High Protein Low Carb Diet: Effects And Caution

High Protein Low Carb Diet

A high protein low carb diet is a diet that promotes little or almost no carbohydrates and those that are rich sources of protein. More and more people are adopting this diet in hopes of losing weight. Consult your health provider before beginning a high protein low carb diet.

How it Works

Since a high protein low carb diet promotes the consumption of fewer carbohydrates, your body burns fat instead of glucose. This process is called ketosis. During this process, your body gets energized from ketones, the fuel produced by your own fat. Using ketones as body fuel minimizes the tendency of feeling hunger.

Because of the low intake of carbohydrates, a high protein low carb diet causes your body to release water. This contributes to the fast rate of shedding off pounds.


Despite the several benefits of a high protein low carb diet, several medical experts say that it can pose harmful effects to the body, one of which is produced by ketosis itself. People who have tried the high protein low carb diet in the past have said that it usually causes them to feel dizzy, lightheaded and queasy. In addition to this, medical experts say that ketosis results in the rapid loss of important components of the body like water, potassium and sodium.

Another drawback of a high protein low carb diet is that it forces your kidneys to work more than they normally do. This overwork is caused by the excess proteins they have to process. As a result, you are more susceptible to kidney disease.

Most high protein food comes from animal fat that tend to raise the level of your cholesterol and increase the risk of different kinds of cancer. For this reason, you must incorporate beans, whole grains, fruits and vegetables into your high protein low carb diet. These foods are rich in vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and other important components that help you combat diseases. Some of them are even good sources of protein. 

Peanut Butter Power Porridge: Another Power Breakfast – Quick And Easy High Protein Meal

This is a great quick high protein recovery meal after a morning workout.   Quick and simple, it provides a ton of protein.  The “Power” comes from adding a scoop of protein powder.

Peanut Butter Power Porridge
Quick and Easy High Protein Breakfast Meal: Peanut Butter Power Porridge
high protein breakfast meal
3 main ingredients make up this quick high protein breakfast meal: protein powder, quick oatmeal, and peanut butter.

1 scoop of vanilla protein mix                                                   140
1/4 cup of quick oats                                                                 150
2 tablespoons of peanut butter                                                  190

Total Calories                                                                            480

Protein                    38  g
Fat                          20.5 g
Carbs                         42 g


Chocolate Peanut Butter Porridge

Use chocolate flavored protein mix instead of vanilla.

Peanut Butter Banana Porridge

Crush or chop up a banana and add it to the mix.  This fruity addition will add a valuable 400+ mg of potassium to your meal.


99 Calories
1 gram of protein
0.4 grams of fat
31 grams of carbohydrates

Add a banana to the peanut butter power porridge to sweeten up the taste and add extra heart healthy potassium for workout recovery.

Don’t want so many carbs?  Cut the banana in half.

Want Crunchy?  

Add 1/4 cup of unsalted dry roasted peanuts to the mix.  

Add a banana to the peanut butter power porridge to give it an extra crunch.


160 Calories
6 grams of protein
13 grams of fat
6 grams of carbohydrates


Top 7 Ayurvedic Herbs to Combat Stress And Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Among the dreadful psychological disorders, stress and anxiety can be given humongous credit. The incidences of stress and anxiety are quite higher in the developed countries. Dissatisfaction and over-expectations in personal and professional lives are the main causes of stress and anxiety. In the outer world, stress, anger, jealousy occur but individuals but they usually end up getting severely affected by it rather than finding a solution to get rid of these negativities.

In today’s world, almost everyone has got the “born to conquer” attitude. There are hardly people who are willing to accept their failures or learn from them. That is why, it is very common to find dissatisfied individuals around. People take their failures and get doomed thinking of the fact they could not achieve their goals, monitory satisfaction, political powers or higher recognition in the society.

Stress and anxiety are explained as causative factors for various ailments. A positive approach in life helps a person to reach pristine heights but a depressed mind brings many diseases apart from the feeling of negativity.

What are the symptoms of stress?

  • The primary symptom of stress is the lack of concentration that makes all tasks hugely difficult. There is always a negative feeling which makes things appear much tougher than they really are. Memory power is also weakened due to stress.
  • The emotional symptoms include short temper, constant irritability, excessive depression, confining self to loneliness, grimness.
  • Physical symptoms include—diarrhoea, nausea, pains, racing heart-beat, sleeplessness, breathing trouble, hypertension, and decreased immunity.

