Chiropractic Care: How to Find The Right Chiropractor For You

Chiropractor for You
A quick online search of your local Chiropractic Association’s website should turn up a number of chiropractic options for you near to where you live. Finding one that specializes in your particular spinal injury might take a minute more, but it’s worth the time spent. 
Choosing the right doctor of chiropractic is a very personal decision. That’s why we have prepared this guide to assist you in making the best choice! This article covers all the essential considerations you should think about before heading off to see a chiropractor
First off, why should you see a chiropractor?
Chiropractic is an established and well-regarded form of natural healthcare that focuses on the health and function of your spine and nervous system. 
Chiropractic is based on the idea that your body operates at its best, it’s optimal level, when your spine is aligned and your posture is strong.
Chiropractors use a chiropractic adjustment: a precise application of force applied to a stuck joint to increase movement and prevent fixation. Chiropractors may also provide soft tissue release through massage or trigger point therapy. 
Many people feel relaxed and more flexible after their chiropractic adjustments. Over the medium to long term, patients report a reduction in pain, improved posture and better athletic performance.
A Doctor of Chiropractic’s Qualifications
All Chiropractors must pass a nationally accredited standard four-year doctor graduate programme that includes 4200 hours of classroom instruction, laboratory and internship. 
Yet, many Chiropractors will further their education and focus on a specialty such as: 
  • Workplace spinal injury
  • Sports chiropractic
  • Congenital anomalies
  • Paediatric care
  • Family care
  • Vitalistic and holistic chiropractic care
Any chiropractor should display their qualifications on their website. Typical qualifications may look something like this:
  • B.Sc.(Biol.); B.Sc.(Anat.);M.Chiro.
Your chiropractor must be fully licensed and insured to practice. A quick check with the local licensing or regulatory body should tell you the chiropractors license number. This information should be freely available over the Internet.
Different types of treatment
Finding a Chiropractor that specializes in the type of back treatment you require will allow you to return to your normal routine with the best result and in the shortest possible time.
Doctors of Chiropractic employ many differing kinds of treatment, such as acupuncture, cyro and heat therapy, interferential muscle stimulation using low voltage, massage, and nutritional counselling. 
You may be happy visiting a chiropractor who only focuses 100% on chiropractic care or you may
want to visit a multidisciplinary clinic that offers a combination of the above treatments.
Consider this chiropractic quote from Doctor Paula Basilio (Chiropractor): 
“Chiropractic is a patient-centered, hands-on approach to health that’s focused on influencing
bodily function through structural correction”
Basically, chiropractic care is a natural approach to health that helps the body to heal
itself, reducing feelings of pains while increasing movement, function and flexibility
How much does a chiropractor cost?
Chiropractors can choose the rates they charge within a certain range and the standard treatment session comes in at around $65 per session, but rates can range anywhere from $30 to $200 per session, depending on the severity of the injury, the type of treatment required, and the number of years (experience) in chiropractic care.
Some clinics offer free first visits and others may charge between $50 and $200 for the first visit. On your first visit the chiropractic will ask you questions on your condition and perform chiropractic tests to inform their diagnosis. 
You may come back to the clinic on a second visit to receive the results of your first visit and your Report of Findings. The chiropractor will probably want to start treatment on this day if they feel they can help you.
What about treatment plans?
Of course, it’s impossible for to a Chiropractor diagnose you without seeing you, however they should be able to give you a rough estimate of the expected treatment plan based on your description of your symptoms. 
When booking your appointment, ask about rates, expected treatment plan and any other information that may be of interest to you. For example, many Chiropractors choose to not charge for the initial session, which will consist of diagnosis + information + some preliminary spinal manipulation to see just where your back is, prior to embarking on your treatment plan. 
Spinal problems are highly unique; therefore, each treatment plan is tailored to the individual and some people respond to treatment faster than others. 
Your Chiropractor may suggest some specialized exercises that you can perform at home which will speed your healing and shorten your treatment programme.
Health insurance and company healthcare plan
You may want to contact your employer to find out if your chiropractic care will be covered under their company healthcare plan, and some government plans offer 100% coverage for a specified number of treatment sessions (the average seems to be 12 treatments per year) but thereafter, you’re expected to cover the cost on your
Most health insurance companies now provide coverage for chiropractic care as it is now a widely accepted treatment option. In fact chiropractors’ insurance premiums are getting cheaper due to the relative safe nature of treatments and low risk factors. 
Quick facts about chiropractic care
  • NOTES: The American Chiropractic Association estimates that Chiropractors perform over 1 million spinal adjustments every business day in the United States and they treat over 27 million Americans annually.
  • The Spine Journal found that 94% of patients who underwent chiropractic treatment reported at least a 30% reduction in lower lumbar pain within 4 weeks.
  • The Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, reports that Medicare in the U.S. could save $83.5 million annually by replacing General Physician visits with Chiropractic visits for cases involving upper or lower back pain.
With all the new information, you should be well on your way to making an informed decision about your healthcare options. Chiropractors aim to improve your posture and overall function while working to reduce aches and pains. Many thousands of people enjoy chiropractic adjustments each day. Even insurance companies are happy to include coverage for chiropractic care is it has a good safety record with proven results.
So why not contact your local chiropractor’s association today to find your nearest chiropractic clinic.

