The most Frequent Doubts before Removing Tattoos

The most Frequent Doubts before Removing Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is becoming more frequent. A few decades ago it was something that only a few people did, whether because of ideals or ignorance. However, now it is rare to find a person who has not been tattooed or who has no thought of becoming one in the coming years. This tattoo boom has also led to another type of problem, and that is that more than 70% of people who have been tattooed, after 5 years have not been happy, or have simply been tired of them. To remove a tattoo, you must go to a center specialized in elimination, and there are many questions that often arise in these establishments, some of them, we want to clarify them here.

Is the tattoo completely removed?

This is the main question that everyone asks when they go to a disposal center. The likelihood of a tattoo disappearing completely is very high, and will come conditioned, especially with the technology that has the clinic in which you perform this work. In general, it is going to be eliminated at least 90%, the other being a percentage that is not visible to the naked eye. This data focuses on black tattoos, as well as those that have color.

Are there more complicated colors than others?

In the case of black tattoos, these are the easiest to remove, so the result will be perfect. However, in the case of colors such as yellow, pink or white, and all the shades of this range is more difficult to eradicate, since the laser light does not work well on them. This problem means that 100% can not be guaranteed that the elimination is effective, something that should be reported to you at the center you are targeting.

How many sessions do I need?

Everything will come determined by the quality of the drawing, as well as the dimensions or the color of the ink. Another important determinant will be the state of the skin, the color of it, as well as the time that has passed since the tattoo; with the oldest being the ones that usually cost the most. Therefore, seeing these parameters, it is normal to be between the 4 or 8 sessions, although they can be more. You can read more information in this article about removing tattoos, where you are more stressed about all the aspects you should know about the sessions and much more.

Can you see the results from the beginning?

Once the first session has been done, you can see how the laser has done its job well, although you will have to wait about a month to see how it is disappearing, since the remains of the ink that remain in the body are being eliminated by the lymphatic system.

Does clearing a tattoo hurt?

So you can compare the feeling, it is a much smaller pain than you had when you got the tattoo. Anyway, and if you do not want to suffer any kind of pain, there are anesthetic creams that should be applied at least an hour and a half before the session and that get annoying practically not noticed. After each session it is true that it is recommended to apply cold to lower the swelling.

What is the duration of each session?

The time to be delayed will come determined especially from the surface to be eliminated. Therefore, the bigger it is, the more minutes it will take, but in an average tattoo, it can be half an hour, also counting the depth to which the ink is.

Does it leave scars?

The treatment of tattoo removal ny will not leave scars, although it is highly recommended that when you go out on the street, you protect the treated area with highly protected sun creams, in addition to healing creams. Remember that the use of sun creams has to be continued, and more especially if you decide to remove the tattoo in summer. If you do not do this, you run the risk that if there are marks or that the skin does not get completely cured.