Healthy Mind Supported by Sport Activities!

Healthy Mind Supported by Sport Activities!

By centuries we ask ourselves if a healthy mind is supported by sport activities. We live in a society where we live at high speed and we don`t have much time for ourselves.

At the end of a day, we feel as drained of power, because the stress of our daily activity doesn`t let us much energy. We are tempted to seek for energy into sweets and forget doing long term agreement between our mind and body.

There are many people saying that helping our body with sport, we maintain not only our
psychical health, but also our state of mind. The University of Illinois has made a study according to with walking every day an hour by foot helps our memory and attention. You can imagine that by doing more sport, we keep ourselves not only in shape, but we are also more active.

It`s all about self-control and educating your spirit and your body.

At first, doing exercise might seem as a punish, if we are not motivated and if we let ourselves
caught in routine. But we must know that changing our lifestyle requires patience and the willing to try. We can do baby steps, like starting to walk, taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Then, every week we can try something new, as jogging or to work our abdomen. The number of series of exercises must be increased in time, as the body will respond to the new habits.

We are more likely to notice that the sport leads to better blood circulation that has a positive
impact on the brain but also leads to the secretion of hormones such as IGF1. IGF1 is a
hormone like insulin that plays an important role in growing in the child and has an anabolic role in adulthood. We will better adapt to stress conditions and our immunity will increase our body straight.

It`s not easy to motivate ourselves to do sports, but we must know that a healthy life and the
happiness are a decision. Sport helps us forget about our age and makes see it just as a number, not as a reality.

Sport brings people together (example: the Olympics), helps people cope with stress, supports
childhood by facing obesity and supports mental activity. Famous people, as Frankie
Fredericks and Ed Moses, focused on how sport can contribute to human development and in
particular empower and educate young people to tackle the problems they face and build social

There are people that have changed their lives by doing sport (Olivia Frempong, Ghanaian
runner, Rachel Denis, powerlifter, Roz “The Diva” Mays, personal trainer and pole dancer) and
that speak about that their experiences in a motivational scope.

It`s not easy changing our habits and our lifestyle. But we should know that it`s not impossible
and it`s more like a challenge.

As our bodies might feel as overstretched at first, we must know that we can find support in

It will make us feel our sport activities like easier habits and lifestyle choices.

We just have to promote a healthy mind in a healthy body!

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