Collagen Anti-Aging Drink Supplement for Facial Rejuvenation

Collagen Anti-Aging Drink Supplement for Facial Rejuvenation

Collagen: protein present abundantly in the human body where it carries out morphological and functional functions essential to life, being a fundamental component of the epidermis, of the muscular and cartilaginous tissue.


It is probably the most important protein in the body, consisting of long chains of amino acids (up to 1400) which, wrapping themselves up in groups of three, form a triple helix structure of extreme compactness: we are talking about collagen.

This helix formation consists mainly of three amino acids: glycine, proline and hydroxyproline, usually little present in other proteins.

This compound plays a role of primary importance for rejuvenating the face, when taken in the form of pure collagen supplements.

Twenty- eight different types of collagen have been identified, including the “I” present at 90% at the level of the dermis, where it contributes to the structure of its extracellular matrix.

The trophic function on aged tissues depends on its hydrolyzed form, available as drinking collagen, a formulation able to offer maximum bio-availability in a very short time.

What is collagen?

An ally against cellular aging and facial rejuvenation

This protein is fundamental to counteract cellular aging consisting of a loss of tone and elasticity caused by the progressive thinning of the dermal thickness.

In this situation, in fact, the collagen is hydrolyzed by proteolytic enzymes, contributing to the appearance of wrinkles, also for a progressive reduction of the synthesis processes.

Following this metabolic imbalance (less synthesis and greater degradation of collagen), the skin loses its intrinsic characteristics.

Furthermore, the oxidative stress caused by free radicals also plays a decisive role in contributing toincrease the proteolytic degradation of collagen.

A supply of collagen has the important function of rejuvenating the face, keeping the skin elastic and toned and slowing down the aging process.

For this purpose, pure collagen supplements are used, often in the form of collagen to drink , to counteract skin aging and minimize the presence of wrinkles as much as possible.

How it works?

The mechanism of action of amino acid chains and the function of collagen

The collagen, being formed by long chains of amino acids wrapped in triple helix on itself, for functional purposes is reduced by hydrolysis forming smaller peptides.

Following this hydrolysing process, it is transformed first into gelatine and then into hydrolyzed collagen, a compound endowed with excellent bioavailability and high absorption.

Collagen supplements have the characteristic of accumulating in the skin after oral administration as they are able to cross the intestinal barrier; to do this a prior hydrolysis is necessary.

The hydrolysed collagen supplementation introduced orally stimulatesbiosynthesis of new collagen and peptides containing proline and hydroxyproline which in turn stimulate cell multiplication.

The collagen plays a both a structural function that trophic, stimulating the synthesis of new cells which replace those aged.

It also causes the formation of peptide chains that contribute to filling the empty spaces deriving from the skin aging process.

Its mechanism of action is due to the hydrolyzed form, characterized by high bioavailability and greater functionality at the level of the extracellular matrix of the dermis.

Following numerous observations, it was evident that, in order to be able to act optimally, this substance must have an amino acid structure that is not too long, which could prove ineffective.

What is it for?

Collagen is an antioxidant able to counteract free radicals

The collagen used to repair skin damage caused by the progress of time and the phenomena of photoaging induced by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, connected to the formation of free radicals.

The administration of hydrolyzed collagen serves to stimulate the production of fibroblasts, precursors of damaged collagen fibers and at the same time has an effective antioxidant action against free radicals.

Marine collagen has a percentage of amino acids such as glycine, proline and alanine, clearly superior to that found in that obtained from swine or bovine source.

The amino acid hydroxyproline performs its anti-aging function in the presence of vitamin C, therefore the lack of vitamin C can contribute to the phenomenon of cellular aging.

The collagen along with glicosamminolicani and elastic fibers contributes to the formation of the three-dimensional structure which supports the skin, giving elasticity and resistance to its appearance.

The intake of this protein therefore serves to carry out an anti-age nutraceutical action, which is of fundamental importance after a certain age.

Where is it?

How to take collagen through nutrition? The collagen is abundant in the animal world and is introduced into the body through the intake of natural beef and pork meat.

Since the production of endogenous collagen begins to decrease as early as twenty-five years and the formation of skin wrinkles becomes evident after the thirty-five, it is necessary to introduce it through nutrition.

The foods richest in this protein are:

  • red peppers, tomatoes, and other vegetables rich in vitamin C that enhances collagen production;
  • salmon, useful for the presence of omega-3;
  • potatoes, which stimulate the production of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant substance;
  • turkey, excellent thanks to the high percentage of lysine;
  • sunflower seeds, with a high content of vitamin E;
  • eggs, as a source of choline and vitamin D.

 Hydrolyzed collagen to drink

What it is, how it is taken and what the effects of hydrolyzed collagen are

The hydrolysed collagen is a form of collagen that has undergone a shortening process of protein sequences (by hydrolysis), transformed into shorter chain polypeptides.

In this way the lower molecular weight protein fragments are better digested and absorbed in the intestine and are able to offer optimal performance.

