5 Simple Steps to Better Health That You Can Start Today

Better Health

Life is precious and even precious are the years remaining, you never know what’s ahead! Good health is the key to a happy life. Believe me, neither money nor carelessness does the trick. And the good news is that you can start improving your health right now.

Living for over 80 years doesn’t mean anything if your life isn’t productive. To ensure productivity, joy, and satisfaction, a healthy body must do its job. Let’s walk through the top 5 steps to improve your health today.

1. Physical Activity

We all admire technology for various reasons but unfortunately, the world of automation has put us far from healthy physical activities. Why do doctors stress so much on exercise? Following are a few reasons:

  • Exercise reduces the chances of cognitive decline
  • Exercise keeps you from degenerative diseases
  • Exercise lets you follow a healthy routine
  • Exercise reduces stress levels
  • Exercise reduces the risk of sleep disorder

You can start exercising right now! It isn’t all about the intense workout. We can’t deny the fact that jogging is the best physical activity and is incredibly important for cardiac and diabetic patients.

Try to get a rise with the sun, go jogging and you’ll experience an instant breeze of freshness injected into your life.

2. Sleep-Off the Stress

Here we are talking about mental as well as physical stress. We’re surrounded by screens, big and small, shrinking our sleep-schedule. But the fact is that the human body isn’t designed to maintain good health with less than 6-hours of night sleep.

If you’re failing to follow a proper sleep-schedule then try the following steps from tonight:

  • Turn OFF the screens, TV, laptop, and smartphones etc.
  • Once home, keep away from the official responsibilities
  • Commit yourself to early-morning exercise

It actually begins in the morning. If you rise up with the sun and go jogging, you’ll surely feel the urge to sleep early.

Sleep keeps you from physical as well as mental stress. Avoid tobacco, caffeine or alcohol. Mental stress may become the root cause of the sleep disorder as you mind entangles with the worrisome thoughts. A good sleep-schedule (8 hours at night) gives your mind a break it’s looking for.

3. Dry-Brush

Yes, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day but how often do you brush your entire body? Have you ever considered the importance of the mother-mammals licking their cubs? Closely watch a lioness licking the future king of the jungle. It serves an amazing purpose. Apart from cleaning, licking regulates the cub’s blood and improves the provision of oxygen to the organs.

Dry-brush your skin gently. Start from the feet and slowly move upwards. Focus on your organs while brushing especially when you reach the heart and the entire chest.

Dry-brushing helps to:

  • Detoxify the skin
  • Exfoliate the skin
  • Smoothen the skin
  • Improve lymphatic system
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Improve blood-flow

4. Start Eating Food Rich in Probiotics

We suggest you avoid supplements as much as possible and reserve them as the last resort. It is better to develop a habit of consuming more natural food rich in probiotics.

The problem is that the probiotics supplements are at the emerging stage and we don’t know much about the possible side effects. The purpose of probiotic supplement varies from mental health to eczema. And these supplements are not suitable for everybody. What’s suitable for all? Obviously, the natural fresh natural food.

Consider including the following to your routine diet:

  • Kimchi
  • Miso
  • Sauerkraut
  • Yogurt

5. Improve Your Blood Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the natural production inside the body and the blood carries it around. The idea is to avoid Low-Density Lipoproteins and encourage High-Density Lipoproteins because the HDL Cholesterol resists the cholesterol-build inside the arteries. LDL cholesterol, the notorious ‘bad cholesterol’ is the major reason of the blockage inside the arteries.

Following are the natural sources of HDL (Good) Cholesterol:

  • Olive Oil
  • Whole Grains
  • Avocado, Apple, Pear, and other high-fiber fruit

Is Your Ready for the Change?

It requires commitment. It isn’t really easy to distract from your existing routine but there is no other way but to change. It feels hard in the beginning but soon you’ll start feeling more comfortable with the new routine, diet, and sleep schedule. Consider, realize what’s wrong, and accept the change for the ultimate prize – good health!

How to Keep Your Body Healthy, Flexible And Toxin Free?

