How to Smooth Frizzy Hair?

How to Smooth Frizzy Hair?

Want to change your look for a day? Dare smoothing on frizzy hair! It sounds complicated but it really is not. All you need is the right gestures and the right equipment: follow our tips for successful smoothing!

Smooth the Frizzy Hair

To preserve their beauty, frizzy hair, thick and dry, need proper care. However, they are quite malleable if we take a few precautions to comb without damaging them. To smooth the frizzy hair and enjoy a smooth and shiny hair, here are our tips:

  • After the shampoo, prepare the hair with a thermo-styling treatment, which will facilitate the styling while protecting the hair
  • disentangle the hair and dry it
  • separate the hair into different parts to smooth in stages starting with the lowest wicks
  • wick from the root to the tip and slide the straightener slowly and steadily

The trick for perfectly smooth hair: make a traditional blow-dry before smoothing, opting for a moderate temperature so as not to overly stress the hair.

The Steam Straightener: The Hair Frizzy Hair Straightener

Often, it is thought that, to smooth more easily curly or frizzy hair, it is sufficient to raise the temperature of its straightener. But too much heat can be harmful to the beauty of the hair. That’s why, instead of focusing on temperature, opt for a steam straightener: this type of straightener makes it easy to smooth frizzy hair while protecting it. The heat associated with the steam, gives the hair suppleness and shine.

Our Selection of Professional Vapor Straighteners

The straightener Pro Steam 230

This vapor straightener multiplies the assets for a long-lasting smoothing of frizzy hair:

  • Wide plates save time
  • The 5 levels of temperature, to adapt to the type of hair
  • Ionic function, which limits static electricity
  • The retractable comb, for easier use
  • The pure Steam straightener

Here is an innovative straightener that provides the finest vapor thanks to the cold mist produced by its electronic generator. The micro-vapor thus produced penetrates the hair fiber to combat dehydration of the hair. It is also appreciated its heating time of 90 seconds only for 230° C. A perfect smoothing and respectful of frizzy hair!

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