5 Health And Beauty Tips That Every Bride Should Know For Her Wedding Day

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Marriage is an extraordinary day where of course, all brides want to look impeccable and radiant in the photographs; Although it is true that one of the most recurrent concerns is to lose weight to enter the dress; There are actually several tips that brides should keep in mind; They are health and beauty tips to look radiant on that day.

The photographers who are responsible for the session, can sometimes help a little adding touch-ups and slight corrections so that in the photos you look amazing but let’s give them less work trying to put into practice these 10 health and beauty tips that you should Put into practice before your wedding!

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How to look fantastic on your wedding day?

1. Sleep

The best way to look radiant at your wedding is sleeping, since your body releases hormones that regulate the metabolism and that will help you control your appetite preventing weight gain. Your eyes will look rested and your skin will look much fresher and cleaner. Rest is important because stress could affect your health in a terrible way

2. Eat well

Getting married does not mean that you should be on a diet 3 months before; you should eat well and above all in a balanced way. Try to put aside flours and sugars. And give priority to proteins so that you develop more and better muscle mass. You will truly see the results in spectacular wedding photographs.

3. Exercise

I strongly recommend exercising to strengthen and tone your body, especially if your wedding dress reveals the arms and chest area. That way in your wedding photographs you will look very healthy and strengthened and also allow your body to be strong and healthy for that big day.

4. Go to a SPA or relaxation center

It may seem like a big investment but it is necessary that you could go a few days before your wedding to a relaxation and massage center or SPA, in order that you can relax all your muscles and do not have any kind of stress or accumulated tension for that great day, remember that that is reflected in the photographs. That is, something very important is that you do not allow any type of dermatological treatment at least 20 days before your wedding, as this can have negative side effects such as irritation, allergy and rash. Avoid that!

5. Take vitamins

It is likely that with nerves, you can have a low defense, it is normal but in short it is something that you should avoid since that could result in a strong flu or respiratory diseases. Avoid the day of your wedding you are with discomforts trying to take vitamins and B complex to strengthen your immune system. Similarly we recommend that you put into practice a jugoterapia that besides raising your defenses will help you to nourish you and look very healthy in this special day of your wedding.

Mental Energy: 10 Tips to Unleash Your Mental Power

Our mind is the center of our life. It is the “engine” that allows us to achieve our goals and vital goals. It is normal that sometimes we find ourselves lower in energy and feel that we forget things, that we have misconceptions, that we make wrong decisions, that it is hard for us to think clearly, etc … Mental fatigue, is often accompanied by feelings of sadness, irritability, anxiety , stress, worry. These negative feelings can affect our day to day, producing dissatisfaction and unhappiness. In this article we tell you how to boost your mental power. Discover these 10 simple tips that will help you improve mental energy.

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25 Tips to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Sometimes we do not know what we dislike more, whether overweight or having to diet. As we go hungry and deprive ourselves of what we like, it does not attract us even a little and we leave it for later. Also, in cases where we try and it does not seem to work, some mistakes can be made.

With these tips you do not have to wait any more because you only have to introduce a few small changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle to recover the ideal shape and weight without much sacrifice.

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Are Dates Good or Bad For You?

Are Dates Good or Bad For You
Of all the foods cultivated across the world, dates are considered to be one of the oldest. Originally grown over centuries in the Middle East, they have now spread all across the world. These fruits are renowned for their sweet taste and chewy texture. Currently, there are more than 2,000 known varieties of dates grown and consumed all over the world, with the medjool variety being the most popular.


Dates are incredibly versatile as well. After all, they find use in everything from protein shakes to dessert recipes to even savory meat dishes. As such it is worth knowing about the nutritional profile of dates.


The Nutritional Fact Sheet of Dates


Potassium: There are several essential nutrients present in dates and that makes them a rather healthy choice. In fact, just four dates will have around 668mg of potassium. That translates to approximately 14% of the daily requirement of the mineral.


Vitamins: A single serving of the fruit can provide you with 12% of niacin that you require daily. Niacin is essential for your body as it is used for breaking down food and converting into energy. It also helps in nerve function. Apart from niacin, other vitamins found in dates include vitamin A and vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is essential for building muscles and aids in the growth of nails and hair. As for Vitamin A, it plays a role in the protection of the eyes, the skin and the mucous membranes.


