Recover Male Vitality

Recover Male Vitality

The alarm clock rings and you are all vitality and energy (or you are after a coffee), but as the hours go by, as if we were a mobile phone, our battery drains and it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain attention and interest in the meetings or in front of that report that seems endless. Didn’t it happen to you before? It is normal; it is a thing of the growth hormone (HGH).

From the age of 20, the man stops generating certain hormones naturally at levels of 4% per year, so by the age of 40, the production of these substances can be reduced by 40%. To alleviate the loss or stop it, it is important to sleep the recommended 8 hours to be able to enjoy a good rest, practice sports and follow a healthy diet in which dark chocolate is allowed. Pineapple, melon (now that summer is here), seaweed, nuts … Many are the foods that can give you energy by themselves and help regulate the HGH hormone.


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Stay active, but not saturated

Although many times we believe that we saturate children with extracurricular activities, what we must avoid does not want to cover too many things by wanting to disconnect because it will generate the opposite effect. Change the car or the subway for a walk to work (or a stretch), join someone in an activity such as dancing or exercising at home. The important thing is to take time to clear your body and mind by making it move. Singing also serves to activate and regain energy, but neighbors may complain.

Another source of vitality and energy is the breath. With deep and slow breaths through the nose (without lifting the chest) and releasing the air by pushing the abdomen inwards, you will improve your breathing capacity and you will be able to relax, see things more clearly and start over with a task that had been left in your way. .

There are times when not even that works sometimes and then you have to help yourself with vitamin supplements to increase the energy of the day to day and overcome apathy. GH Burn is a food supplement that combats the effects of aging, regulates growth hormone, and increases mental alertness and vitality. In addition, it helps burn fat as it speeds up metabolism and helps to have more muscle mass. Unlike other supplements, it should be taken at night to boost the natural generation of HGH.

With or without outside help, to keep your body and mind active it is best to lead a healthy life, so take time to sleep well, laugh a lot, fill the fridge with green and be able to play sports.