The Healing Efficacy of a Single Bite of Apple

The Healing Efficacy of a Single Bite of Apple

In Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Snow White bites into an apple and quickly falls into a deep sleep until a certain Prince Charming shows up to kiss her awake.

It’s ironic that the apple is the fruit of Snow White’s misfortune, considering it should’ve had the opposite effect! In a more apt maxim, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is an ode to the amazing healing qualities of the apple. Over the years, the medicinal strength of the fruit
has been well documented. An apple even contributed to the successful discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton, albeit inadvertently.

According to, nutrition experts at Nootropic Geek, apples contain phytochemicals that promote anti-aging in the brain and reduce the production of compounds associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In this post, we’ll focus on how they can facilitate the healing and repairing of cells.

Apples, The Ultimate Healers

Cancer healer

While it’s not news that phenolics present in apples aids in the prevention of cancerous formation, few people are aware of its actual healing properties of cancer. For example, apples have been the subject of studies on the reduction of colorectal cancer.

In pre-clinical research, apple constituents have been shown to kill off the following cancerous growths: Liver cancer: Apple peels, apple juice, and apple pectin have experimentally been proven to kill cancer in the liver. Stomach cancer: Apple procyanidin has been studied for its ability
to directly impact the death of cells responsible for stomach cancer. While most of these tests are still in clinical stages and evident in minimal quantities, there’s no doubt that future results will reveal ways to fight rogue cells on a more massive scale.

Diarrhea fighter

If you ever find yourself suffering from severe loose stool, grab an apple. The combination of chamomile aids in shortening the course of general diarrhea.

Weight loss

Obesity presents lots of risks to the heart and arterial flow and increases chances of cholesterol plugs in the arteries. It’s been discovered that the consumption of three apples or three pears every day fosters weight loss, especially in overweight women.

Bowel Inflammation

In a series of preclinical research trials, it’s been discovered that apple procyanidins reduces inflammation of the bowels. This means if there’s discomfort in the bowels as a result of certain diseases, eating an apple or drinking fresh apple juice could go a long way to reduce swelling.

Anti-aging for the brain

In recent studies, Apples are shown to stop oxidative harm and reduce maze performance, including impaired cognitive performance in aging mice. Other research trials gave mice apple juice and saw a reduction in the production of pathological amyloid-beta, a compound associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


In a study more than 60 years ago, scientists found out the complex carbohydrates present in apple pectin has the ability to inhibit the infectious quality of the influenza A virus. It was discovered that the virus was made inactive in chicken blood and embryonated eggs, proving the compound’s efficacy in curing the disease.

Eating sufficient amounts of apple can help increase your immunity to similar viruses. Other healing properties of apples include Staph infections, periodontal diseases, and prevention of hair loss.

The efficacy of the apple cannot be overstated as its usefulness is a major factor in healing medicines. So the next time you’re feeling unwell, grab an apple – you’ll never know its true power until you try it!