Tips for Hiring Health Insurance

Tips for Hiring Health Insurance

Know its characteristics and look well where and who to ask before contracting.

Regardless of the reason that has led you to take out health insurance, it is important that you value between all the offers of products you have in the market, the one that best suits your needs.

Fortunately for users, there are several companies in United States that offer health insurance, so we can compare and take the best one for us.

To save money, we can first ask our usual insurance company if you have this product. If you have it, it will probably cost you better than if you hire it with another insurer because you are already a customer.

Do not forget to ask your company if they have an agreement with an insurer for a collective service, or your bank or cashier, in case your offer has any type of promotion.

Modalities of medical insurance

Insurance without co-payment: You pay the premium as you agree with the company and nothing else. Every time you need it, you go to a specialist in the medical staff (and only the medical staff) of the insurer in the type and province of residence. Some companies charge you one USD per visit so that you are aware that everything has a cost and do not go to the doctor without real need.

Co-insurance: Medical insurance coverage is more limited, so outside the most basic general medicine or nursing services listed in the medical chart, you must pay for the benefit received. It is cheaper and may be more interesting for people who have insurance more by prevention than by necessity or who have a poor medical picture in their province.

Insurance with refund: It is the most expensive. With this insurance, the medical staff is no longer necessary because the insured can go to any doctor or clinic who wants to be in the company’s medical team or not. The user pays everything, but the insurer reimburses it within established limits. It is very interesting for international coverage or rare diseases.

Other important features

To be able to take out health insurance, you must show that you do not have any illness that requires medical services immediately. Having healthy lifestyle habits helps pay less, although the important thing is not to lie, in case you get caught.

In any case, all health insurances have a cadence period with which the backs are covered in case the insured needs the insurance services in the first weeks or months. As the customer earns in seniority, the company is opening services in the form of authorizations.

In this way, companies prevent people from signing up for health insurance only when a disease is detected and when they get over it. It is also more profitable to take out insurance when you are younger because the progressive increase in fees will be less than if we take out insurance at a certain age.