If you ever feel overwhelmed by stress, focus on your awareness on how the body works. Do not try to meddle with anything. Simply observe these things:

  • Have you lost your interest in work?
  • Do you have butterflies in the stomach?
  • Is your mind racing fast?
  • Does your heart beat fast?

All of these are the natural responses of the body to stress.

Anxiety- Anxiety is a simple term used for the combination of worry and nervousness. Though anxiety appears to be a temporary state of nervousness of mind, its effect can lead to severe complications like—depression, psycho-somatic disorders etc. In the present lifestyle, busy life, competition, eager to beat the challenges, micro-family, staying away from home, weekend parties etc. contribute to anxiety. Ayurveda emphasises that food habits play a significant role in the origin of anxiety. According to Ayurveda, both Vayu and Pitta are aggravated which lead to the instability of the Doshas in their sites which further causes altered or extravagant functions of the sense organs.

Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety includes proper assurance in any kind of psychological illness. Proper assurance helps to get rid of the false believes and also modifies the way of thinking. It builds the confidence of the individual, hence, anxiety is reduced. Medicines which calm the mind and pacify Vata-Pitta are highly beneficial.

Top 7 Herbs to combat stress and anxiety

As per Ayurveda, when the functions of Vyan Vayu, Sadhak Pitta, Tarpak Pitta, Prana Vayu get disturbed, it affects the mental abilities. In such conditions, herbs under “Medhya Category” are helpful to relieve stress and anxiety related problems without any side effects.

1. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) — The herb Ashwagandha acts as an adaptogen. An adaptogenic herb means an agent that improves the body’s natural ability to fight emotional and physical stress. The active constituents found in Ashwagandha are known for stress attenuating activity. Cortisol is a hormone that induces stress. Ashwagandha delays the release of cortisol by the adrenals, which prevents the negative effect of long term cortisol production and prevents exhaustion of adrenals. This has direct anti-stress effect, recognized by the scientists.

2. Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) — This herb promotes awareness and relaxation thus calms the mind. Jatamansi is the best herb for nervous disorders. It calms the muscles and reduces spasms and is also effective in relieving stress and strain during menopause.

3. Shankhpushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) -– Shankhpushpi is a common Ayurvedic herb used for various mental disorders, depression etc. It aids in improving memory and strength. Hence, also useful in Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, students seeking memory improvement. It enhances mood and relieves anxiety. As per Charak Samhita 1.3, regular intake of 2-3 grams of Shankhpushpi works as an excellent brain tonic. It is helpful in treating shivering, confusion, memory problems, anxiety and stress.

4. Brahmi (Bacopa monneiri) -– Brahmi is used in Ayurvedic system of medicine since 3000 years. It is classified as “Medhya Rasayana” in Ayurveda. The herb has been mentioned in Charak Samhita since 6th century which has been recommended in formulations for curing mental conditions including anxiety, poor cognition, and it acts as an energiser for the brain as well as the heart.

5. Vacha (Acorus calamus) -– Vacha is mainly used for speech related disorders. This herb alleviates Vata and Kapha doshas but aggravates the Pitta dosha. It enhances the memory of the person. Regular intake of this herb improves the memory. It has a mild sedative action and can be used in epilepsy also.

6. Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) -– It is classified under the Brahmi family for its brain enhancing and anti-aging properties. It is also known as the elixir of life. The leaves of this herb look like the cerebellum and are used for promoting intellectual abilities and the roots resemble the torso of human body are used for curing various psycho-somatic ailments. In addition to its uses in psycho-somatic disorders, gotu kola is also used for treating chronic and degenerative diseases.

7. Pushkarmool (Inula racemosa) -– This plant is useful in conditions like—anxiety, breathing difficulties etc.
In addition, herbs like – jyotishmati (Celastrus paniculatus), Hing (asafoetida), cumin seeds are useful in stress associated with gastric symptoms, bloating, anorexia etc. as these herbs improve digestive strength and increase the rate of metabolism.

Apart from herbs, Meditation and Pranayama are also very helpful in coping stress and anxiety. Meditation is a process of becoming witness to the inner phenomenon where thoughts gradually stop overpowering you. Meditation helps in developing immunity against stress, restoring the body to its normal operating conditions. For quick reduction in stress and to get a calm mind, increase the time period of Meditation.