How to Keep Your Body Healthy, Flexible And Toxin Free?

Craniosomatic therapy
Joints and muscles are key parts of the human body system. Both parts play a significant role in movement and other activities. Stronger muscles and joints are a sign of strength and power. On the other hand weakness in these systems shows potential issues such as pain. How to get rid of chronic pain? It would be better to focus on the holistic approaches in order to treat the muscles and joints in a special way. It has been noticed that majority of the issues related to joints and muscles are handled with the help of therapies. Therapy is a useful method which relaxes the muscles and improves the flexibility in joints.
What we recommend?
As a matter of fact, therapies are of various types and choosing the right holistic approach is very important. Patients with chronic pains in muscles and joints should select the best therapies as well as therapists in the city. We offer our services as a best approach to remove the pains and inflexibility from your joints and muscles. For this purpose, we recommend following techniques.
This is a specialized way to deal with the chronic pains and inflexibility issues. This technique has a historic origin and it has been found helpful to remove chronic pain immediately. No doubt, several sessions of therapy would be required to treat a specific issue but it guarantees the healthy outcomes. There is no need to be worried about medicines and surgeries. Our specialized therapists know the position of muscles and joints. So they know how to diagnose a health issue and how to treat it.
Choosing this type of therapy helps the patients to get rid of pains and aches. People who have received multiple treatments for TMJ pain should contact us immediately. We know how to handle the TMJ pain with the help of this special therapy.
What about manual lymph drainage?
As a matter of fact, this is another useful technique for quick relief. This technique deals with six body organs (Tonsils, Spleen, Thymus, Lymph Nodes, Adenoids and Vessels) in order to offer improvement in the circulatory system. Manual lymph drainage is an important technique which helps to remove toxins from the body. This creates a balance in the body chemistry which is essential to maintain the functions as normal. It also helps to open the vessels and veins getting block due to toxins.
Why us?
We utilize this technique to stimulate your lymphatic system. Our therapists utilize a light tough to direct the lymph as well as the nodes to improve the circulation. This ends at the body organs such as kidneys to vitalize the functioning and removing the blocked toxins immediately.
Benefits of lymphatic drainage:
We guarantee following results using this special technique.
·       Removal of puffiness and swelling.
·       Improving the active lifestyle.
·       Helping in dysfunctional respiratory issues.
·       Treats the fractures, scar tissues, torn ligaments and sprains.
·       Excellent to treat some skin issues (Acne).
·       Removes the radiation effects.

Helps the lymph system to remove all toxins from the body. 

A Discussion About Craniosomatic Therapy And Active Isolated Stretching And Their Roles in Daily Life Improvement

