Facts about Health Insurance

health insurance

Your personal situation will determine the type of health insurance or coverage plan you need to go for. There are many types of health insurance plans which you need to consider before making your choice Also, there are many insurance providers in different parts of the world you may find it difficult knowing the right provider to contact at any point in time. Different health related insurance coverage is offered in different areas some areas offer:

  • EPO known as Exclusive Provider Organization
  • HMO known as Health Maintenance Organization
  • POS also known as Points of Service
  • PPO also known as Preferred Provider Organization and others.

Also in most parts of the United States you can have health insurance coverage is categorized using on the name of different precious objects. This includes:

  • Platinum covering up 90% while the holder pays 10%
  • Gold covers 80% and holder pays 20%
  • Silver covers 70% and the holder pays 30%
  • Bronze covers 60% and the holder pays 40%.