Fitness supplement ZMA and its benefits when working out

Fitness supplement ZMA and its benefits when working out

The definition of ZMA:

ZMA is a careful mixture of Zinc, Vitamin B6 and Magnesium Aspartate. With these ingredients formulated together a colossal supplement is formed, with the primary use of aiding recovery. Below are the benefits of using an effective ZMA when working out and staying active.

Improved immune system function

ZMA has been shown to highly improve the functionality of the bodies immune system through the production of important ‘T Cells’ . These ‘T Cells’ support the prevention of illnesses and viruses, such as the common cold. This sophisticated formula has a positive effect on decreasing the levels of oxidative stress and also diminishes inflammation within the body.

Nutritional deficiencies are prevented

While consuming a regular daily diet, many people tend to fall short of their required Zincintake, supplementing a diet with a quality ZMA product is the perfect way of making up the short-fall and giving your body the right amount of Zincit requires. It is worth knowing that everybody can benefit from a ZMA supplement simply because of the nutrients it contains, these nutrients play a large role in the recovery of muscle and have become an essential staple to any athletes diet

Zinc losses throughout the exercise

For those that are involved in any form of intense exercise that can cause sweat, it is highly recommended that ZMA supplementation is part of a daily diet and a post workout regimen. This is due to research discovering that the loss of Zinc through perspiration is far higher when exercising. This means that after a gruelling workout session a large amount of Zinc is lost and for crucial recovery measures must be taken to restore the levels that have been lost.

Testosterone levels and Zinc

With regards to muscle building, it is commonly known that Testosterone is among the most essential and predominant hormones in the body. Crucial to the synthesizing of protein and subsequently the increase in muscle mass. As previously mentioned, a ZMA supplement contains the chemical element, Zinc, a vital ingredient in supporting and driving the production of Testosterone. With the inclusion of Zinc a quality ZMA will help support the efficient production of the key growth hormone, Testosterone and provide a platform for healthy muscle-growth and a faster recovery.

Thyroid hormone elevation

Lastly, not only does a ZMA formula increase the concentration of Testosterone but also contributes to the increase of thyroid hormones after a thorough exercise or during rest. The mentioned thyroid hormones are the main controllers of your metabolic rate. This metabolic rate has a crucial role in determining how quickly the muscles are built and as such drives the protein synthesis in the body. In a brief summary, this means the faster the metabolism, the greater the chances of building muscle.

Why it is important to take ZMA before going to bed

ZMA is often recommended to those with sleeping problems as it contains an exceptional Magnesiumcontent. The clever inclusion of Magnesium acts as a trigger towards the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system is the key system of calming the body down and supporting a relaxed state. It is highly recommended that a ZMA supplement be taken 30 to 60 minutes before going to bed as it allows body recovery at an accelerated rate.