How to Succeed In Your Dietary Supplement?

How to Succeed In Your Dietary Supplement?

Dietary supplements are a great help to cure many ailments: lack of tone, insomnia, joint pain, difficult digestion, and many others. However, some good practices are to be implemented to successfully complete a course of dietary supplement. Here are the tips:


The food supplement is a food that is a concentrated source of nutrients or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect. Dietary supplements consist of vitamins and minerals, substances for nutritional or physiological purposes, plants or plant preparation.

Food supplements are therefore primarily nutrients, not hard drugs. The doses contained in the food supplements are tiny, which requires a regular intake to obtain the desired effects.

However, thanks to these very light doses and the mostly natural composition of food supplements, supplements are allies of choice to treat small ailments of the daily without using drugs at any rate. The risks of side effects and addictions are much lower, and you can get back into shape naturally! Of course, precautions are still to be taken, and some good practices can be put in place to optimize the effects of your cure.

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Food supplements can respond to many small inconveniences of everyday life. The most requested supplements are those intended to fight against temporary tiredness, a lack of tone, or a small weakness of the immune system. Thus, there are many supplements such as Acerola or Royal Jelly, which are perfect for crossing the season changes smoothly.

Dietary supplements are also very useful for people suffering from stress, depression, or sleep disorders. Rather than go directly to extremely strong treatments like sleeping pills, you can bet on plants such as St. John’s Wort to regain your serenity, and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

In terms of beauty, the herbal medicine offer has also been well developed with supplements such as brewer’s yeast, evening primrose oil or borage, which make it possible to find radiant skin, hair and nails in full health. The slimming products have also developed to accompany you during your diet. Phytoceutic Laboratories have developed a slimming range focused on the benefits of green tea to find the line in the blink of an eye!

These are the areas in which herbal medicine and dietary supplements are the most requested, but they serve to cure many other ailments: digestive problems, libido disorders, joint pain, menstrual comfort, etc.


With such a developed offer and a booming market, you have to be careful about choosing your food supplements. First, locate the active plants and ingredients that may be of interest to treat your problems. Then, find out about the dosage, indications and contraindications: this will allow you to identify the supplement that suits you. To help you, you can find our dietary supplements classified by need on our site.

Once you have identified the plant that interests you, you should be interested in the quality of the dietary supplement: favor products from specialty shops in the field, or to parapharmaceutical products if you are used to the laboratories present. Avoid products sold in supermarkets or on platforms that you do not know. Before buying a food supplement, look at its composition: some laboratories use natural products, others synthetic products.

Attention also to the dosage of the asset: some sites offer supplements at very attractive prices because they are under-dosed, and the dosage will be more important. In the end, the number of capsules to be taken each day is higher, which amounts to the same price, or more expensive, than complements of quality and well dosed.

At Phytoceutic Laboratories, we are committed to providing you with quality food supplements. Thus, 70% of our food supplements are organic. Our products are made in France, respecting French and European standards, with ingredients handpicked.


In itself, a dietary supplement is not difficult to do, but you must take some precautions and adopt some good habits to optimize the effects of your cure. Here are a few tips.

Being (a bit) rigorous

And yes, it’s all stupid, but being rigorous is the first key to successfully complete your dietary supplement! Rigorous first on taking supplements: you must follow the dosage to the letter, respecting the doses and times of the day indicated for each shot . Forgetting one out of two, or taking it in the middle of the afternoon rather than during the meal, the cure may not have the desired effects.

It is also necessary a little rigor as for the organization of your cures. A cure should not exceed 3 months maximum. Continuous food supplements may be used to supplement the body. So think after three months to give you a break of 2 to 3 months before starting a new cure.

Keep a healthy and balanced diet

One of the common mistakes with dietary supplements is to think that they are enough to feed you. As their name suggests, these are only supplements, so you must continue to feed yourself in a healthy and balanced way. If your body is healthy thanks to a good diet, it will be better able to assimilate the assets present in the complement.

Supplements constituting very small doses of nutrients, you do not need to lighten your diet: it is not the minute dose of nutrients brought by your cure that will make you gain weight. So it’s simple, just feed as usual, you just have to take the supplement and more, no need to make more effort than that!

Take a few precautions

Although dietary supplements contain fairly mild actives, it does not mean that you have to play the little chemist. To avoid triggering side effects, do not mix. If you want to try several dietary supplements, it is possible, but in separate courses, with appropriate doses. If in doubt, consult a health professional to make sure you do not make a mistake.

Of course, before starting a cure, find out about the contraindications of each asset. Take the time to read the package leaflet and make sure the supplement is right for you. Be careful, if you have a treatment in progress or if you are pregnant, always seek the advice of a doctor before taking dietary supplements.

Finally, not all food supplements are suitable for children. Certain supplements intended for the youngest can be taken from three years, but with a suitable dosage and form. Do not leave your supplements within reach and do not give capsules to a child under 6 years old.

Food supplements are full of resources to cure your little problems or to improve your daily life. Be vigilant about the quality of your supplements and follow the dosage to the letter for optimal results. A doubt? A question? Go to our blog to find all our articles on food supplements!