair of sunglasses. PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE! I bought a lot of sunglasses in my life. But, not always those made for me. Sometimes I did not … Read more

10 Tips to Burn Fat and Lose Weight According to Science

So that you can burn fat and lose weight in a healthy way, we provide you with the main conclusions, tricks and recommendations provided by the scientific community. In many occasions, the perception that society has of the most optimal ways to lose fat is not in consonance with the dictates of science, something that … Read more

Tips to Buy Shoes For Heal Spur (Heal to Heel)

Are you looking for shoes for heel spur? Specific shoes are designed to treat heal spur problem. These shoes have a firm heel counter that provides comfort to your heel bone. It also assists to control the supination and pronation. If you are facing severe symptoms of heel spur like stress fracture, instability, foot cramps, … Read more