The collagen hydrolyzate may be employed also for topical use and in this case the application on the skin is made in good proportion.

The use of this compound to drink proved to be particularly valid because its effects are superior to those for topical use and therefore anti-aging processes appear more incisive.

These benefits mainly depend on the presence of some amino acids, such as isoleucine, methionine and tryptophan which, associated with proline and hydroxyproline, act to enhance cell multiplication (one of the anti-aging factors).

The aged epidermis loses firmness and compactness and appears dull, dehydrated, weakened, not very elastic and full of wrinkles; to counter all these problems, the oral intake of hydrolyzed collagen is very useful since the short peptide chain protein fragments that are part of it, entering the circulation, arrive directly at the target.

At the gastro-intestinal level this protein, if present in natural form, is digested and assimilated in the form of amino acids which, if higher than necessary, are then eliminated.

Therefore, an implementation of collagen through the diet does not show any benefit to counteract skin aging.

In reverse, the intake of hydrolyzed oral collagen effectively solves the problem as it provides the body with the amino acids necessary for the functional and anatomical restoration of the skin.

The collagen drink is presented as a drink sweetened and light; its effectiveness is superior to that of the product in pills since the absorption rate is much higher (95% against 20%) following the rapid transit of liquid ingredients.

Facial Rejuvenation

The new techniques to rejuvenate the skin of the face without the use of a scalpel

In addition to collagen, the new techniques to rejuvenate the skin without the use of a scalpel involve the use of hyaluronic acid creams that stimulate skin synthesis.

Hyaluronic acid, a molecule synthesized by fibroblasts, is normally present in our body which helps to give firmness and plasticity to the skin.

Using hyaluronic acid for face and lips, due to its high water content, good hydration is obtained on dry and brittle tissues.

In fact this molecule in association with elastin and collagen increases the cell multiplication process of the superficial layers of the epidermis, helping to significantly improve the appearance of the skin.

It is a revitalizing effect due to the progressive replacement of aged cells with other newly synthesized and therefore young and functionally active.

The use of collagen-based supplements, as described above, is particularly effective for restoring the correct morpho-functional structure of the epidermis, by enhancing its biosynthesis.

Being an inert and easily mouldable substance, hyaluronic acid is unalterable over time and does not cause any allergic reaction thanks to being a natural macro-molecule.

In relation to the different type of wrinkle to be treated, particles of different sizes are used, able to offer the best performance.

Anti-age treatments

The best methods to rejuvenate the face at 50 years

As the age progresses, many metabolic changes occur in women that alter the appearance of the skin; in particular, during and after menopause, the synthesis of estrogens, the hormones typical of the fertile age, is drastically reduced.

Their absence contributes to worsen the aesthetics of the skin that is covered with wrinkles, taking on a dull and dull appearance.

Among the various anti-age treatments, the most recent guidelines recommend the consumption of hydrolyzed collagen to drink as this substance is able to act effectively (and in a fairly short time) on the composition of epithelial tissues.

The use of powdered supplements, such as hyaluronic acid in tablets, offers less bioavailability since its intestinal absorption is slower and therefore the results are appreciable after a long time and in a less evident way.

The results offered by the use of hydrolyzed collagen to drink due to its high stimulating power on cell regeneration and oxidation of free radicals are much more evident .

Collagen Select

A dietary supplement based on collagen to drink

Collagen Select is a dietary supplement based on collagen to drink, with a tropical taste, which takes care of the skin, combating aging and minimizing the typical signs of cellular deterioration.

Its mechanism of action includes a multifactorial mode consisting of:

  • reduce wrinkles;
  • increase elasticity;
  • firm up the tissues;
  • improve the aesthetic appearance.

The mechanism of action of the natural integrator and its functions

Collagen Select is a completely natural supplement, whose composition includes nine ingredients enriched with the active collagen peptides “Verisol”, a patented product.

Its function is to act on the aged epidermis helping to smooth out wrinkles and offer elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Thanks to a formulation carried out following the most recent discoveries in the dermo-cosmetic field, this complex based on hydrolyzed collagen stimulates its synthesis, at the same time increasing its bioavailability.

Its specific mechanism of action iseffective not only at epidermal level, but also on nails, hair and all mucous membranes, as a result of the fact that it exploits a valid anti-oxidative activity against free radicals.

Main FAQs on Collagen Select

How does Collagen Select work?

It is a food supplement that promotes the correct production of collagen thanks to its natural ingredients that help to firm the skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve elasticity, increase hydration.

How long does it take to get the first results?

According to clinical studies and testimonies of those who used it, Collagen Select shows appreciable results after two months of regular use.

How should Collagen Select be used?

Since it is a drink with a pleasant tropical fruit taste, it is sufficient to mix one scoop with 200 milliliters of water.

The liquid obtained must be taken once a day.

Are there any side effects?

Being made up exclusively of natural substances, Collagen Select does not cause any side effects, also in relation to the fact that its formula has been tested in the laboratory.

How many doses are there in the package?

The Collagen Select pack contains 150 grams of supplement which is sufficient for 30 days of use.