Craniosomatic therapy technique
Our joints and muscles are very important to keep us healthy and living. In most of the cases, common stresses and pressures put a negative impact on the muscle and joint condition. It has been observed that numerous therapies and procedures have been introduced to cover these issues. Permanent strokes and paralysis are expected if muscle and joint pain are ignored for longer terms. Those who are interested to get rid of the muscle and joint problems should focus on the two most popular therapies known as Cranisomatic and Isolated Stretching. Let’s discuss these therapies one by one in detail.
Craniosomatic therapy:
This therapy has a holistic origin and it has been used for the painful conditions related to joints and muscles since the origin of medical science. This therapy gained significant attention in the medical world because of its long-lasting effects. Name of this therapy is based on two terms “Cranio” which means head and “Somatic” which means the muscles.
Why using it?
As a matter of fact, this therapy releases the tension or stress by improving the movement of muscles, fascia and tendons. This treats the entire body from the head to toes. According to the experts, this technique is result oriented and it is very useful for quick treatment. It is very important to organize a simple balance between the spines and pelvis. It can be done by using the Craniosomatic therapy technique.
Advantages of Craniosomatic therapy:
Numerous benefits of this therapy have been reported by the experts. However, we are going to mention some of the most important ones. 
  • Quick relief in muscle and joint pain.
  • Excellent results against TMJ pain and headaches.
  • An equally effective therapy for any age or sex.
  • Helps to cure delayed development or other functional issues in children.

 Activated isolated stretching:
On the other hand, isolated stretching is another technique which helps to deal with flexibility issues in joints and muscles. Flexibility is one of the main factors for healthy life, especially for the sportsmen and athletes. Any issue with flexibility may cause restricted blood flow in the body with lowered oxygen and nutrition utilization.
Why using it?
This technique is based on combination of body stretching methods. This therapy is commonly used by the athletes, their trainers and massage therapists. This technique is given more significance in the sports fields because of the stretching. It has been reported that stretching alone can make the body fit for different types of exercises and movements.
Following are the main advantages of this technique. 
  • It reduces the muscle and joint pain.
  • It improves the efficacy of muscles.
  • Offers agility and easiness to perform exercises.
  • Removes the toxins from body.
  • Improves health and life quality.


 It is recommended to utilize both techniques in a sequence as directed by your fitness trainer. This will make you perfect in order to perform the tough exercises to improve the performance in different fields of daily life. 

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, or Both?

Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist

Well, you’ve been injured and you need treatment. Or perhaps you have a chronic health condition. You’ve already been to your medical Doctor who gave you a prescription to moderate the pain and to deal with the lack of flexibility you’re experiencing.

And… You Did the Right Thing!

However, you also feel that you need additional healthcare assistance to deal with the pain and you want to strengthen your core so that this injury doesn’t reoccur.

You think to yourself; ‘Self, do I need to see a Chiropractor or a Physiotherapist?’

And indeed, it’s a good question. Both forms of treatment offer assistance to patients, and sometimes Chiropractors and Physiotherapists work together to treat an individual.

This article covers some of the differences between the two physical therapies so you can decide which one is right for you.

A natural approach to health and healing

You like that both offer non-invasive, drug-free, manual techniques, that are specifically developed to improve your physical health and wellbeing. Both disciplines are a ‘hands on’ approach to healing that aims to help the body heal itself. You see, we all have an inner ability to heal and recover after injury or trauma.

Some of us recover faster then others while some people require a little more help. There are many factors that may delay the recovery process such as your age, weight, how long you have been injured for, your posture habits and how serious your injury is.

Both chiropractic and physiotherapy aim to relieve pain and increase movement. When you compare and contrast this approach to medicine and prescription painkillers, you can see the difference. Medicine is the study of disease and symptoms whereas chiro and physio is the study of movement, function and form.

Qualifications and Experience

Note: Chiropractors are required to obtain a degree which takes 5 years to complete and are regulated by a local board while Physiotherapists must have a bachelor degree in Physiotherapy (usually 4 years) and must register with their local agency.

You should look for a therapist who is indeed qualified (you can look this up with the local regulation authority) and who has experience in dealing with cases similar to yours. Say you have headaches and migraines: consider a therapist who has previous experience in dealing with these cases. Or try a therapist who specialises in treatment for this condition.

Please also check on their website for their qualifications, how long they have been in business and if you would feel comfortable in their clinic.

It may also be useful to phone the therapist prior to committing to any treatment and to ask them questions. It can be a very personal decision in choosing a chiropractor or physiotherapist so you want to make sure you make the right decision.


Physiotherapy practitioners specialise in the diagnosis, management and prevention of movement disorders and their goal is to rehabilitate and normalize your ability to move and function. Physios are anatomy experts and they use that knowledge to diagnose and treat your injury or condition.

They are best known for treating sports-related injury, typically affecting the neck and spine, but they also work with babies, including premature babies, and with stroke victims of any age, and those with other injuries to the brain, neck or spine. They also treat people with conditions such as arthritis, cystic fibrosis and Parkinson’s disease.

