Perfect feet: 5 Recommendations for Your Care

Perfect feet: 5 Recommendations for Your Care

With the arrival of good weather, the feet become the protagonists of our looks. With these ideas you can boast about them and at the same time avoid health problems.

The feet are a very important part of our body and, perhaps, one to which we pay less attention. With the arrival of good weather, the feet need special foot care. Not only for the aesthetic part, is special care also essential on hot days to prevent bad habits from resulting in health problems. We propose five tips that will help you take care of your feet and keep them healthy.

1. Feet always dry

The heat and humidity can cause the appearance of fungi and bacteria, for this reason it is very important to keep the feet clean and dry. You have to go barefoot through areas prone to accumulate moisture (such as pool edges or community showers).

2. Hydrate your skin

When wearing bare shoes, the heel can dry out. Before the annoying and unsightly cracks appear. Includes a specific foot moisturizer in daily care. In the market there are products such as Xeralaude Podos is a fast absorbing lipogel, which thanks to the moisturizing, keratolytic and re-epithelizing action is perfect for taking care of this part of the body. Apply the massage cream so that it penetrates better. You could complete the care of your feet, exfoliating them once a week.

3. Good shoes

The continued use of flip flops is not highly recommended, since not holding the foot well, the strength to have more stability rests on the fingers and that can cause deformities of the limbs and the appearance of calluses. The more natural the material that is in direct contact with your skin, the better. It prevents them from being synthetic and narrow footwear, which prevent perspiration of the foot.

4. Take care of your nails…

Going to an aesthetic center to do your pedicure is very good, but if your nails have any problems, such as fungi or bacteria, you will only be able to ‘cover’ the infection and not give it a solution. Cut your nails always square so that they do not penetrate the skin and try to hydrate the cuticles. Also consider food if you want strong nails. Add high biological value proteins, vitamins (A, B and C) and minerals (calcium, zinc and iodine) in your daily diet.

5. Good circulation

Postural hygiene is very important for healthy feet. Avoid crossing your legs for a long time. If for your work you spend most of the day sitting, get a footrest, to raise them when you are sitting. Another tip could be to move your fingers by shrinking and stretching them and also move them by circling with your ankles.

And in the meantime advice, if in doubt, it is best to go to a good professional.