Healthy Heart Resolution Guide – Martec Lifecare Defibrillators

Healthy Heart Resolution Guide - Martec Lifecare Defibrillators

The heart is an imperative organ in our bodies, it pumps and supplies energy and oxygenated blood to our body’s crucial organs. However, it requires protection.

At the beginning of each year, the vast majority of people make the decision to right their wrongs from the previous year and push themselves to improved states of mind and body by setting targets and goals.

What better resolution is there than to try and take care of your heart, to have a truly significant effect on improving your health. Listed below are three key measures to maintaining a healthy heart.

  1. Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, stopping entirely is of utmost importance if you are serious about the health of your heart.

Smoking accounts for significant causes and effects of coronary heart disease. The key point is that after a year of stopping smoking the risk of a heart attack decreases by fifty percent compared to that of a smoker.  It is clear that the payback is almost instantaneous and considerable.

It is recommended that smokers quit steadily by diminishing a number of cigarettes smoked in a phase as an alternative to immediately quitting full stop; as going ‘cold turkey’ often fails. By lessening the nicotine amount slowly, the obstacle is easier to overcome.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis

Joining the gym in January, again, and burning yourself out in a month will not solve any long-term health goals. The mission is about sustaining the action all the way through to 2018 and beyond to truly make a change.

Staying active can decrease the threat of heart disease, is a fantastic boost for the frame of mind and can bust stress considerably. The optimal time spent exercising each week should be 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic movement. This can be neatly broken up to 30 minutes five days out of the week. Think that sounds tough to fit in? Why not cycle rather than drive to work or go far a long walk after every lunchtime or evening. Easy.

  1. Weight Management

Effective weight management relies upon maintaining a well-balanced diet at the same time as increasing the time spent being physically active. The importance of keeping in good physical shape ensures the threat of heart disease is nominal. The greatest way to maintain awareness of weight is by using a BMI calculator.

A diet containing the key food groups [i.e. Vegetable and Fruit, Starch Food, Dairy, A NonDairy source of Protein and High in Fat/Sugar foods] guarantees acquiring the important vitamins and nutrients to maintain excellent health and fuel exercise.

  1. Up for the Challenge?

So if you can stick to these simple measures it is very likely that your heart health will dramatically improve and you will hit those fitness goals. Good luck!

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For additional information concerning sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), defibrillators, how to maintain excellent health for your heart and useful information please have a look at our Defibrillators FAQ page.

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