Author Bio -– This article is written by DR. Vikram Chauhan (MD – AYURVEDA). He is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner based in Chandigarh, India and doing his practice in Mohali, India. He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda (Ancient healing treatment), not only in India but also abroad. He is the CEO and Founder of Planet Ayurveda Products, Planet Ayurveda Clinic and Krishna Herbal Company.

Advantages Of Using Room Air Purifier

Room Air Purifiers

Room Air Purifiers are used in offices and houses around the world. They’re getting recognition as people spend more focus on the contaminants within the atmosphere and also about the quality of air they breathe. Air Purifiers offers wide range of advantages to customers from the moment they begin using the device, whether they decide to utilize it at home or at work.

The very first advantage that everybody knows about the Air Purifier is the fact that they eliminate contaminants in the atmosphere. They’re getting used in all rooms and homes. New parents are employing them to ensure that their newborn just breathes in the finest and clearest atmosphere. Some parents also use this device to reduce symptoms of asthma. Others make use of the system to ensure that they just actually breathe in clean climate when at home or within their workplace or office.

These air cleaners or purifiers are ideal for anybody struggling with air-borne allergies or respiratory problems for example asthma or allergies. Using the air purifiers having the ability to eliminate a higher amount of the dirt contaminants in the room, which decreases the chance of an unwanted asthma attack. Asthmatics may suffer with dirt in a room. For individuals who suffer with allergies, like a pollen allergy, these air cleaners and purifiers provide clean climate to breathe, which decreases the chance of the flare-up whenever you expect it.

What’s promising is the fact that air purifiers or cleaners are extremely simple to buy and use if you purchase from the trustworthy provider, they will provide you simple instructions to follow to make sure that your air purifiers works at it is best all the time, usually placing your well being and luxury health first.

You can find more information about Room Air Purifiers here: http://www.pickvacuumcleaner.com/choose-the-best-air-purifier-for-allergies-and-asthma.html

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Buy Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves Made With Quality Material

Buy Weight Lifting Knee Sleeves

Are you looking for the way to avoid injury on your knees and joint while you lift heavy weight? You should go ahead and buy weight lifting knee sleeves made with high quality material. The best of this item is the neoprene knee sleeve as it is built to offer users comfort and warmth on the joint. That means you will start to carry heavier weight more than ever when you get high quality knee support brace. The quality of the material used in production of this brace is among the reasons why you need to go for it. It will definitely offer you what you want and even enhance your comfort and performance in weight lifting, squatting and lots more.

Get Knee Sleeve for Crossfit Here without Stress

The knee sleeve for crossfit offered on this site is made with 7mm neoprene material which made it the best. It is also one of the best lifting knee sleeves you need to have as a weight lifter mostly when you want to start carrying heavier weight. Another thing this brace is equally among the best knee sleeve for squat in case you want to embark on squatting exercise and others. The knee sleeves for squatting offered on this site is just what you need to ensure comfort, safety and enhance your performance in weight lifting. Just order for knee sleeve for squats here and you will have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Healthy Heart Resolution Guide – Martec Lifecare Defibrillators

The heart is an imperative organ in our bodies, it pumps and supplies energy and oxygenated blood to our body’s crucial organs. However, it requires protection.

At the beginning of each year, the vast majority of people make the decision to right their wrongs from the previous year and push themselves to improved states of mind and body by setting targets and goals.

What better resolution is there than to try and take care of your heart, to have a truly significant effect on improving your health. Listed below are three key measures to maintaining a healthy heart.

  1. Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker, stopping entirely is of utmost importance if you are serious about the health of your heart.

Smoking accounts for significant causes and effects of coronary heart disease. The key point is that after a year of stopping smoking the risk of a heart attack decreases by fifty percent compared to that of a smoker.  It is clear that the payback is almost instantaneous and considerable.

It is recommended that smokers quit steadily by diminishing a number of cigarettes smoked in a phase as an alternative to immediately quitting full stop; as going ‘cold turkey’ often fails. By lessening the nicotine amount slowly, the obstacle is easier to overcome.

  1. Exercise on a regular basis

Joining the gym in January, again, and burning yourself out in a month will not solve any long-term health goals. The mission is about sustaining the action all the way through to 2018 and beyond to truly make a change.