Craniosomatic therapy
Joints and muscles are key parts of the human body system. Both parts play a significant role in movement and other activities. Stronger muscles and joints are a sign of strength and power. On the other hand weakness in these systems shows potential issues such as pain. How to get rid of chronic pain? It would be better to focus on the holistic approaches in order to treat the muscles and joints in a special way. It has been noticed that majority of the issues related to joints and muscles are handled with the help of therapies. Therapy is a useful method which relaxes the muscles and improves the flexibility in joints.
What we recommend?
As a matter of fact, therapies are of various types and choosing the right holistic approach is very important. Patients with chronic pains in muscles and joints should select the best therapies as well as therapists in the city. We offer our services as a best approach to remove the pains and inflexibility from your joints and muscles. For this purpose, we recommend following techniques.
This is a specialized way to deal with the chronic pains and inflexibility issues. This technique has a historic origin and it has been found helpful to remove chronic pain immediately. No doubt, several sessions of therapy would be required to treat a specific issue but it guarantees the healthy outcomes. There is no need to be worried about medicines and surgeries. Our specialized therapists know the position of muscles and joints. So they know how to diagnose a health issue and how to treat it.
Choosing this type of therapy helps the patients to get rid of pains and aches. People who have received multiple treatments for TMJ pain should contact us immediately. We know how to handle the TMJ pain with the help of this special therapy.
What about manual lymph drainage?
As a matter of fact, this is another useful technique for quick relief. This technique deals with six body organs (Tonsils, Spleen, Thymus, Lymph Nodes, Adenoids and Vessels) in order to offer improvement in the circulatory system. Manual lymph drainage is an important technique which helps to remove toxins from the body. This creates a balance in the body chemistry which is essential to maintain the functions as normal. It also helps to open the vessels and veins getting block due to toxins.
Why us?
We utilize this technique to stimulate your lymphatic system. Our therapists utilize a light tough to direct the lymph as well as the nodes to improve the circulation. This ends at the body organs such as kidneys to vitalize the functioning and removing the blocked toxins immediately.
Benefits of lymphatic drainage:
We guarantee following results using this special technique.
·       Removal of puffiness and swelling.
·       Improving the active lifestyle.
·       Helping in dysfunctional respiratory issues.
·       Treats the fractures, scar tissues, torn ligaments and sprains.
·       Excellent to treat some skin issues (Acne).
·       Removes the radiation effects.

Helps the lymph system to remove all toxins from the body. 

A Discussion About Craniosomatic Therapy And Active Isolated Stretching And Their Roles in Daily Life Improvement

Craniosomatic therapy technique
Our joints and muscles are very important to keep us healthy and living. In most of the cases, common stresses and pressures put a negative impact on the muscle and joint condition. It has been observed that numerous therapies and procedures have been introduced to cover these issues. Permanent strokes and paralysis are expected if muscle and joint pain are ignored for longer terms. Those who are interested to get rid of the muscle and joint problems should focus on the two most popular therapies known as Cranisomatic and Isolated Stretching. Let’s discuss these therapies one by one in detail.
Craniosomatic therapy:
This therapy has a holistic origin and it has been used for the painful conditions related to joints and muscles since the origin of medical science. This therapy gained significant attention in the medical world because of its long-lasting effects. Name of this therapy is based on two terms “Cranio” which means head and “Somatic” which means the muscles.
Why using it?
As a matter of fact, this therapy releases the tension or stress by improving the movement of muscles, fascia and tendons. This treats the entire body from the head to toes. According to the experts, this technique is result oriented and it is very useful for quick treatment. It is very important to organize a simple balance between the spines and pelvis. It can be done by using the Craniosomatic therapy technique.
Advantages of Craniosomatic therapy:
Numerous benefits of this therapy have been reported by the experts. However, we are going to mention some of the most important ones. 
  • Quick relief in muscle and joint pain.
  • Excellent results against TMJ pain and headaches.
  • An equally effective therapy for any age or sex.
  • Helps to cure delayed development or other functional issues in children.

 Activated isolated stretching:
On the other hand, isolated stretching is another technique which helps to deal with flexibility issues in joints and muscles. Flexibility is one of the main factors for healthy life, especially for the sportsmen and athletes. Any issue with flexibility may cause restricted blood flow in the body with lowered oxygen and nutrition utilization.
Why using it?
This technique is based on combination of body stretching methods. This therapy is commonly used by the athletes, their trainers and massage therapists. This technique is given more significance in the sports fields because of the stretching. It has been reported that stretching alone can make the body fit for different types of exercises and movements.
Following are the main advantages of this technique. 
  • It reduces the muscle and joint pain.
  • It improves the efficacy of muscles.
  • Offers agility and easiness to perform exercises.
  • Removes the toxins from body.
  • Improves health and life quality.