You will need a referral from your medical Doctor to see a public hospital Physiotherapist although there is no charge if you’re a patient there (in patient visit). If you visit a private practice Physiotherapist expect to pay around $80. per visit (outpatient visit). Your company’s private health insurance provider may pick up some or all of this charge but contact them in advance to be certain.


A Doctor of Chiropractic specializes in the diagnosis, correction and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, which can also work to improve nervous system function but only where that is impaired by misalignment.
Chiropractors use spinal and neck manipulations and other forms of hands-on care such as ultrasound, special exercises, and advice that is designed to help you avoid those movements or situations that may cause you repeated injury or discomfort.

Most people associate chiropractic with back injury therapy, but Chiropractors also treat a variety of symptoms that may stem from sports or work-related injury, repetitive movement injury, or chronic conditions. It’s best to be candid with your Chiropractor about all your health challenges so that he or she can apply their unique knowledge to your health situation.

You may, or may receive a referral from your medical Doctor, but a referral isn’t required as Chiropractors work in private practice for their patients. Expect to pay around $100. for an initial consultation and up to $80. per visit thereafter. Your company’s private health insurance provider may pick up some or all of this charge but contact them in advance to be certain.


So, is it a chiropractor or a physiotherapist for you? There are differences between the two therapies. Chiropractors focus more on your spine and treat health problems with a manual adjustment.

Physiotherapists look at your muscles and how you function and tend to treat with massage, stretching and exercise.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for a more natural approach to your healthcare needs, consider a manual therapist in combination with your traditional medical advice.

What Can Phen375 Do To Help You Lose Weight

Phen375 Loss Weight

You like to snack, that’s why just like everybody else that has the same likings, you carry extra pounds. The problem is you consume more food than your body requires. Instead of giving you the energy to perform your daily chores, the extra calories that were unused were stored as your body fat mass. Now, to get rid of that ugly looking unwanted fat, you need a true aid from fat loss product. You need something which is as good as or better than Phentermine, but without side effects; that can help you to reduce your food cravings. In this instance, your best choice is to Phen375. Phen375 is a new supplement to the weight loss niche. It works as a fat burning pill and it can lower your food cravings as well. With this, you will burn more calories than you consume, and you will naturally lose weight. You can learn more about Phen375 as well as reading its reviews on this site.

How does Phen375 help you lose weight

Carrying a huge load of body fat makes you sluggish thus don’t feel like exercising. As such, you tend to give up your fat-burning workout routines. The good thing about Phen375 is it increases your energy level while helping you to burn that extra fat. The more fat your body burns, the more energetic you’ll become and you want to exercise more. This will lead to the burning of more fat and you are inclined to stay with your weight loss process because you are more energetic now.

Phen375 working mechanism

Each time you eat more calories than your entire body needs, your body will convert the extra calories into adipose tissue, to be stored in different parts of your body. Over time, this becomes a routine that ultimately prevents you from meeting your fat-loss goals. Phen375 can help to solve this problem. This supplement is produced using the best fat burning ingredients ever formulated. It stimulates the brain to create a not hungry signal, to reduce your appetite. Then, you will consume fewer foods. In addition, Phen375 helps break down your body fat and convert it to energy. This is how your fat is burned. When a reduction in food consumption coupled with the burning of more fat, you will definitely drop pounds. In addition to Phen375’s many proven weight loss benefits, the product’s seller also provides the customers with workout training videos as well as a copy of diet plan. All these come free of charge together with your Phen375 purchase. The intention is to encourage and guide you to perform more physical exercises – since you are full of energy after taking the pills, and eat properly following a low-calorie diet plan – you can do it because your appetite is now curbed. Combining all these help, you can lose weight easily and quickly.