Staying active can decrease the threat of heart disease, is a fantastic boost for the frame of mind and can bust stress considerably. The optimal time spent exercising each week should be 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic movement. This can be neatly broken up to 30 minutes five days out of the week. Think that sounds tough to fit in? Why not cycle rather than drive to work or go far a long walk after every lunchtime or evening. Easy.

  1. Weight Management

Effective weight management relies upon maintaining a well-balanced diet at the same time as increasing the time spent being physically active. The importance of keeping in good physical shape ensures the threat of heart disease is nominal. The greatest way to maintain awareness of weight is by using a BMI calculator.

A diet containing the key food groups [i.e. Vegetable and Fruit, Starch Food, Dairy, A NonDairy source of Protein and High in Fat/Sugar foods] guarantees acquiring the important vitamins and nutrients to maintain excellent health and fuel exercise.

  1. Up for the Challenge?

So if you can stick to these simple measures it is very likely that your heart health will dramatically improve and you will hit those fitness goals. Good luck!

Martec Lifecare proudly distributes Defibtech products. The Lifeline Range of Defibrillators that have won many industry awards and maintained the highest technological standards for AED devices on the United Kingdom market.

For additional information concerning sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), defibrillators, how to maintain excellent health for your heart and useful information please have a look at our Defibrillators FAQ page.

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Reasons to Visit London Medical And Aesthetic Clinic

Skin Care

If you want to have any kind of plastic surgery, you can visit London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic for best treatment. At this clinic you can enjoy wide range of medical services like cellulaze laser, body title, laser assisted liposuction and smartpolio treatment. You can also avail cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicines and non-surgical treatments. We are committed to offer highest level of treatment and care. It is reported that skin and dermal problems are increasing in the world with the passage of time. Our quality professionals promise exceptional experience and care. Therefore most of the patients love to visit our clinic. The key reasons to visit London medical clinic are followings

Wide range of medical treatments:

At London medical clinic you can enjoy best dermal services including surgical and non surgical treatments. The key surgical treatments include plastic surgery, laser skin rejuvenation, laser thread veins, skin peels and scare treatment. The list of non surgical treatments include soft facial thread lifting, sculptra, dermal filters and skin polishing. If you need any kind of skin or dermal treatment you can visit this clinic with confidence. You will find all kinds of medical and aesthetic treatments there. Highest standard of treatment and care is promised at this clinic.

Top leading plastic surgeons

When you visit London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic, you will enjoy best aesthetic treatments by most experienced and qualified surgeons. Latest and advanced treatments are offered at this clinic like non-surgical aesthetic treatments and laser cosmetic service. You will find top plastic surgeons specialized in different fields like scare free breast lift, facial contouring and smartlip laser assisted liposuction. You can view the detailed profiles of surgeons online. You just need to visit the website of this clinic to view the available services. You can also confirm your appointments online.

Outstanding fame and reputation:

This clinic is also famous because of its exceptional reputation in the world. It is reported that patients from all over the world visit this clinic to enjoy dermal and skin treatments. We offer wide range of options to meet patient’s requirements well. With a great choice of options we try to use the right treatments that patients deserve. All these features make this aesthetic clinic most popular in the UK. At London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic you will find all types of aesthetic and dermal service. You can also make advance appointments anytime. Our tool free number is available 24 hours a day for valuable customers.

Safest and highly effective treatments:

At London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic you will find latest skin treatments. This skin center is dedicated for skin patients who want to improve their aesthetic value. This clinic is run by most experienced and qualified dermatologists. You can easily acquire healthy and flawless skin by visiting this clinic. In order to have regular updates, you just need to keep visiting our website regularly. Feel free to visit tool free number of this website. You will have all types of skin related treatments at this clinic with ease and comfort.

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How to Get Water Out of Your Ear Quickly And Safely

ear water

Normally after swimming or taking a bath, water will be trapped inside your ears. However, it might happen some other times as well. It is perfectly natural that the water will sooner or later drain out of the ear. However, in some other cases, when it does not, there might be the trigger for a type of infection which is called swimmer’s ear.

A person who experiences water trapped inside his ears may feel a tickling sensation that comes from the throat as well. In some serious cases, there might be issues related to hearing. Therefore, people should prevent putting anything such as pens, bobby pins, fingers or cotton – tipped swabs into the ears because these tools may damage your ears tissue and raise the risk of getting ear infections as well. So it is highly recommended that you follow these below remedies to get the water out of your ear as soon as possible.