 It is recommended to utilize both techniques in a sequence as directed by your fitness trainer. This will make you perfect in order to perform the tough exercises to improve the performance in different fields of daily life. 

Meditating While Riding on a Gtech EBike

Meditating While Riding on a Gtech eBike
Meditation is very much a personal practice. Different practitioners use different techniques, positions, and environments to meditate. Many of them might even seem odd at first, like meditating on a bicycle. While it seems strange at first, cycling offers a unique opportunity for meditation and working towards a healthier state of mind. It gives you a chance to exercise your body while practicing both mindfulness in both your movements and your thoughts.
In order to achieve the right state of mind and begin your meditative journey on a Gtech eBike, all you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Prepare yourself for the ride

Before you begin to cycle, it’s a good idea to do a few warm up exercises. If you want to get into the mood for meditation, you can begin your mindfulness here. Carefully stretch your body and get your blood flowing with some controlled movements. A few minutes of yoga is perfect here, as are some other basic stretches. It’s not about how fancy you are. Instead, it’s about getting your body and mind ready for your journey.

Prepare your Gtech eBike

In order to make sure that there aren’t any unexpected surprises along the way, take a moment to look over your bike. Check the tires for air, perform a brief inspection of the brakes, and make sure that the battery is fully charged. Your Gtech eBike has the power to help you feel free and independent while you ride.

Begin your ride

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in the moment. As you ride, explore the connection between you, your eBike, and the world around you. Concentrate on how you glide effortlessly along as you work the pedals. Notice the cyclical action of your body with each rotation of your legs. 
Explore the connection you have with your bicycle, how your brain and body work together to make many subtle movements to keep it balanced and under perfect control. Observe the gentle boost your Gtech eBike provides and how it accentuates the gliding and floating sensation of cycling in a new way. Be sure to pay attention to your breathing through all of this.

Be present in the moment

Cycling involves a constant flow of new information. When you’re riding along, you can’t keep thinking about the sign you passed a few minutes ago, lest you run into the next one. In other words, when you bicycle, you’re already forcing part of your brain to be present in the moment. When you meditate, all you’re doing is bringing the rest of your mind up to speed.
As you ride, consider each and every new moment. Your mind acts as an incredibly aware siphon of information, drawing in new stimuli from the outside world and working with your body to gently flow forwards on your bicycle. If both your mind and your body are focused on the present, you can rid yourself of worries of the past and the future. Now is the only time that matters. When you’re in the now, you can be at peace with yourself. Take a few deep breaths and let your mind gently drift along as you ride.
The Gtech is available online from £995. Gtech discount codes can be foundon coupon sites like Wikigains.com.

Remove Tattoo at Home With Home Remedies

Nowadays, to look stylish we usually curve tattoos to enhance the beauty of our body. But sometimes we have to remove this luxurious tattoos due to school rules, family pressure or due to breakups. There are hundreds of tattoo removing techniques are available in the market such as laser treatment, intense pulsed light therapy. But unfortunately, they are very expensive. So don’t worry because this article contains some homemade remedies to remove tattoos at home. Follow the instructions properly as well as carefully which are mention below to get rid of these tattoos in very cheap, easy and in less painful manner.
Lemon juice and salt:

This is the most effective and safe solution to solve this tattoo problem. Salt is the compound of sodium and chlorine. This combination can deeply penetrate into the skin resulting in fading the ink color and replacing the skin cover that contains the ink.Lemon contains citric acid which is used as natural detergent which can remove this ink. Also, vitamin C present in lemon helps in regeneration of skin cells as well as their healthy nourishment.


Mix the 100 gm of salt and lemon juice. Use cotton pad or cloth which is completely soaked in this mixture and rub it onto your tattooed skin. Then clean and wash your skin softly with soft water. Apply this daily for 40-50 minutes for just 2-3 days.

Honey plays a very crucial role in fading the ink from the body but not completely removing it. Following are some instructions that you must follow during this process: Mix the salt, sugar, two spoons of honey with milled aloe vera flesh to create tattoo removal cream. Apply this cream onto skin area after clearing the skin. Simply do this process for half an hour for three days. Apply it nicely so that it will penetrate deeply into the skin area and will remove tattoo ink. Also honey makes your skin look naturally shiny.

