How Online Running is Revolutionising Exercise Sessions

How Online Running is Revolutionising Exercise Sessions

First of all, what is online running, you ask? No, you are not going to jump into your mobile and turn into a program. You are going to be part of a community which experiences a virtual world while they exercise. After the pandemic, everything, literally everything has moved online. If we could download the food we need, there would be a plethora of apps and websites promoting your favourite food to you. One such revolution is happening in the fitness world, where hundreds and thousands of people are joining each other, virtually to help each other get fit.

Vingo, the latest app in this regard is moving the world with strides. Vingo is an online community of people who start their day on a treadmill all the while logging into the app to explore all their favourite spots in the world. So, how does it work? Here’s how,

Indoor Running is an Adventure Now!

Vingo transforms your treadmill time into an adventurous period of your day. You can never get bored in the app as you can unlock newer and newer routes as you run. All you need to do is install the app on your smart device and place it in front of you. Then you need to connect the app with your treadmill. This way the app can detect your speed from the machine. Next comes the exciting part. You get to select your favourite locations in the world and that’s it. You can start your adventure just like that. As you run on your treadmill you will notice the spots moving around you, gradually pulling you into the virtual world.

Become Part of an Inclusive Community

Vingo is more than an online running app; it is an all-inclusive community of people from all the corners of the world. Everyone from beginners to trained athletes join in the app every day. Even more, you can interact with them as you work-out. Use the Voice chat feature to socialise with people, encourage them, or even explore the maps in the app.

You can also invite your friends and family to join on the adventures and have a fun time together. Not only are you having fun, you are getting fit too, right?

Personalised Fitness is the New Way

Like every other online activity, online exercise is also meant to be a personalised experience. Vingo makes sure you get your full protagonist experience by giving you your personal avatar. You can create your avatar by taking a selfie with the app. With your face ready, you can also personalise your outfits, work-out gear, pets and lots more to your avatar. This gives you a great identity within the Vingo community.

On the whole, Vingo is indeed revolutionising exercise sessions all over the world. The app is an all around caretaker that provides urgent care for your physical fitness. If you are sitting on the fence and still thinking about getting fit, it is time for you to join in the revolution.