Best Skin Care Tips

glowing skin
New, beautiful and glowing skinis a part of the aesthetic appeal of any individual. Even though idealists trust in inner beauty, outer shine compliments your full character and provides a boost to your self-esteem! Well, with the improvement in skin care technologies, you can get the best skin tone and the best skin you forever wished for.
Skinis extremely sensitive pigmentation due to sun tan, due to exposure to pollution and chemicals. Here are the skin care treatments accessible for skin pigmentation. Some are home remedies and others are treatments that provide speedy outcomes:
Fruit peels
Fruit peel procedures are extremely famous as they do not hamper your regular routine. You can use a cocktail of fruits and address your skin feature. Fruit peels support exfoliate dead skin and show your natural skin glow. They also lighten acne marks and decrease fine wrinkles and lines. This is simple to do yourself technique and can provide your skin a fresh cleanness.
Laser toning
Laser toning uses highly developed laser technology to better skin tone, decrease fine wrinkles and lines and provide your skin a best texture. Pigmentation and sun spot can also be removed. This bleaching effect lasts almost two months.
Oxy facial
This technology uses a mixture of pressurized and ultrasound oxygen stream to provide your skin a quick glow and hydrate it. It rightly removes all the dead cells and provides a fresh look to your skin.
Pumpkin facial
Natural nutrients of pumpkin support treat dry skin and provide it a quick glow and some moisture. Pumpkins are natural gift and do not have any adverse effects. This technique can be carried out at house and does not need any expertise.
Oxy jet peel
A supersonic 2 phase jet consisting of micro droplets of oxygen and liquid is created. This supports regain skin luster and make it look amazing.
Skin polishing
In this technique, little crystals flow through a specifically designed tool that exfoliates dead skin and provides your skin the wanted effect. It is a controlled painless technique and provides your skin a fast fix.


Treatments that are painless, non-invasive are best for easy and fast skin rejuvenation. They can be a best use when you need to fast touch up your skin and get that glow for the upcoming party. The effects of this treatment last for a little period and need touch up at regular intervals. Getting that fresh look is so easy.

Meditating While Riding on a Gtech EBike

Meditating While Riding on a Gtech eBike
Meditation is very much a personal practice. Different practitioners use different techniques, positions, and environments to meditate. Many of them might even seem odd at first, like meditating on a bicycle. While it seems strange at first, cycling offers a unique opportunity for meditation and working towards a healthier state of mind. It gives you a chance to exercise your body while practicing both mindfulness in both your movements and your thoughts.
In order to achieve the right state of mind and begin your meditative journey on a Gtech eBike, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Prepare yourself for the ride

Before you begin to cycle, it’s a good idea to do a few warm up exercises. If you want to get into the mood for meditation, you can begin your mindfulness here. Carefully stretch your body and get your blood flowing with some controlled movements. A few minutes of yoga is perfect here, as are some other basic stretches. It’s not about how fancy you are. Instead, it’s about getting your body and mind ready for your journey.

Prepare your Gtech eBike

In order to make sure that there aren’t any unexpected surprises along the way, take a moment to look over your bike. Check the tires for air, perform a brief inspection of the brakes, and make sure that the battery is fully charged. Your Gtech eBike has the power to help you feel free and independent while you ride.

Begin your ride

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment. As you ride, explore the connection between you, your eBike, and the world around you. Concentrate on how you glide effortlessly along as you work the pedals. Notice the cyclical action of your body with each rotation of your legs. 
Explore the connection you have with your bicycle, how your brain and body work together to make many subtle movements to keep it balanced and under perfect control. Observe the gentle boost your Gtech eBike provides and how it accentuates the gliding and floating sensation of cycling in a new way. Be sure to pay attention to your breathing through all of this.

Be present in the moment

Cycling involves a constant flow of new information. When you’re riding along, you can’t keep thinking about the sign you passed a few minutes ago, lest you run into the next one. In other words, when you bicycle, you’re already forcing part of your brain to be present in the moment. When you meditate, all you’re doing is bringing the rest of your mind up to speed.
As you ride, consider each and every new moment. Your mind acts as an incredibly aware siphon of information, drawing in new stimuli from the outside world and working with your body to gently flow forwards on your bicycle. If both your mind and your body are focused on the present, you can rid yourself of worries of the past and the future. Now is the only time that matters. When you’re in the now, you can be at peace with yourself. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind gently drift along as you ride.
The Gtech is available online from £995. Gtech discount codes can be foundon coupon sites like

Chiropractor Brandon FL Presents Perfect Manual Adjustments of Neuromuscular Issues

chiropractor brandon

Nervous system is one of the most important systems in the human body. Our body functions depending on the instructions or signals flowing through nervous systems. It is believed that it is a complex system controlling the most important functions of the body. Would you like to improve brain and heart activity? It is essential to contact chiropractor brandon fl in order to receive the best therapies recognized by the expert chiropractors worldwide. This service is based on the perfect diagnoses and ideal treatments confirming that disorders will vanish forever.