As we all now lemon contains natural acid such as citric acids which helps in fading the ink area.It is the best tool for those who have especially light tattoos. To remove a tattoo with this method just smoothly clear the skin area with warm water, take lemon juice and just wait until your skin becomes dry hard. This is the low budget activity that everyone must follow in order to vanish the tattoos.   
Aloe Vera:

If you have the skin which is super sensitive then don’t go for any other option than using aloe vera. If you have a small plant of aloe vera in your house then just extract its gel out of it. Scrub this gel onto your tattoo, it will disappear within 4-5 days.
Also, you can mix the gel of aloe vera and yogurt.After that gently apply this solution on the targeted part. Repeating this process 3-4 times a day for a week will permanently vanish your stylish tattoo.
Hydrogen Peroxide:

Hydrogen Peroxide is the earliest discovered remedy to clear your tattoo. It is famous for lightening the ink or pigmentation of the shadow to a certain level. Hydrogen Peroxide is used as antiseptic and also helps to prevent viral infection.

Salabrasion is the technical process to remove the tattoos at home.It includes mainly scrubbing the skin with abrasive pads which are fully soaked in saline solution. The harmful effect of salabrasion is that it does not reach the ink which is in the dermis which further leads to bleeding, pain and extensive inflection. People should use an antibacterial ointment to protect and prevent inflection.

There are simply ready to use creams available in the market in order to disappear your tattoo. But the problem with these creams is that some creams work efficiently while others don’t work at all. So you need to do proper research and choose reliable creams which will help you to remove your tattoo. 
Dermabrasion at home:

It is the most preferable and popular method among women. We know cosmetologist peels and rubs the first layer of people’s skin to remove the dead cells and make their look shiny. In this process, you just have to mix sanding powder in the fresh aloe vera gel and rub this mixture over skin with a simple pumice stone for clearing all the dead skin cells in order to remove a tattoo at home.
Above suggested are some tips to remove a tattoo at home hope will help you.
Source: fogut.com


Fitness At Fifty

Running Shoes As many of us reach the half century mark in our lives, we find ourselves reflecting back on how far we have come, what we have accomplished, where we have been, and any regrets we may have.  One of the things that I do not regret which ranks up there next to my children, is keeping some level of fitness in my life.

Some may get to the mid point in their years, look in a full length mirror and feel unhappy about themselves.  Not having that youthful fit looking body can be a real bummer. It is difficult to maintain a physique of a twenty something through out the remainder of your life. We get jobs, get married, raise families and our body becomes the lower priority and we start to gain weight as our activity level drops and our diet gets out of hand as we eat and drink too much of things we shouldn’t be drinking too much of.  If you know what I mean 😉

Many feel it is too late to get fit as they reach a mid-point in their life.  However, this is not the case.  As long as you do not have any major health limitations, which can be determined by asking a doctor, you can pick up your fitness game at any time.   I was a long distance runner in my younger years, and very active at other things such as biking and hiking.  After my marriage, my activity level dropped and did these things less and less and eventually not at all. At one point I was a good 35 pounds over my typical weight.  I saw a photo of myself, noticed how much chubbier my face was compared to my younger years, and it was then that I took notice of my large gut, love handles, etc.  I decided it was time to get back in the game. As my kids got older and more active, my activity level increased along with them, going on bike outings, hikes, etc.  I even got back into running and my daughter joined me on some short distance runs.  Wanting to accelerate the process, I got into doing some at home fitness programs, changed my eating habits to a healthier lifestyle, and was in the best shape of my life. I actually got to the point where I could go out and run over ten miles which is further than I had ever ran in high school and was even wearing the same size jeans I wore in high school again and I was in my mid-forties!

I have since then gained a bit more weight on several occasions because of poor eating and taking a break from exercise, which I firmly believe in. However, I can always get my weight back down by controlling the eating through calorie tracking and picking up the fitness level.  And you do not have to spend hours a day working out and starving yourself to accomplish this.  My fitness level goes in waves throughout a year, being more active in the late winter and fall to avoid the extreme heat and bitter cold. It is sort of like floating on waves in the ocean.

