Top 10 best selling list for clinical research patients

Top 10 Best Selling List for clinical research patients

  1. A Guide to Patient Recruitment & Retention in Clinical Research: The 6 Core Outcome Factors Which Affect Patient Recruitment
  2. Treatment of TMDs: Bridging the Gap Between Advances in Research and Clinical Patient Management, (Temporomandibular Disorders)
  3. Clinical Trials: What Patients and Healthy Volunteers Need to Know
  4. Electronic Patient-Reported Outcome Measures: An Implementation Handbook For Clinical Research
  5. Developing a Successful Clinical Research Program
  6. From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost in Transition: An American Society of Clinical Oncology and Institute of Medicine Symposium
  7. Patient Heal Thyself: A Remarkable Health Program Combining Ancient Wisdom with Groundbreaking Clinical Research
  8. You Are Your Own Best Medicine
  9. NEWZILL Low Cut Compression Socks – Unisex Running Socks With Embedded Frequency Technology For Heel, Ankle & Arch Support (Small, White/Grey)

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Best Seller #9

NEWZILL Low Cut Compression Socks – Unisex Running Socks With Embedded Frequency Technology For Heel, Ankle & Arch Support (Small, White/Grey)

  • MADE in TAIWAN – Arch circumference guarantees a perfect fit in any athletic shoe, resulting in an improved experience for any athlete. Features a nearly invisible length for undeniable comfort during any performance activity, making it an ideal athletic compression sock.
  • INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY – Our low-cut orthopedic socks provide instant relief to your arch and heel through compression support that provides the maximum boost to your blood circulation. Better oxygen circulation helps reduce lactic acid buildup and aids muscle recovery in the ankle and feet.
  • NEWZILL TECHNOLOGY – These performance socks provide superior relief of plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, ankle/arch support, and foot pain. They reduce blood pooling and banish discomfort, as well as help with Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain relief. Our pressure socks are designed with a specific weaving texture that reduces the impact on the footbed. Like all the best compression socks, these can be worn after strenuous activity to help your feet recover and to reduce swelling and soreness.
  • MOISTURE MANAGEMENT – Our patented Clima-Pro system allows for maximum breathability, reliable temperature control, the blocking of odor formation, making them some of the best athletic socks on the market.
  • GRADUATED COMPRESSION (15-20 mmHg) – These orthopedic socks are perfect for runners, basketball players, joggers, athletes, cross training, gym workouts, hiking, tennis, cycling, air travellers, traffic police, and office workers on feet for long period of time.

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