Traffic Accidents, Can Chiropractic Help Me?

Can chiropractic help us when we suffer traffic accidents or other types of traumas? The answer is yes.

First of course you have to treat emergencies (hemorrhages, fractures, burns …) the treatment of this type of trauma depends on the medicine. The role of the doctor is to stop the bleeding, close the wound, or attend to the patient according to the emergency. But then you have to wait for the patient to heal … Even if the surgeon replaces the broken bones, it is not certain that one will be cured. There is also no certainty that the skin will heal perfectly when the doctor closes a wound.

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Points, medications, or other artificial techniques promote healing but do not execute it. If this were the case, it would be enough with some pills, an operation or a blood transfusion to resuscitate a body.

The healing process depends on the innate intelligence of our body, that is, the natural capacity of our body to heal itself.

The accidents or other traumas, however insignificant they may be, can cause sublimation in the spine that affect the nervous system by influencing the immune system and its ability to adapt to environmental stress.

Weakened, the body develops diseases to which it is vulnerable, both physical and psychological.

Therefore, if you have ever suffered from so-called traffic accidents or a fall or similar, it is important to check the condition of your spine to verify that it has no abnormalities that may affect your health.

Many patients under chiropractic care discover that their current ills are the result of a long-time fall or even the trauma of their birth.

Any traumatic, blow, fall although very slight and unimportant at the time causes damage to the vertebrae and nerves. That is why it is necessary to detect sublimation of vertebrae as soon as possible.

Millions of people leave the hospital without knowing that they suffer from vertebral distortions that have not been discovered and that can later lead to serious health problems.

According to medical statistics, more than half of people who have suffered traffic accidents do not fully recover their health with medical treatments alone. They live with pains, disabilities and other consequences of their accident.

“You will have to learn to live with it”

How many times do people listen that there is nothing to do after traffic accidents and that they must learn to live with the consequences that it has caused them?

It is important for people to know that in order to be completely cured; an important element in the treatment has been missing: check that the spine has not suffered sublimation and impingement of the nerves, which slows healing and causes the rest of the body to malfunction.

The chiropractic can eliminate or significantly reduce your health problems effectively, without drugs or surgery.

The doctor in chiropractic can make the difference between a life conditioned by limitations and a life to the maximum of its possibilities.