What to Do To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

What to Do To Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

These little animals particularly resistant can really disrupt our daily life. Between bites and proliferation, you are told how to fight them effectively.

They do not run, they do not fly but they lead us hard! Bed bugs can bring hell to their “roommates”.

Indeed these little animals can not live without the human being, and for good reason, they are hematophagous. This means that they feed exclusively on human blood!

Brown / red in color, they have the particularity of being extremely fast and generally act in the bedrooms where the pleasant temperature is conducive to their proliferation.

To get rid of them, control strategies must adapt to the budget and the number of bed bugs. For Pascal Delaunay, parasitologist and medical entomologist at the University Hospital of Nice ” as long as you do not have an injection, you do not have a bed bug “.


The less furniture or objects that could potentially serve as a hiding place, the less bedbugs there will be.

You can move the poufs or laundry baskets from your room, for example.

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Bed bugs may well hide in items made from woven materials such as sheets, curtains or clothing.

To remedy the proliferation of bed bugs in textiles, put them in a dryer at very high temperature (about 60 ° C) for half an hour. They hate it and should not survive at such intensity. This is certainly the best way to overcome it.


You can also treat bed bugs with your washing machine. Again, consider using very hot water (60 ° C).

Do a full wash cycle and a drying cycle bonus if necessary, especially if your volume of water is not enough to fully cover your items.


If you do not have a washing machine or tumble dryer, do not panic, there are other solutions.

You can treat your textiles with a steam cleaner. Gather all the clothes, sheets, curtains, etc. infested in one room and slowly move the steam cleaner over the items. It is recommended to treat them all in the same room so as not to infest other places.

The temperature of the cleaner must be at 100 ° C.


Like the extreme heat, the very low temperatures are formidable against bed bugs.

Place the items to be treated in a freezer for at least three and a half days without folding them. The temperature of the freezer should be -18 ° C to be effective. Unfortunately, some household freezers are not cold enough. Make sure the device is powerful enough to be efficient.


Of course, you can also use exterminators. The operation lasts between fifteen days and one month. It is really important that the professional (s) spend (s) twice. But between these phases, there must be participation by the occupier.

Once the material is infested, it is important to alert bulky items so that the object is recovered and destroyed.

Despite the difficulties in getting rid of it, note that bed bugs do not carry disease. Only trouble…