How you should prevent water to come inside your ear:

The best way to prevent the water from being trapped inside your ear is that you should wear a cap or use ear plugs when swimming or bathing. Alternatively, you may use a dry tower to clean the ears after bath or swimming. It is recommended by doctors that those play water sport or those are usually in water should wear earplugs or caps.

Why you should get water out of the ear as soon as possible?

If water is trapped in the ear for a long period, one may develop an ear infection. Generally, the infection is caused by bacteria which normally found in polluted water.

If you suspect the signs of ear infection, you should probably go to see doctor as soon as possible. It is reported that people are more prone to ear infection if they are playing water in place such as a lake or river because that water contain more bacteria than swimming pools. Swimming pools are much safer since the bacteria and pH levels are regularly checked.  In addition, the risk of developing swimmer’s ear may also rise for people who suffer from chronic skin condition of the ear like eczema or psoriasis. The ear has a few defense mechanism to prevent infections, however when these defenses are collapsed, the infection may invade. Excess moisture, scratches or cuts in ear canal and allergies can lead to infection as well.

Here are numerous ways to get the water out of the ear in the safest way it might be.

  • Tilt your head on one side and tug or jig the earlobe so that water can gradually flow out of the ear. Alternatively, you may try to shake your head from one side to another to get rid of the trapped water.
  • The second method is that you may create a vacuum by tilting your head on one side and keeping a palm cupped over the ear to let the water escape. By quickly flattening and cupping the palm towards the ear, the vacuum is effective in creating a force to pull the water out.
  • You might want to apple heat compress to the ear. The compress should be done in the intervals of half an hour and it should take a break about 1 minute before being repeated for 4 – 5 times. Remember to lie down on the side of the ear gets water trapped so that the water may drain out faster.
  • Evaporating the trapped water is another effective way to get rid of water in the ear. Ones should set the blow dryer at the lowest level and keep it 10 – 12 cm away from the ear. By tugging the earlobe while moving the dryer in the rounding motion, the heat from the dryer will dissolve the water.
  • When other remedies are not effective, you may want to add some alcohol and vinegar together to create a solution. Drop some of them into your ears so that the alcohol helps you to evaporate the water while the vinegar will kill the bacteria in case they can create ear infection. Using a sterile dropper, you may put 2 – 3 drops of this fluid into their ear. Wait for 30 seconds and tilt your head sideways to let the solution drain out.
  • Alternatively, you can dilute hydrogen peroxide ear drops with some water. It should be 3 – 4 drops of the solution to get rid of trapped water. After 1 – 2 minutes or more, you can tilt your head with the affected side is heading towards the floor so that the water being trapped may drain out.
  • Another warm compress is that soaking a clean cloth in warm water. Squeeze out the excessive water and hold it towards the affected ear while put your head with the affected side heading downward.

Hope you can apply these methods to get water out of your ear as safe as possible.

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Risks of Physical Exercise at High Temperatures

best treadmills

Beyond the typical diseases of the summer there are conditions that can be contracted if activities are carried out without taking precautions due to the high temperature and humidity, as in the case of physical exercise on best treadmills, in poor conditions, can cause heat cramps, syncope and blow of hot.

“It is necessary to keep in mind some considerations to enjoy these activities, without risk to health,” said Oscar Mendoza Figueredo, cardiologist and dermatologist at the Cardiovascular Institute of Buenos Aires.

The specialist explained in a statement that among the most common ailments in these circumstances are “heat cramps, heat syncope and heat stroke.”

Heat cramps are often acute and are caused by loss of minerals and dehydration, as a result of high rates of sweating.

“They are treated by taking the person to a cool place and giving them liquids and / or sports drinks,” he said.

Heat syncope manifests itself through a set of symptoms such as extreme fatigue, gasping, dizziness, vomiting, fainting, cold and moist skin, or hot and dry, low blood pressure (hypotension), and weak and rapid pulse.

“The behavior if the person is conscious is to moisturize with saline solutions, rest in a cool environment and elevate the legs; If you are unconsciously transferring it immediately for your medical care and placement of fluids and minerals intravenously, “said Mendoza Figueredo.

The most serious of the three conditions is heat stroke, characterized by a high body temperature (above 40 ° C), cessation of sweating, hot and dry skin, rapid pulse and breathing, hypertension, confusion and unconsciousness.