We use hands on muscles:

As a matter of fact, chiropractors utilize their experience to diagnose the disorders especially neuromuscular disorders. We are among the top chiropractors in Tampa, FL with a huge setup offering guarantee about relief from pains. Normally, we utilize expert’s hands as well as alternative treatments to correct the alignment of body. It is very important to focus on the musculoskeletal structure especially the spine if you want to stay healthy and active. There is no need to use medicines or surgery for these treatments. All you have to do is contact our experts right now and get an appointment.

Essential pain relief treatments:

We are famous for the essential pain relief treatments in Brandon, fl. Our services are based on the modern chiropractors having intensive experience in this field. This treatment style is considered effective against the pains in different parts of the body. People with muscular, tissue, joint or bone pains are recommended to visit our chiropractic center as soon as possible. This would be your lucky step to get rid of all pains. We also treat connective tissues with tendons, cartilage and ligaments. These treatments are sometimes offered with the traditional medical treatments.

How it works?

First of all, we study the medical history of a patient before starting diagnosis. After having complete information about the previous medical facts, we perform an intensive physical examination. In some cases, medical tests are used to determine the appropriate medical treatment for the injuries such as back pain. In most of the cases, manual adjustments are done with the help of hands. This technique is more reliable than using medicines and surgeries. Our experts manipulate the joints with the help of a controlled force ensuring quality and range of motion.

Is it safe?

As a matter of fact, chiropractic techniques are 100 % safe and reliable. However, it is recommended to choose an experienced professional in order to avoid risks. We encourage the patients to visit brandon chiropractic health center for more details about this practice and its advantages. This type of treatment is considered effective to control following problems.
·       Spinal manipulation.
  • Excellent to remove acute low back pain.
  • Efficient against sudden injuries.
  • Shows excellent results in headache and neck pain treatments.
  • Research confirmed its potential to control fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and muscular pressure.

Don’t forget to get an appointment before your visit. This will help us to give you proper attention and care as expected. 

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata Training

You must have come across a ton of different workout in the past, all designed to help you attain your fitness targets. It doesn’t matter if you want to increase your endurance and strength, burn fat, improve your build, put on muscle or increase your flexibility.

Irrespective of your targets, if you adhere to your exercise plan, you will reach and achieve your goals. You may want to give Tabata a try if you are seeking to add a new program
to your routine.

Tabata training entails high-intensity training (HIIT) workout, in addition to workouts that last for four minutes.

The History of Tabata

Discovered by Japanese scientist Dr. Izumi Tabata alongside a team of researchers from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo.

Tabata and his team assembled two groups of athletes and conducted a research. The first group trained at average intensity level exercise while the second group trained at a high-intensity level. The average intensity group trained for a total of six weeks; working out for one hour, five days each week. On the other hand, the high-intensity group trained for
six weeks; four days a week within that period, with each workout lasting for four minutes and 20 seconds with a 10-second break between each set.

The Result: Group one showed marginal to no increase in their anaerobic system (muscle), but had increased their aerobic system (cardiovascular). While the second group showed a very significant improvement in their aerobic system and a 28% increase in their anaerobic system.

Thus, high-intensity interval training has a significant effect on both the anaerobic and aerobic systems.

HIIT Training may not be right for everybody

As HIIT training aims to accelerate your heart rate and keep it at this high rate for the duration of the workout, people who are prone to heart issues should consult a healthcare professional before trying this training.

Also, as each exercise relies upon your own body weight and is dependent on how you move (your biomechanics), if you experience lower back pain or poor posture you should consult with a Doctor of Chiropractic (such as The Back Clinic) or physiotherapist first.

The Tabata Program

Every exercise in the Tabata workout lasts for a duration of only four minutes, this is likely going to be a long and enduring four minutes for you.

The program is structured as thus:

  • High-intensity workout for 20 seconds
  • A 10-second break
  • Finish 8 rounds

You dare your limits as you train hard for 20 seconds and you take a break for 10 seconds – this is one set. You would have to finish eights sets of every exercise.

You are free to participate in any exercise of your choosing. You may opt for burpees, push-ups, squats or any other exercise that engages the bulk of your muscle groups. Kettlebell
exercises are also nice.