Iron: Dates are also rich in iron. In fact, a serving of dates can provide you with 11% of the iron that you require on a daily basis. As you may already know, iron is a vital component of red blood cells and helps transport oxygen all over the body.


Fiber: Fiber is one of the major nutrients found in dates. In fact, four dates are enough to fulfill 21% of the daily required amount of fiber for men. In the case of women, that is roughly 30%. Of course, fiber is essential during the digestive processes as it can help you avoid constipation and reduces hunger pangs.


Antioxidants: Antioxidants can also be found in ample quantities in dates in the form of tannins. These antioxidants can reduce inflammation and help you avoid cell damage.


Calories and Sugars: A major health issue with dates is that they are not low on calories. In fact, they are quite rich in sugar and carbs. Therefore, while they can give you a burst of energy when required, they are not suitable for weight-loss programs.


The Benefits of Dates
There are several benefits to consuming dates. Take a look at some of them below.


Relief from Constipation

Dates are capable of providing relief from constipation. In fact, they are often considered to be laxative food. There are a few ways in which you can gain this benefit from the fruit. Usually people soak a few dates in water and leave them over night. In the morning, the dates will have turned into a syrup-like preparation which can be consumed easily. The laxative effects of dates are the result of the high soluble fiber content. Soluble fiber is essential for the promotion of healthy bowel movements

Improves Bone Strength
Dates contain several minerals essential to the health of bones such as selenium, manganese and magnesium. These minerals can strengthen your bones and reduce your risks for serious diseases such as osteoporosis.


Reduce Risks of Anemia
Iron is one of the major minerals found in dates. As such, these fruits are perfect for helping you stave off the risks of anemia. Anemia is the result of a deficiency of iron in the body. By consuming dates, this lack of iron can be overcome. At the same time, it can improve energy levels and reduce feelings of tiredness and sluggishness.


The Disadvantages of Dates
Despite the benefits provided, dates should be consumed with caution. There are a few downsides to this fruit which you should be aware of.


The Sugar Content Is Too High
The high concentration of sugar and calories in dates makes them an unsuitable choice as a health food in many cases. Diabetes patients, especially, need to stay away from them since dates have a glycemic index of 103, a considerably high number. Due to this high glycemic index, dates can cause a rapid rise of the blood sugar levels in the body. This worsens the diabetic condition. As such, even healthy individuals need to consume dates in moderate amounts.


Can Increase Body Weight
It is difficult to include dates in a weight loss program due to their mixture of high fiber and high sugar contents. Since they are rich in dietary fibers, dates can keep you satisfied for a longer period of time, reducing your hunger pangs and stops you from overeating. However, dates contain a significant amount of calories and sugars. As such, it becomes extremely easy to exceed your recommended daily calorie intake.


As a result, you can quickly gain weight instead of losing it. If you are on a weight loss program and you want to consume dates, you need to do so in moderation.


May Worsen Diarrhea
Dates are often employed as a natural way of getting relief from diarrhea. However, that isonly possible when you are consuming dates in moderation. Excessive consumption of dates can, however, actually worsen it. It can also result in uneasiness and dehydration. This is due to the high amounts of fiber present in dates.


Can Lead To Hyperkalemia
Hyperkalemia is a dangerous condition which occurs when the concentration of potassium in blood increases significantly. Since dates contain a significant amount of this mineral, excessive consumption of the fruits can actually lead to this condition. You should also note that hyperkalemia may even require immediate medical assistance.




Dates can certainly make a healthy addition to your diet plan. The benefits are considerable. However, care must be taken to ensure that they are never consumed in excess. Too many dates can lead to several issues, after all.

High Protein Diet Plan: Benefits And Tips

High Protein Diet Plan

A high protein diet plan is a plan that details the food you must eat or the menu you must follow to maintain high protein diet. It usually includes high protein diet menus for several days.

Benefits of Preparing a High Protein Diet Plan

Upon adoption of a high protein diet, you must consider your diet plan right away. One benefit of doing so is that you can follow this diet more easily since you have a guide that tells you what food you must consume for every meal of the day. Also, you can buy all the high protein food you need from the grocery at one time and stock up to avoid shortage later on.