“If you do not treat it quickly and effectively, you can progress to the coma and subsequently cause death. Until it is transferred to a care center, you must lower the temperature with cold water and wrap the body with wet sheets, “he explained.

To avoid all these complications, the recommendations are: do not perform outdoor activities when the temperature and humidity are high, schedule the activity for the first hours of the morning or evening, hydrate properly with water every 20 minutes and continue to moisturize After the routine is finished; Wear clothing that does not accumulate heat (avoid long pants, long sleeves, dark clothing); Do not wrap plastics around the body; And perform a medical checkup before starting any physical activity.

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5 Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Goal by Using Rowing Machine

Using Rowing Machine

Are you planning to set your fitness goal by using rowing machine and if so, how rowing workouts can help with weight loss, muscle building, increased speed or better endurance? It’s simple: you can build a thicker and stronger back by following six ways of rowing workouts in your daily exercise routine.

How to Achieve Fitness Goal by Using Rowing Machine?

Are you ready to row? Start with one of these five workout plans. Read the tips below and go for the first one.

  1. Body Blast: 20 Minutes Workout

If you haven’t enough time, try this 20-Minute rowing exercise to burn calories quickly. You’re able to burn roughly 200 calories in total by this minimize workout.

  • Step 01: 5-minute warm-up.
  • Step 02: 1-min row and 1-min rest. Repeat these process eight rounds.
  1. High-Intensity Interval Sprints: 30 Minutes Workout

These high-intensity intervals help to get a quick sweat fix. You’ll burn around 300 calories in total by this workout. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Let’s improve your strength and explosive power in just 30 minutes.

  • Step 01: 10 minutes easy row warm up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes squats.
  • Step 03: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes push-ups.
  • Step 04: 30 seconds sprint with maximum effort and then 30 seconds rest. Repeat this process five rounds and then 2 minutes air squats.
  1. Pyramid Power: 40 Minutes Workout

Try this 40 minutes challenge to enhance endurance and consistency with your rowing workout. You’re able to burn around 450 calories in total by this workout. Aim to keep the same workout strength or pace on each interval. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Be warned that the same amount of time doesn’t indicate it’s going to be very easy!

  • Step 01: 8-10 minute warm-up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 1-min row and 1-min rest.
  • Step 03: 2-min row and 2-min rest.
  • Step 04: 3-min row and 3-min rest.
  • Step 05: 4-min row and 4-min rest.
  • Step 06: 3-min row and 3-min rest.
  • Step 07: 2-min row and 2-min rest.
  • Step 08: 1-min row and 1-min rest.
  1. Lean Leapfrog: 45 Minutes Workout

While most rowing exercises are aerobic, this one is anaerobic. This process competes against you during these aggressive bursts. It’s like a weight lifting session, while you’ll apply muscles enough to produce lactate that leaves you with that burns-so-good sensation. Stroke rate should be 26-32. Try this 40 minutes challenging rowing workout to burn roughly 700 calories.

  • Step 01: 9 minutes warm-up and then rest 1 minute.
  • Step 02: 1-min sprint and 1-min rest. Repeat this process five times and take rest a minute.
  • Step 03: Repeat the second phase 3 rounds.
  1. Neutral-Grip Cable Row

Finally, you can try this exercise to set your ultimate fitness goal by using rowing machine. This process hits on your every muscle in your subsequent musculature that helps to emphasize the “squeeze” of the scapula pulling back muscles together. This workout is frequently used by bodybuilders to complete the back and offers a smooth and consistent resistance. Try to use this workout at the end of your exercise in your daily routine. While you are in a set position, the seated row is the ideal training to improve the muscles in the back safely. Use as heavy as you can lift for 10-15 reps.


The workouts mentioned above probably work best that keep you coming back to your rower for more. When you keep doing these workouts, you’ll feel the outcomes from the first session. However, you’ll get bored sometimes, and eventually, you’ll stop training. So, you have to know first that how do you keep motivated?

  • Firstly, you are starting rowing workouts to see results speedily. The best way to achieve your fitness goal fast is to use heart rate training programs to get the maximum exercise.
  • Secondly, you have to change the variation to make it interesting. In other words, mix it up and make it interesting. Time or distance, strokes per minute and the resistance level are the variables in any training sessions. If you’re new to rowers, start with a beginners program.

Hope you’ll achieve the fitness goal by using rowing machine workouts. Best of luck!

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