Below is an example of a typical Tabata Workout:

  • Push-ups or bench dips (4 minutes)
  • Bodyweight squats or lunges (4 minutes)
  • Burpees (4 minutes)
  • Mountain Climbers or sit-ups (4 minutes)

Begin with push-ups. Carry on with them at high-intensity for 20 seconds. Take a break for 10 seconds, and then resume with push-ups for 20 seconds. After eight sets of push-ups, take a one-minute break.

Then, go to squats/lunges and do the same thing for 20 seconds and a 10-second rest. After doing eight sets of squats, take a minute break and then continue with burpees. On completion of burpees, round off with mountain climbers.

If you have very limited time or need to juggle your routine, Tabata is perfect for you, in addition to boosting your speed and endurance. You will be amazed by the awesome results that come with adding this workout to your fitness routine.

What is The Alexander Technique? Can it Improve my Posture And Reduce my Pain? Find Out!

posture habits

The Alexander Technique is a system that has been devised to reduce and prevent problems associated with unhelpful posture habits.

Think of it as “proactive spine and joint care” where you learn, via a series of lessons, how to improve poor posture and how to move more efficiently, thereby preventing tension in the body.

Those who teach the Alexander system claim it will help to reduce back pain, lower neck aches and pains, diminish sore shoulders and other musculoskeletal disorders and related pain.

Alexander Technique practitioners say that such problems are the result of sitting at a desk (for example) for extended periods for many hours per day, moving inefficiently, or unevenly distributing your weight while sitting.

If you want to find out how the Alexander technique may help you, read on!

The Alexander Technique is taught

Teachers of the system will help you to unlearn such bad habits and result in a more balanced, more aligned body, with corresponding pain and inflammation reductions.

Alexander Technique Principles

1. How you move, sit and stand will affect how well you function

2. The relationship of your head, neck and spine to each other is paramount

3. Help you to be more mindful in your daily routine

4. Recognize that the mind and body work together and influence each other

Learning the System

The Alexander Technique is taught on a one-on-one basis by a qualified teacher in a clinic, studio or the teacher’s home office and typically last for 30 minutes. It is suggested that participants wear loose-fitting clothing to allow easy movement.

The teacher shows the participant how to sit, move and stand with better balance and less strain on the musculoskeletal system. About 20 lessons are required to learn the basic concepts of the Alexander Technique and to practice them with the teacher present.

How is it difference to physical therapy?

Physical therapy, such as chiropractic or physiotherapy, focus on the treatment and management of musculoskeletal health issues, including diagnosis. Alexander Technique practitioners teach you better posture, movement and exercise habits so that your biomechanics improve.


It’s expected that improvement in lowering pain levels will be noticed within days of application of the technique. Commitment to applying the Alexander Technique by the participant throughout their typical day should help considerably, but it will be of little use where it’s ignored until the next session with the teacher.

It can’t be over-emphasized; learning how to move better yet not implementing the system, won’t accomplish much. The few minutes per week spent with the teacher won’t correct years of standing, sitting, lifting, and lying down incorrectly.

Who can be helped?

People of any age with back pain or neck pain, but particularly the elderly, those with disabilities resulting from injury, or those disabled by disorders such as fibromyalgia, or people who have spent years doing repetitive work or worked at a desk for many years.

If you experience poor posture and want to move better, this technique may be of use to you. You see, poor posture habits over a number of years can result in bodily aches and pains, awkward biomechanics and a reduction in overall performance and function.

This is not good.

By having better posture techniques and specific stretching and exercises taught to you, you stand to improve your posture into the longer term.


In the UK, Alexander Technique lessons are available privately, however, some practitioners offer group sessions, which can be a bonus for students as they can see the progression of different students at various stages of the training, and speak to them (briefly) about their experience.

Some National Healthcare Service (NHS) operations offer the Alexander Technique in their outpatient pain clinics. You’ll need to ask your MD to see if it’s available in your area.


The main benefit seems to be lowering the amount of daily pain medication required by those with musculoskeletal pain, making the lives of those with neurological conditions such as fibromyalgia more comfortable, and to prevent further damage to those people who suffer from pain caused by repetitive movements over many years.

You may wish to consult with your Medical Doctor (MD) or specialist to check if the Alexander Technique can help you.