When I am at a fitness peak, I don’t necessarily spend a lot of
time working out.  I have developed my own fitness program which I spend at most fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning doing strength training coupled with some sort of cardio in the evening or going for a short run, power walk, Kempo, bike rides, etc. and the right kind of eating.  It is essential to mix these activities up. I plan on sharing this program on this blog soon once I get it into a more user friendly format so stay tuned!

Fitness At Fifty

Low impact running is not impossible when you reach an older age.  You just have to give your body more time to recover. It is essential to mix it up with other activities to give your body a break.

In a couple of weeks, I will be turning fifty. The other day I was getting dressed and my full length mirror happened to be turned in such a way that as I walked past, I caught my reflection and was actually happy with what I saw. Even though I am at a trough in my fitness wave right now and just starting into riding up on a wave, I don’t have the ripped abs and bulging muscles as some crave  and is a look that I never really aim for and have never actually looked that way, I thought to myself  “I could look a lot worse”. Knowing that if I had not followed by fitness journey over the years, I would look quite a bit different.  Over the most recent years I have accomplished things that I never would have dreamed of in my thirties such as power walking 30 miles in Relay for Life, surpassing the 10 mile mark on a daily run (several times), setting a personal hiking record by hiking the full length of a mountain in one day which was 22 miles with my good friend who is also a bit of fitness nut.  These are things that I am proud of and will never forget to the day I die and I owe it all to staying fit.

So never give up on yourself and if you are young, start now and it will be much easier to maintain that youthful body into your older years.  And never knock any other person who doesn’t look like they used to because if you don’t take my advice, you are going to be that person someday 🙂

Best of Luck on Your Fitness Journey!

Portable Lightweight Exercise And Fitness Equipments

Fitness Equipments

Exercise equipment that is transportable are popular especially by individuals with a lifestyle that is busy with insufficient room within their house. It’s more straightforward to carry when along anywhere you’re you wish to workout. Today, individuals have zero justification for lacking sufficient period because it may be used actually at your personal office or anywhere you are.

You are able to work-out during breaks to bend these lazy muscles of yours after lengthy resting hours.

If you are a player or sportsman, portable and lightweight fitness equipment might help you to warm up prior to heading for your demanding instruction or hard training. Several skilled players are now actually utilizing these portable fitness equipments and these equipments certainly help them within their everyday training exercises.

Before, everyone was reluctant of buying fitness and exercise machines or equipments because of that they do not have sufficient space and room to maintain them in the home. They simply skipped training with one of these exercise equipment due to the storage space’s dimension required. In the place of purchasing their very own gym equipments, they merely choose registering themselves around their community gym or simply they run and jog.

Using lightweight fitness equipments within the conditioning market’s wide variety, it’s simple to possess of utilizing the fitness equipment right in your premise’s convenience the enjoyment.

Ways to Improve Erections And Have a Sex Life Satisfying With Fildena

Satisfying With Fildena Improve Erections

Many patients of Erectile Dysfunction impose strong demands for purchasing Fildena 100 mg online. This is a popular drug that is well known for dealing with the issue, but the most important point to mention here is that you can only use it after getting prescription from a licensed doctor because inappropriate use can also give rise to a variety of side effects so it is best to use the drug according to the suggestions provided by Doctor. You can buy Fildena 100 mg online but it is suggested that only a good and compatible source should be selected that can provide high quality products to you.

For quicker results the pills can be taken on an empty stomach, but again the suggestions provided by your doctor are important to consider. However, the reviews which have been obtained by this product are extremely positive because of this fact Fildena 100 mg online is getting more popular with each passing day. However, there are raising concerns related with the quality as well because many online sources don’t provide genuine Fildena 100 mg online so it is best to be careful and you must prefer to purchase the product from sources such as http://www.eonlinepharmacystore.com/fildena.

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Are You a Sprinter?


Keeping your body active is one of the best ways to lead a healthy life. Various exercises can be used to remain active, however, sprinting is one of the purest and most powerful way to make sure your body is fit and strong. Sprinting is like running but it consists of a short distance that a sprinter needs to cover in a limited period of time.

With time, sprinters train to run as fast as possible in a set time limit. To become a sprinter, one must have the right gear such as the right shoes and clothing for this sport. For a sprinter, it is highly important to make sure the posture of their body is upright and they are required to move forward like they are cycling.