A high protein diet plan also serves as your guide to the right serving sizes for each kind of food. This minimizes the risk of consuming too much protein, which can be detrimental to your health. As the days go by, your diet plan will help you to monitor how well you are able to stick to your diet.

High Protein Diet Plan Tips

* Make sure to consult your health provider before making your own high protein diet plan. There are various sources on the market like feature articles and commercial companies, but your health provider can guide you best as to which food and menus are ideal for your body.

* If you want to use a high protein diet plan to reach your target weight, inform your health provider about it so that they can adjust your diet. They can also advise you of the approximate weight that is ideal for your condition.

* It is better to develop a high protein diet plan that consists of several small snacks than one made up of a few large meals. Fat accumulates more if you follow a plan with few large meals every day. Also, you minimize the chance of getting hungry often if you snack every now and then.

* Designing a high protein diet plan should not mean forcing yourself to eat bland food every day. A high protein diet can be rich in flavor if you just use your creativity when preparing your food. In fact, you are more likely to follow your plan if you include your favorite high protein food. Make sure, though, to consult your health provider before doing this.

Diet & Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

For you to ensure overall health and moderate your body weight, you must learn to eat clean and healthy. To eat clean here simply means eating foods that are all natural. It will not only help you to lose weight but also to lose most stubborn fats in your body. But before you will be able to get the result you want you want learn what work for you from sleep, diet to workout. Bellow is healthy Diet & Weight Loss tips you need to know.

  • Eat foods reach in healthy fats: Some foods like nuts, fish, avocado and beans are great for your health and weight loss.
  • Eat whole eggs
  • Go for leafy greens
  • Consider adding salmon in your meal
  • Go for cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and others for Diet & Weight Loss.

Everyone wants to be in shape these days. Fitting into that slimming outfit or building those biceps to look good is everybody’s desire. One needs to work out every day to stay in shape. However going to the gym regularly can be a problem since it is costly and time-consuming. A home gym is a perfect solution to make a healthy change.

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Consider Some of The Advantages of E-juices?

e juice flavour

When you are a tobacco user in search of makeing the change to e-cigarettes, you could be almost certainly interested in what you will be placing within your lungs as opposed to that dreadful cigarette smoke. The one thing you should attempt and may turn out to be your preferred vape is the wild blueberries e-liquids.

Vaping may well appear similar to cigarette smoking but these are two totally different things. Tobacco users need to go the whole day with this nasty odour whilst an individual that consider e-juices are wandering around smelling like fairy floss, fruit loops, and cinnamon buns.


Due to the minimal cosmetic impact and lack of health an affect on observers, vaping is socially acceptable in numerous places where cigarette smoking just isn’t. Additionally, the option for quickly taking out an e-cigarette and having a number of puffs– providing equally as much nicotine as is desired at this time, rather than having to light and smoke an entire cigarette– offers substantial advantages for many of us.

Much more Variety

One of the better e-cigarette benefits is most probably that people can select their e juice taste and type. There are many methods for vaping, and every device possesses its own character. You will discover similarly numerous flavours and web pages where one can target your individual taste in e-liquids. Further than that, there are several forms of atomizers and mods and approaches to extra customize their look whilst cigarettes all look and taste identical.

I made the switch to ejuices a while back and find it a much more appealing way to live my life. I get my ejuice flavour here if youd like to take a gander.

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Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

Maintain Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is a desire of every person in the world. There is no doubt that healthy skin affects our personality and appearance. You can face wide range of skin problems in your life like acne, aging, depressions and others. All these problems can affect the quality of your skin. In order to fix all types of skin related issues, it is recommended to visit a good dermatologist. He can offer you a best solution of skin problems. In order to repair the skin damages, dermatologists offer radical treatments because they deliver fast response. You can visit London Dermatology Centre with confidence to enjoy the best treatments. This dermatology clinic has a team of expert and qualified dermatologists. Acne is a very acute skin problem and it is very common in the whole world. The key sign of this skin problem is presence of depressions on skin. When you face the depressions in your skin, you can use preventive measures to fill up the depressions. Most of the dermatologist recommends different types of creams and lotions for this kind of treatment.

