How Can Quercetin Supplements Treat Allergies?

How Can Quercetin Supplements Treat Allergies?

If you are an allergy sufferer, you likely make use of antihistamine drugs to manage your seasonal allergy symptoms during high pollen day. Perhaps this is because your medical professional had advised you to do so, or they have been prescribing it to you in the past. However, it seems that many caught in this situation seem to experience withdrawal symptoms or physical addictions to these drugs over time.

These prescription and OTC antihistamines can make their mark on your body for years. One of the most problematic antihistamines seems to be Zyrtec. Many longer term users report that they experience symptoms of itchiness all around their body as they try to stop taking this drug to manage their allergy symptoms. The itching skin, among increasing seasonal allergy symptoms, is a result of the elevated levels of histamine surging through your body.

Normally, the levels of histamine would be controlled because the antihistamine drug was forcibly blocking the mechanism of histamine causing your symptoms. Histamine is a natural chemical that your body produces in response to being exposed to a deadly pathogen. This allergy chemical tries to create inflammation so that it kills whatever invader is present. However, there was never any pathogen in the first place, it was just harmless pollen tricking your body into thinking that there was a monster inside of you.

Even though histamine is natural and produced by your own body, that does not mean that you want more of it. In fact, our lives as humans would be much easier without histamine in our bodies. We would think more clearly, we would physically feel better and simply be enjoying our lives much more easily.

Allergic reactions only occur in nature as glorified mistakes in biology that are made when your body is tricked. The only logical reason for having histamine in high levels in your body, like that present when you experience seasonal allergy symptoms, is when you are experiencing a deadly infection. Therefore, seasonal allergies is like your body is experiencing an intense battle every day with a monstrous pollen pathogen. There must be more simple and natural ways to deal with this common health problem.

Can Quercetin Be a Good Natural Replacement for Your Antihistamine?

Many people with seasonal allergies do not even consider that there are natural alternatives to antihistamines that can have long term effects. It seems that a quercetin supplement does not have detrimental effects on your health like Zyrtec or Benadryl can. Quercetin is a flavonoid that can be found easily in nature through fresh foods in produce like fruits and vegetables.

Quercetinis responsible for the beautiful silver or purple color on some fruits and vegetables. You can tell that a fresh food has quercetin due to this color, which is almost always noticeable. This supplement is much more gentle than an OTC antihistamine can be and it won’t cause side effects. In addition, quercetin has many side benefits including improved mood, increased energy levels and fresher breath.

Everyone who is allergic to pollen should try out a natural antihistamine supplement to see if that could work better for them in the long run compared to a prescription strength drug. Perhaps the strength of these drugs are unnecessary anyway.

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