This powerful form of exercise is perfect for losing weight or for making your way to six packs. Start with a light warm-up and make your way towards increasing time and speed of sprinting. The website for sprinters is indeed one of the best ways to learn how to burn off excess fat and calories. Apart from this, sprinting is also good for a better heart health and helps to reduce stress by producing endorphins. The numerous benefits of this form of exercise are why it is important for everyone to learn sprinting and extract advantages from it.

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Treadmills – Introduction And Advatages

fitness equipments

As fitness is gaining popularity amongst people, the need for good fitness equipments is on the rise. One of the most popular fitness equipment used nowadays is the treadmill. Though treadmills were a simple piece of equipments earlier, lately they are much advanced and also combine two or more exercising routines in them. A treadmill is considered to be a good exercise and workout equipment. With a wide variety of treadmills available in the market with a host of features, finding a treadmill to suit your needs and exercising routing should not be tough.

A treadmill has many advantages over walking outdoors. One of the major advantages is that you can workout regardless of what the weather is. Let it be a windy or raining or any other natural phenomenon like sleet, snow or hail – you can be rest assured that your workout routine would not be hampered due to the weather. Also a treadmill gives you the option to workout anytime of the day you want. Night or day, the treadmill would be your own 24/7 gym. Once you have your own treadmill no longer would you have to worry about the gym timings for your workout!

The outdoors can be risky even if you are careful. The possibility of you getting injured while walking or running outdoors is three times more likely. Added to this is the fact that your foot is steadier while you walk on a treadmill as you walk on a perfectly flat surface unlike outdoors where you cannot always be guaranteed of a flat surface. Walking on hard surfaces can wear out your knees a lot more when compared to walking on soft surfaces. Treadmill running surfaces are soft and are designed to give the least amount of shock to your knees and legs as possible.

Our lives today depend on multi-tasking and treadmills allow you to do just that as you are getting your much needed exercise. While on the treadmill you can read a book, watch any of your favorite shows or even talk over the phone.

Imagine reading a book or a newspaper while walking or jogging outdoors – could lead to a trip to the emergency room. There is a myth that the amount of calories burnt outdoors is more than that on the treadmill. But the truth is that the calories burnt on a treadmill are the same as what is burnt when walking or jogging outside. With the newer treadmills with the inclination facilities, the calories burnt is more than what you can burn walking or jogging outdoors.

For those who are very careful about their health and hygiene, working on a treadmill inside your house greatly reduces the possibility of your exposure to germs that are found outside. Your contact with people while exercising is very less when on a treadmill and that can help you to stay away from sick people who can spread their germs to you. Above all you would have the opportunity to sweat a bit more when compared to walking or jogging outside. A cool breeze will tend to make you sweat less while exercising outside whereas indoors you can exercise in a controlled environment.

Treadmills are available in the many shapes, sizes and of different materials. The major types of treadmills are motorized, manual, folding and stationary treadmills. A manual treadmill run on your power and is very basic in construction – but not in use much nowadays. The motorized treadmill has a motor which moves the belt enabling you to run on it.

Most treadmills in use now are motorized treadmills. The stationary models are sturdier and heavier than folding ones. Do remember that treadmills take up a lot of abuse from you as you keep running on them, so getting a good quality treadmill is important if you want the treadmill to last long.

The growth of treadmills over the years has been significant and stable. A very basic exercise like walking and jogging has been the basic principle on which a treadmill has been constructed. And this is the major advantage of treadmills – the fact that it is simple to use and you need not have to do anything special on it. Just walk or jog on a treadmill as you would do outside.

Treadmills nowadays give out a lot of information about your body as you are exercising. Your heart rate, amount of calories burnt, number of miles you have run and some advanced models can display your body temperature and also your blood pressure. With so much information available to you, it becomes easier for you to plan your exercise routine.

If you have less time, then treadmills with inclination function can help you burn a lot more calories in a lot more time. All treadmills nowadays come equipped with a safety feature that stops immediately when you lose your balance. With lot of safety features being added to treadmills, the time spent on a treadmill can be fruitful and also safe.

Most importantly, just buying a treadmill will not keep you fit. The amount of calories burnt by you is directly proportional to the time you spend on the treadmill. So, to lose weight and be fit, exercise regularly and integrate time to spend on the treadmill into your exercising routine.

If you are looking for weight loss and fitness related information visit this website: http://www.slimmerbetteryou.com/

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