How Can You Prevent Glaucoma Disease

How Can You Prevent Glaucoma Disease

Have you got your Glaucoma Detected in the early stage? Early detection tends to be favorable because there are chances to get it treated and prevent further. For those of you, who have got their eyes diagnosed with Glaucoma disease with severity, there are comparatively lesser or even seldom chances that they can prevent this disease. As said by the doctors, Glaucoma is a group of diseases that can be prevented if diagnosed or detected in the initial stage. In the initial stage, the Optic Nerve is not damaged so there are chances that it can be treated either with medicines or with Glaucoma surgery.

When to Have Glaucoma Check?

As said earlier, early detection is highly favorable but the patient needs to be consistent with the careful lifelong treatment as well. In fact, it’s really important to keep up with the regular session in order to maintain vision. Experts have suggested that what age people should start getting their eyes diagnosed for Glaucoma.

  • People under the Age 40 should get their eyes diagnosed within every 2-4 years.
  • For those of you who age from 40-54 should get their eyes diagnosed within every 1-3 years.
  • Adults aging from 55-64 should get their eyes checked after within every 1-2 years.
  • The ones who age above 65 must get a checkup within every 6 months to 1 year.

There are some exceptional cases as well since the Glaucoma itself is a group of different eye diseases that affects some people quite differently. Few people having do Glaucoma do reach the high risk factors in the early ages as well. Sometimes, people who are 35 years are prone to the high risk of this disease.  Therefore, it’s suggested that they should get their eyes tested every year at or after age of 35.

Who are at High Risk of Glaucoma?

This might not be the maximum Glaucoma Patients but there are certain people who are more likely to get affected by the Glaucoma Diseases. Initially, people having Diabetes are at high risk of Glaucoma as notified by the Experts. Having that said, if you have a family history of Glaucoma, there are chances that you can have this disease as well. For instance, your mother, father or may be one of your siblings have Glaucoma, there are more chances of you having it as well. Therefore, it’s suggested to get the regular treatment so that you don’t get affected by this disease.

Key to Glaucoma Prevention

In Severe cases, there are no such ways to prevent Glaucoma. Conversely, this disease can be prevented if detected in the early stages. Early detection is as good as a green signal that it can be prevented. Only the timely diagnosis and appropriate treatments can help you prevent this disease, vision loss and blindness. This can be prevented either with medication or with Glaucoma Surgery. Obviously, eye specialist would come up with a better suggestion. Medication happens to be the first priority for the doctors if there are more chances of treatment with them. Medicines actually slow down the progression of Glaucoma by reducing the elevated pressure inside your eyes.

Precisely, just consult your doctor and you will surely get the better help for the specialist.


Do you know that Glaucoma Disease can be prevented? It can be prevented only in case of the early detection. Just check out the article for more info.

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