Ageing skin is also a very severe issue. It is a natural process of degeneration of epidermis of human skin. It reduces the quality and performance of skin with the passage of time. It converts the color of radiant and healthy skin. Ageing is a natural process of degeneration of human skin. It is not possible to stop this process but you can reduce the speed of this process with ease. You can use different types of remedies and products to slow down this process. When you visit a dermatologist, you can have a best treatment. A professional and qualified dermatologist can prescribe you best treatment for this issue. Use of healthy vegetable and fruits can help to slow down the ageing process. When you visit London Dermatology Centre you will have the best treatment against all types of skin problems. You can also have treatment of severe skin problems. This clinic can offer treatment of all kinds of skin related diseases and general problems.

Most of the dermatologists recommend the use of cosmetics to treat the skin problems. Cosmetics are prepared from ingredients of clay, flowers, essences and plants. Companies use the extracts of different natural products to prepare clay masks. These cosmetics have healing properties or features. In order to treat acne or skin depressions the cosmetics can be used. The use of cosmetics is flourishing in the whole world. The specialist dermatologists at London Dermatology Centre can recommend you a right cosmetic product. They will prescribe you a right treatment by keeping in view requirements of your skin. Hence you can expect best treatment at this clinic. It is not wise to use the cosmetics without dermatologist prescription or advice. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your skin with the help of dermatologist. You can use the tool free number of to get appointment. Visit the website of this medical center to have more information.

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The Healing Efficacy of a Single Bite of Apple

In Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Snow White bites into an apple and quickly falls into a deep sleep until a certain Prince Charming shows up to kiss her awake.

It’s ironic that the apple is the fruit of Snow White’s misfortune, considering it should’ve had the opposite effect! In a more apt maxim, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This is an ode to the amazing healing qualities of the apple. Over the years, the medicinal strength of the fruit
has been well documented. An apple even contributed to the successful discovery of gravity by Isaac Newton, albeit inadvertently.

According to, nutrition experts at Nootropic Geek, apples contain phytochemicals that promote anti-aging in the brain and reduce the production of compounds associated with Alzheimer’s disease. In this post, we’ll focus on how they can facilitate the healing and repairing of cells.

Apples, The Ultimate Healers

Cancer healer

While it’s not news that phenolics present in apples aids in the prevention of cancerous formation, few people are aware of its actual healing properties of cancer. For example, apples have been the subject of studies on the reduction of colorectal cancer.

In pre-clinical research, apple constituents have been shown to kill off the following cancerous growths: Liver cancer: Apple peels, apple juice, and apple pectin have experimentally been proven to kill cancer in the liver. Stomach cancer: Apple procyanidin has been studied for its ability
to directly impact the death of cells responsible for stomach cancer. While most of these tests are still in clinical stages and evident in minimal quantities, there’s no doubt that future results will reveal ways to fight rogue cells on a more massive scale.

Diarrhea fighter

If you ever find yourself suffering from severe loose stool, grab an apple. The combination of chamomile aids in shortening the course of general diarrhea.

Weight loss

Obesity presents lots of risks to the heart and arterial flow and increases chances of cholesterol plugs in the arteries. It’s been discovered that the consumption of three apples or three pears every day fosters weight loss, especially in overweight women.

Bowel Inflammation

In a series of preclinical research trials, it’s been discovered that apple procyanidins reduces inflammation of the bowels. This means if there’s discomfort in the bowels as a result of certain diseases, eating an apple or drinking fresh apple juice could go a long way to reduce swelling.

Anti-aging for the brain

In recent studies, Apples are shown to stop oxidative harm and reduce maze performance, including impaired cognitive performance in aging mice. Other research trials gave mice apple juice and saw a reduction in the production of pathological amyloid-beta, a compound associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


In a study more than 60 years ago, scientists found out the complex carbohydrates present in apple pectin has the ability to inhibit the infectious quality of the influenza A virus. It was discovered that the virus was made inactive in chicken blood and embryonated eggs, proving the compound’s efficacy in curing the disease.

Eating sufficient amounts of apple can help increase your immunity to similar viruses. Other healing properties of apples include Staph infections, periodontal diseases, and prevention of hair loss.

The efficacy of the apple cannot be overstated as its usefulness is a major factor in healing medicines. So the next time you’re feeling unwell, grab an apple – you’ll never know its true power until you try it!