Mental Energy: 10 tips to unleash your mental power

Mental Energy: 10 tips to unleash your mental power

Our mind is the center of our life. It is the “engine” that allows us to achieve our goals and vital goals. It is normal that sometimes we find ourselves lower in energy and feel that we forget things, that we have misconceptions, that we make wrong decisions, that it is hard for us to think clearly, etc … Mental fatigue, is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, irritability, anxiety , stress, worry. These negative feelings can affect our day to day, producing dissatisfaction and unhappiness. In this article we tell you how to boost your mental power. Discover these 10 simple tips that will help you improve mental energy.

A high level of mental energy can help you be more decisive, more creative, more imaginative and faster mentally. By enhancing your mental power, you will be able to deal more effectively with the different daily difficulties and problems.

10 tips to boost your mental energy:

We are living beings. We obtain and produce our mental energy from water, air, sun, food, laughter; but we are also cultural beings that feed on books, social relations, travel and video games. This post takes a tour of the most elemental “mental energy sources” that you can source. Discover 10 tips that will help you improve your mental power:

1. Drinking water and hydrating is the first step to increase your mental energy

Water is a source of mental energy. In 2012, a study with students at a London university found that students who drank water during an exam increased their scores by 5% more than those who did not drink water. If you are going to take an exam, I recommend reading these tips that can help you pass.

2. Use the breath consciously

We can get mental energy thanks to breathing. For example, if you feel anxiety, stress, or distress, breathing is a self-control mode that, with a little practice, will prevent your mental energy from collapsing in critical situations.

3. Take advantage of sunlight as a natural source of mental energy

Have you ever wondered how your brain reacts under exposure to sunlight? Internally, sunlight produces an elevation of metabolic energy, is a natural source of vitamin D (which influences the speed of connections between neurons) and “turns off” sleep neurons that produce drowsiness. Have you noticed how your mental and physical energy increases in summer and decreases during the beginning of autumn? It is because, for example, direct and intense light makes us more active, makes us move more or we can stand longer. And have you noticed what happens in a room with dim or warm light?

In these situations our body relaxes, we talk less and the tone of speech goes down. According This experiment in the Autonomous University of Mexico , light stimulates the right side of the brain in a particularly positive way: it increases the speed of thought, produces more reflective and deep thoughts, and stimulates creativity.

4. Get more mental energy thanks to diet

Follow a responsible diet with all the necessary nutrients. It is obvious that much of the energy we get comes from our food source. There are some foods that are highly recommended for the care and functioning of the brain, such as those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vegetable fats, the group of B vitamins, especially folic acid, vitamin D, antioxidants or phosphorus. Diet can help you prevent alzhiemer and premature aging of the brain.

5. Laughter stimulates your positive mental energy

It is often said that there is no better medicine than laughter. This provides a source of physical (eg blood pressure), mental (on the state of mind) and social health (improves interpersonal relationships). Some research shows that laughter promotes mental processes that are contrary to psychological problems such as depression or insomnia. Read more about the psychological benefits of laughter in this link.

6. Reading books helps you grow and has a healing power

Reading, apart from the pleasure it provides, stimulates and develops our brain. Reading a book, a story, a poem … often allows us to understand reality , approach different points of view to ours or acquire new knowledge .

7. Personal relationships are a source of emotional energy

The quantity is not as important as the quality of the relationships. Studies on online friendship networks indicate that having a large number of friend’s reports to our ego social and group benefits such as the feeling of belonging, a greater perception of social support and higher status. But do you really have so many friends?

8. Travel: refresh your mind and renew your mental energy

Knowing other cities, countries and people is a way to open the mind and break with routines. New faces, new dresses, new buildings, new landscapes … the brain is nourished by attractive stimuli and creates new neuronal connections. In addition, traveling enhances your personal identity and makes you feel more satisfied with yourself. Discover how to be a traveler-adventurer: Do you have the Wanderlust gene?

9. Walking daily increases mental energy and brings you closer to the environment

By walking more and using less means of transport, such as the car or the subway, you generate benefits for your physical health (eg. decreases the risk of cardiovascular problems) and you are producing good mental energy. If you are one of those who walk around the city, you will have a more positive mood during the day than if you move by car in traffic. A Dutch study published in the

Geographical Journal in 2015 about how interactions with the environment affect our wellbeing and mental health, indicated that by moving around the city walking from one place to another people experienced a greater sense of autonomy , they had more desire to relate to other people and feel more integrated in the environment.

10. Playing mental games or “brain games” will increase your power and mental energy

Today we already know the importance of being actively involved in our functions and cognitive capacity. And it is that the brain can be trained to obtain greater mental energy. From this perspective it translates into greater capacity, more processing speed, plasticity, flexibility of thoughts, ability to update information, speed of response.

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